Blog Photo: Ronda Rousey Poses with Bruce Lee in Hong Kong

August 21, 2014
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Ronda Rousey is in Hong Kong to help promote the UFC’s growth into Asia, and the women’s bantamweight champion is taking in some sightseeing.

“Rowdy” posed in front of the famed Bruce Lee statue in the city, mirroring the stance of the legendary martial artist and film star. The UFC fighter posted an image of herself with the icon on her Instagram page, as can be seen above.

Now a short history lesson: The statue was erected in 2005 to celebrate Lee’s 65th birthday, and funding for the bronze figure was raised by the city’s Bruce Lee Fan Club. The amount raised by the group was reportedly $100,000.

Lee died on July 20, 1973, from swelling of the brain, and he continues to resonate as one of the most influential figures in martial arts to date, inspiring many of today’s mixed martial artists.

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  • Lick and Smell It!

    Wow, this is news? Stupid!

  • Aaquared420

    Im surprised she seems to be smiling, she should let everyone she that because 98.9% of the time she’s just her arrogant, Bit$h self. That girl needs an attitude change and she would have tons more fans just from her skills. Sure you can fight, WOMAN the fuk up and have respect. Remember Rhonda ur nothing without having competetors. I wish Chuck Liddel could Tito Ortiz ur disrespectful A$$.

    • Matte

      I guess you should look up and try to understand the term “respect”.

    • TheCerealKiller

      attitude change = Cyborg.