Blog Photo: Anthony Pettis Posts Hospital-Selfie, Says Thursday’s Surgery Went Amazing

December 12, 2013
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UFC lightweight champion Antony Pettis underwent surgery on Thursday to repair a torn posterior cruciate ligament. Doctors expect him to be out of action for six to eight months.

“The doctor said six to eight months, so I’m hoping six months,” Pettis told UFC Tonight recently about his expected recovery time. “I want to be back by summertime. Hope to get a July fight.”

Pettis posted the above “hospital selfie” following the surgery, saying, “Surgery went amazing!!! Thanks for all the prayers and positive vibes!!! #roadtorecovery”

See you back in the Octagon soon “Showtime!”

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  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Good news, would be nice to see him fight in July.

  • fsunoles10

    the use of the words selfie, swag and yolo should result in 5 years hard labor north korean style.

  • StupidWords

    Selfie? WTF who comes up with such stupidities? Whoever uses that word should be skinned alive, thrown into a gasoline tank and lit up with a match so they can burn to death…LOL

    • Mark McDowall

      its in the dictionary now sadly…

  • StupidWords

    Interim, interim, interim….belt, belt, belt!!!!

  • Mark McDowall

    I really hope he pulls his head out of his ass while he’s recovering. Calling out Nate Diaz for your next fight…come on dude…really?? Try someone who’s at least in the top 5. His next fight needs to be Melendez, Grant or Bendo/Thompson.

    He also needs to rethink his training methods if he is getting hurt alot…I just hope he’s not going to keep getting injured. It not only stalls the division but as ALOT of people have said he gets hurt then likes to switch opponents.

    • Milosc

      You really didn’t see Nate Diaz collectively call out Pettis and Thompson, after knocking out Gray Maynard, telling them that he and Gilbert Melendez are going to “f**k you up” [simply] because ” that’s what’s up”?

      • Mark McDowall

        I did see that but when your the champ calling out a guy who is ranked 8th or lower in alot of rankings just because he said he wants to fight you is dumb. And I have to agree with Diaz and Thompsons comments about Pettis always switching opponents…

        • Milosc

          This match-up is all about the wolf tickets (The only ‘reason’ Pettis wants to fight Diaz, is because he isn’t a bitch)