Blog Photos: Sneak Peek at Ronda Rousey’s Photo Shoot with Famed Photog Brian Bowen Smith

February 7, 2014
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Brian Bowen Smith is a widely respected photographer and photojournalist well known for his stylish photos of actors, business leaders, politicians, and athletes.

His latest subject and why it should matter to fight fans? Ronda Rousey.

The UFC women’s bantamweight champion is one of the hottest properties both inside and outside of the Octagon and sat for a photo shoot with Smith. Following the shoot, she posted several of the pics to her Instagram account.

(All photos taken by Brian Bowen Smith, courtesy of Ronda Rousey)

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  • jc


    • Jimmy Rebel

      somehow my brain wants to punch you in the face. I see this and the irony is so overwhelming I feel like you should be assaulted physically.

      • AsspiringBaboon

        You foggot! I’d kick your ass so fast you’d crap your pants and beg for forgiveness saying “Please master don’t beat me!” Shut the hell up and stop acting like a monkey! It’s your fault evolutionist think we come from monkies!!! Focking moron! go suck your own micropeepee assface. Now go and get in your closet like a dog with its tale between its legs. Dont bother to reply I won’t read it!!!

  • brad king


    • Maddawgmar

      You must like to stare at Cyborg type broad, that have a bulge between the legs.

      • brad king

        no meisha tate is more my style. Now there is girl who would look sexy in those outfits rr is trying to wear

        • Maddawgmar

          I think Meisha is a very good looking chick, but so is Ronda. I think they are both absolutely beautiful.

          • Fuglyrousey

            Standards in this post are ridiculously low. Both can fight, both ugly, deal with it.

          • Jesse Crandall

            Both UGLY ? Next time don’t let your reflection speak for you….your brain is not engaged…. 😉

        • js4321

          I think both Rousey and Tate are beautiful…they have completely different looks but I think both women stand out, in my eyes. With that being said, why do SO MANY people only focus on the looks of women’s MMA fighters. These women have busted their behinds to get where they are at and when people only notice them for their looks, it seems disgusting to me. Ronda Rousey alone is an Olympian, reigning Women’s UFC bantamweight title holder and has a very successful submission record. It’s fine to admire someone’s looks but people really do NEED to also concentrate on the fact that these women are amazing athletes, with Ronda Rousey standing in the forefront.

        • Jesse Crandall

          Your delusional. Anybody who walks in to the CAGE playing Katy Perry with a nickname of “cupcake” deserves fans like you.


      Is this you Brian Caraway ? Tate has a good body but damn that face belongs to one of the Lee sisters. As in Home Lee Or Ug Lee..

      • Jimmy Rebel

        tate looks like either she just took a massive dump, or she just smelled a massive dump. I think if you require breast implants you’re a very insecure human being. I refuse to abide by the idea that women require disproportionate breasts to appear attractive. I don’t see the hype? I think it looks disgusting. I think people altogether are messed up in the head. I would next ask someone to change their appearance but at the same time I don’t want to be viewed as a shallow piece of garbage for asking them to help ME keep MYSELF in shape. we’re both screwed. the movie idiocracy is slowly becoming factual.

        • horace

          Tate does look like Tate could smell a urinal from 6 miles away with no wind.

  • themindseye

    Pretty hot. I try not to look at female fighters “like that” out of respect for their craft. But, it’s hard not to in cases like this.

  • justin e

    These are much better than any past magazine shots. Finally a decent photographer. Not that I care, but it’s embarrassing watching her trying to look sexy in ridiculous looking cloths and shots.

  • crabwalker

    Miss Rousey…., Finally u have some pics that do u justice. They show the sensual beauty that also happens 2b ufc Champ. U have no equal. Just keep your nose clean bc the worlds full of RatBastards who OnlyLive 2 hurt others. Keep smilin’ Champ.

  • Jimmy Rebel

    still more facial expressions than kristen stewart

    • Maddawgmar

      But that is like being smarter than a kid with Down syndrome…

      • crabwalker

        Since u make it sound personal, u should know …,it’s Downs w/an s

        • Maddawgmar

          Who fûcking cares? Fûck head!!!

  • raymond Young

    I love, I love. I sure hope your acting is half as great as your MMA is. I would love to see you succeed in film career.

  • Dan

    Hope she makes a Zillion bucks!! Girl has heart! She sees what she wants….works her ass off… and gets it!! Ronda is not just an athletic champion… she’s a champion in life. She has character too… no hypocrisy… no where!! Might not like what she says… but, she’s real!! Gotta respect that… even more then her talent, or beauty…of which she has an endless supply!!

  • Baller31

    Would take an even better photographer to make her look hot

    • Jesse Crandall

      Don’t hate…hater ! Should change your name to NoBalls31. 😉

  • TheCerealKiller

    Perfume on a pig.

    • Jesse Crandall

      I think your the one who STINKS ! Green eye wonder.

  • js4321

    She is looking gorgeous! I am a huge fan. Ronda Rousey unfortunately has an unlimited supply of haters but remember, most people say they want to see someone actually be “themselves with no regrets” and yet, RR has provided that and everyone “thinks” they know her so well and can’t stand how she is around the octagon. It takes a heck of a lot more integrity to be yourself, no matter what society thinks you should be/say/do compared to someone who just flashes fake Pageant smiles to their competitors and someone who just says what is politically correct to make themselves look better as a person. #TeamRousey all day, ever day

  • horace

    Ten years from now Rousey is 200 lbs and living in a trailer with one of those swarthy Armenians with 8 kids running around the trailer park.