BJ Penn’s Latest B/R Blog: Hawaii Five-O

November 30, 2011
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BJ PennIt’s a new week and with that comes my latest blog post. A lot has happened since I last checked in here at Bleacher Report.

To start things off, my part in Hawaii Five-0 that we filmed last week was good. I played just a random no-name guy. I guess you would call him like a surf punk type of person. The cool thing is they can expand on that character if they want, and I can come back and do other small appearances on the show.

Kala, one of the guys involved with the series, said I was holding my own in the acting department, so that was pretty awesome. He made me feel good!

Like I told you guys last week, we filmed the show out in Oahu While I was out there, I spent time with the president of RVCA, Pat Tenore.

We didn’t get a chance to get that surfing competition in, though. I mean, the waves were good and everything, but we just got busy. I guess Pat will have to take his beating another day.

This week the UFC has me out here in Manila, Philippines on a media tour.

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  • Prodigy815

    One of the p4p G.O.A.T. also the p4p laziest of all time haha.


    Good stuff. Sounds like he’s enjoying his down time.