Blog Photo: Fedor Emelianenko Carries Olympic Torch for 2014 Winter Games

January 18, 2014
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Looks like Fedor Emelianenko is running in the Olympics … kind of.

Emelianenko carried the Olympic torch ahead of the 2014 Winter Games in Russia recently. In the photo above shot for Russian outlet RIA Novosti, Fedor carries the torch through his homeland.

Hat tip to @CrooklynMMA for the find.

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  • John Bunch

    Too cool! Putin might be a horrible human being and an even worse human rights abuser…but he gets a rare thumbs up for his love of Fedor.

    • Combat Wombat

      The f*** are you on about?

      • John Bunch

        If you could be more specific I would love to address your confusion.

    • Jimbo

      I think you’re confusing Putin with Stalin, but you’re american so that’s understandable.

      • John Bunch

        Oh, trust me, Obama has human rights abuse and blood on his hands too…and just about every American President dating back to the 1800’s…but unless you have rose colored glasses on, Putin gets to join that illustrious club alongside Stalin, although his seat at the table isn’t anywhere near the head of it, where Stalin sits. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify, comrade.

      • John Bunch


  • james j

    Fedor is carrying the torch. Makes no sense. Neither does Russia. Maybe Matt Hughes will carry it if it comes to the US. Lol

    • John Bunch

      I think it just shows how much respect that country (I’m sure Putin made the call) has for sambo, MMA and combat sports…kind of like when Muhammad Ali carried the torch here. I’m guessing if Canada gets another Olympics GSP will be front and center in their ceremony.

      • shakejunt

        putin was most definitely involved. would be so intrigued to see him in a real fight.

  • Austin, TX

    It’s a good shot. Something about it is funny. His expression. Nice find. p.s. Dana you f*cked up not getting him in the UFC a long long time ago. 😉 All he wanted was one private show a year in Russia man! Nobody was better, man! 10 years undefeated at heavyweight. 28 fight win streak. Now he’s retired.

    • Mike mckinney

      From everything I heard no one really had a clue everything that was asked for. However, it might have been cool had he came to the UFC. Hendo knocking him out would look better with the octogon as a backdrop. 😉

      • Robbie Loler

        Ah yes, that would be great. But then Hendo would have nowhere to run and Fedor would get his rematch. Surely a combination of luck, crappy refereeing and TRT would’t have saved Hendo twice.

        • TrentSki

          Classic noobism

  • Jurij

    Damn… he was in the video!!!