Blog Photo: Can a Gangster Survive an Axe Murderer? Chael Sonnen Goes to Brazil to Find Out

January 8, 2014
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Much has been made about the safety of Chael Sonnen since it was announced that he would coach opposite Wanderlei Silva for the third season of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil. The show will feature an all-Brazilian cast of fighters, it will be filmed in Brazil, and Sonnen will be the first non-Brazilian coach in the show’s brief history.

Sonnen will spend upwards of six weeks or so in Brazil, in the den of the lion, so to speak. Well, the lair of the Axe Murderer would probably be more accurate.

“The threats are very real. Attempts have been made,” Sonnen told recently, affirming that the threats to his safety are taken quite seriously by him and the UFC.

He’s not backing down, however. “I’m not gonna live my life in fear. I don’t live in fear.”

Hopefully there will be no incidents of note during Sonnen’s time in Brazil, outside of him and Silva interacting on the show and then fighting after the series airs.

Sonnen on Monday, posted the above photo on Facebook to show that he is on his way to Brazil to begin filming. So we’ll soon see how the scenario plays out.

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  • taylor2008

    Seriously? The people down in Brazil have to threaten his life? Are they that 3rd world and uncivilzed? I hate certain people and fighters but I wouldnt sit there and threaten someone life over it. If you want a piece of Chael then go in the cage with him. Dont use weapons like coward gangs do.

    • Milosc

      3,446 black people were lynched in the United States between 1882 and 1968 (with the last highly-publicized case occurring in 1981)

      For context, Dana White was born in 1969

      • Milosc

        *Point: While I agree with your sentiment, about how uncivilized and cowardly that would be, for Brazil, perspective can certainly be a bitch [and especially for people who live in glass houses]

        (This poster was circulated after the Michael Donald lynching, in 1981: )

      • taylor2008

        So you are comparing a very racial time when rednecks and the KKK were running the show in the south to a trip down to Brazil in modern day? Really? Why not go back to the days when they lynched people because they thought they were witches? By the way they should have brought in the army and took care of the KKK and skinhead cowards.
        Make sense when you post something.

        • Ron Wheeler

          Seen City of God?

          • mmaliveyeah!

            Chael is a pretty decent fighter. Very skilled. His undoing is he under estimates and degrades everyone’s ability. He does speak his mind but to down grade a country will jeopardize his safety in a foreign land. Him and Wandy will be a WAR.

          • taylor2008

            Chael is going to ground and pound him. And I am a Wandy fan.

        • Milosc

          “very racial time…”

          You mean… the 1980s?

          (Practice better reading comprehension when you answer something)

          • fsunoles10

            hah you’re comparing apples to oranges dude. but how many white people have been robbed or murder by blacks in that same time? literally everything turns into something racial now a days whether you’re being called a racist or being compared to them, its quite funny. hang that up bud there is no justification for threatening that mans life.

          • taylor2008

            Please explain what you said has to do with Chaels life being threatened down in Brazil?
            If you want we can just throw stuff out for fun. We can go back to WW2 and talk about all the 6 million jewish people that got slaughtered….does that have anything to do with BRazil? Or maybe back further to the time when hundreds of thousands or millions of christians were killed. That has nothing to do with Chael getting his life threatened in Brazil.
            So for whatever reason you brought up the atrocity of 3446 black people being lynched is beyond me. But if you think that justifies anything….more power to you.

          • Milosc

            You said the Brazilian people would be “3rd world and uncivilized” to attack Sonnen

            I reminded you to check yourself on the very same topic

            *(Don’t look now, but you come from a ‘3rd world and uncivilized’ country that lynches people for stupid crap, too)

            It’s an old double standard/social amnesia. Google “And you are lynching Negroes”

          • taylor2008

            I dont have to check myself. I dont come from that. Always thought that the people who did that should be put in prison for life.
            So your joke of a reply doesnt hold water. Keep trying though.

      • put me in the sauna coach

        Milosc..Blacks kills 4 times as any whites as whites kill blacks in America over the last 30 to 40 years. So is if homicide race statistics interest you I’m sure you can google that and find many interesting articles and figures that back that up. Instead of just watching CNN who only covers White on Black crimes.

        • Milosc

          It appears you have hijacked a typical matter of hypocrisy into your own personal issues with race

          taylor2008 judges foreign countries for lynching, but creates red herrings and excuses when his own country’s lynching is mentioned. This is the object of my criticism

          All else is your ‘problem’

          • put me in the sauna coach

            facts and statistics are not “personal issues” If you want to bring up lynching to prove a point of crimes against one race (with the last highly-publicized case occurring in 1981). to compare America 50 to 100 years ago with modern day Brazil. That’s a bit of a stretch. Not a real valid argument.

            But if it makes ya feel better then by all means yes…silly to talk bad about death threats and security risks in Brazil without including lynchings in 1800’s America.

          • Milosc

            1980s America, and that’s just what I happened to post, above

            (Citizens allowed to kill other citizens, with even aid from local authorities. A primitive and violent social hegemony, condoned at a state level until just the 1960s)

            Your omission/misdirection is overt bias and I feel you are too hung up on a few millimeters of your neighbors. I suggest you dig deeper into the root causes of all you are interested

  • fsunoles10

    hope sonnen stays safe but all the death threats in the world wont help their boy wandy.

  • julian moran

    What Brazilian would want to be in Sonnen’s team?

    • bajafox

      The one’s that can put personal issue aside and look at the bigger picture, a six figure contract

      • julian moran

        So basically, none of them?

        • bajafox

          I’m going to take a wild guess and say about half the house will

  • First and foremost, Sonnen is there for one thing: to coach. After his display of heartfelt empathy and playing the role of a father figure towards Uriah Hall on ‘TUF 17’, don’t be surprised to see Brazilian contestants hitting up the gangster from West Linn for tutelage. Boa sorte, Chael!

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    If someone does attack him that will just confirm all of his idiotic ramblings about Brazil

  • David Huenecke

    Chael should prepare all of his meals just to be safe. Frank mir mentioned the ppl tried to poison his food when he went down there to face noguera.

  • Im brasillian and portuguese he did say some harsh things about our country but in the end we are fight fans and know that fighters need to hype fights, nothing will happen to Chael unless its a random incident and the people robbing him wont even know who he is. Chaels outbursts brought in an extra 200,000+ viewers with his fights vs anderson, they wanted to see him lose so bad. Well done Chael and i hope the people show you all the respect you deserve. They will learn alot from you.

    • Milosc

      I like you, Stepone. You are Brazilian and everything is okay with you. Perhaps Chael will let you steer his donkey at the metro station as I’m sure he would like you to

  • American Gangsters always win …

    until they lose.