Blog Photo: Dana White is His Own Bodyguard, Chokes Shaq in Hotel Lobby

January 14, 2014
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  • Ron Bidelman Jr.

    Shit…..another women’s MMA fight!!! Can’t get away from them!!!!

  • blobber

    Is this news ?

  • Luis

    Dana won’t kill a fly!

  • Zip

    Come on, Dana’s just putting his roid use to work. That’s all.

  • Chicago

    Was this a black joke? Black man stealing? (joking people)

  • Lick

    Fat piggy Dana needs to take a writing course.

    • Jimmy Rebel

      everyone on twitter talks like a damn idiot. it’s the main reason I don’t do twitter.


    Shaq’s hand is bigger than Dana’s Head

  • JET

    Dana misuses/overuses the word “literally” all the time in interviews. Sad to see he does it in his tweets, too. “Literally” caught a dude trying to steal my bag, as opposed to “figuratively” catching a dude trying to steal your bag? I wish that trend in America would stop.