Blog Photo: Not Everyone in Brazil Hates Chael Sonnen… He’s Actually Got a Fan Club!

February 9, 2014
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While there were reportedly numerous serious concerns about the safety of Chael Sonnen and his team of coaches headed to Brazil for the filming of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3, not everyone in Brazil hates “The American Gangster.”

Sonnen in an exclusive interview with talked about security concerns, but it turns out, he has his own fan club in Brazil. And no the aren’t all American ex-pats or anything either… we’re talking Brazilian fans of Chael P. Sonnen!

Sonnen will step back in the Octagon at UFC 173 in May opposite fellow TUF Brazil 3 coach and nemesis Wanderlei Silva.

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  • David Huenecke

    Slow day if this is considered “news”.

  • Rick Ricky

    Yes people will commit murder over soccer,but Not everyone in Brazil is a savage.
    There are few civilized people in Brazil.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Just goes to show that not every Brazilian is an idiot! Those Sonnen fans (whom are Brazilian) know that Sonnen’s trash talk was all “hype” to promote the fight, nothing more, nothing less. Sure he said some -ve comments, but that was the point, made people talk about him, the fight, it garnered a lot more attention than people thought, he even backed everything up & then some. Sonnen was laughing his ass all the way to the bank at all those bum hurt Brazilians who didn’t understand what Sonnen was doing, which was….. being a Heel. The guy has Brazilian training partners….. Duhhhh Derrr!!!
    I don’t recall Canadians getting all sensitive when MAtt Serra talked crap about them, Canada, Hockey & GSP etc.. Sure they boood the crap out of him & chanted F*CK YOU SERRA! several times, but his life was never in danger & no one threatened to kill him.
    FYI: not every Brazilian likes Anderson Silva either, especially that 40 yr old woman who Silva is charging, b/c she called him “Rotten” and a “shitty role model”. So Silva is having her charged, what a pathetic loser (for doing that). How anyone can respect that man after that, is just as pathetic as he is….. charging a 40+ yr old woman for calling him rotten – WTF?!? She could end up in jail for up to 6 months.

    • UOENO

      Canada sucks, bro. I voted down your comment, by the way.


    This “feud” between Wanderlei and Chael is getting more corny every day. This? This is about as corny as it gets.


    The UFC is scrounging for ways to gain more publicity and whatnot for TUF Brazil. It’s ridiculous.

  • M

    “We hespect Shael” would be a cool shirt

  • Intelligent Hoodlum

    Dear Blog Author,

    The grammatically correct title” He has an actual fan club”.

    Your current title states “He is actually got a fan club”. WTF?

  • DamianCross

    Please, they’re probably just being passive aggressive like always and they really hate his guts.

  • Clic Linx

    Every clowns got a bunch of idiots that will support them. He insulted the whole country of Brazil and its people not just Wanderlei Silva. He had the same disrespect for Anderson Silva.

    I mean who doesn’t dislike an arrogant jerk? In this game you should have respect for your opponents and not be disrespectful to them or a country.

    Listen no one should lay a hand on him until he has to step into the cage and fight Silva. Their shouldn’t be any security concerns because the justice will be giving inside the Octagon when Sonnen is Knocked out Cold. Then all Brazil can celebrate