BJ Penn Wants Another Title, Lightweight Return?

October 25, 2011
B.J. Penn UFC 80

B.J. Penn

Former multi-division UFC champion B.J. Penn would like another title shot before his fighting career comes to a close.

“I’d love to get another title before I step out of the game,” Penn recently said on a media conference call.

“I’d love to get another, maybe win the welterweight title one more time. Maybe even, if possible, try to the lightweight title another time,” he said.

Penn could get a bit closer to a title shot in the welterweight division with a win over Nick Diaz at UFC 137 on Oct. 29, but the Hawaiian says he’s approaching his career one fight at a time.

“I don’t’ want to speak too soon,“ said Penn when asked if he thinks he’ll get a title shot if he beats Diaz. “As far as everything goes, I’m just trying to take it one fight at a time. If Dana feels that I’m impressive in my next fight and he wants to grant me that opportunity, I’d be very gracious for the offer.

“As far as getting the title shot or whatever, I think a bunch of the title shot and all of that, it’s all about at the right time, who is open and who is injured, who’s not injured,” he added.

Penn has competed in 11 UFC title bouts, and would return to the lightweight division to get a shot at a twelfth, or thirteenth.

“If the offer presented itself, I’d jump at the chance,” said Penn.

At 32 years old, Penn has plenty of fights left in him and is nowhere close to considering retirement.

“I’m not planning on going anywhere soon,“ said Penn. “But you never know when you get that opportunity to get a title shot or maybe get a title. Just like Carlos Condit, he’s going to sit out and wait because he never knows again when he could get that opportunity. And I understand him doing something like that. You never know. I’d love to stick around as long as Randy (Couture) stuck around if I could do something like that.”

(Click here to see the full UFC 137 fight card.)

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  1. He lost to GSP twice, and he lost to Edgar twice. Hope he can cut to featherweight.

    • The loss to GSP, the second one, was brutal. I doubt BJ wants a piece of GSP.

      Although Edgar didn’t beat BJ decisively, that is via TKO, KO, sub, Edgar remains way to quick for BJ. Edgar can never KO BJ but can out point BJ.

      BJ should just focus on Nick Diaz and other potential big name fights in the LW division. Just cash out before retiring.

  2. Personally, I think he got hosed on the decision in the first GSP fight. The second one was his first trip back to welterweight in a long long time and he was fighting arguably one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. He just wasnt ready for that, at that weight. Now, Edgar is being considered one of the best p4p’s in the world. Okay so he lost. You dont think people can come back from losses and beat people they lost to before? You think because he lost he immediately needs to Ken Flo it up and jump to a lower division, or dare I even say become a “gate keeper”? BJ Penn is one of the best fighters in the world, he could easily come back and win a title at either division.

    • Thats funny cause i though GSP shut him out 3 rounds to none in the first fight and a split was ridiculous. BJ landed a thumb nail to the eye and a clipping uppercut that caught the tip of his nose, Both cause alot of blood and made it look bad but GSP landed more and better shots in the first round. Round 2 and 3 were all GSP hands down !

  3. It’s funny because I thought he shouldn’t have lost the first Edgar fight, but the second sealed it up anyhow.
    I think Edgar is a bad matchup for bj. However I believe that bj is a big favorite over anyone else in that division. If Edgar loses anytime soon, bj will be right back to lightweight, and in all likely hood get that title back.
    He’s in the same spot Rich Franklin was in after loseing the rematch with Anderson. The UFC can’t have BJ crushing everyone at lightweight, and killing all the contenders that Edgar would have. Just liked they had Rich move up for the same reason.

    Bad spot for BJ to be in especially if Edgar holds onto that title for awhile.

    But BJ is probably a worse matchup for the rest of the division than Edgar is. Time will tell.

    I think that might be why Dana keeps talking about Edgar moving down. Never seen him talking about a champ moving down so shortly after winning a title.
    Bj is a big draw. Much bigger as champ though.

  4. Bj and Aldo? I don’t know about that fight or if he could even get that low… and I’d say bad comparison Franklin and Penn…Penn is far better and really I don’t think he’ll necessarily even beat Diaz so he may not get a shot at the title…GSP beat him terribly in fight number 2 and to me he easily won their first fight after a bad first round…

    As far as Edgar, I think BJ could beat him EASILY….sounds stupid since he lost twice…only once obviously…I just think BJ needs to be agressive and utilize his amazing chin…take down defense BJJ and striking (the only aspect he lacks to frankie) if he’s confident and crazy BJ he’ll take this fight id say.

    GSP BJ 3? really? GSP would ruin his life and embarass him again…Probably

  5. I think BJ would rather step up to 185 or even 205 than try dropping down to 145, lol

    • OF course , Dropping to 145 would require a lot of hard work and intense training. Moving up to 205 would require a strickt diet of cheez burgers and a training regement of lazyness, BJ’s known for being lazy !

  6. B.J. is stuck in a very tough spot right now. But if anyone can come back strong and make another run, it’s Penn.

    I wouldn’t wanna see or hear B.J. teasing retirement. It would be a huge blow to the sport. He’s a great fighter. I think certain guys just had his number.

    A third fight with Frankie would be interesting.

  7. I wasn’t comparing penn and Franklin to eachother on a talent level.
    When Franklin lost to Anderson the 2nd time he wasn’t going to get a third shot, and there wasn’t much question that he was better than everyone else in the division.
    So he had to move. You couldn’t have him taking out contenders because Anderson wouldn’t have anyone to fight.

    Penn is in the same spot.

    I think the UFC made the more than the fighters. But penn and Franklin both play ball do I’m sure it wasn’t hard.

  8. BJ lost to Edgar because his game plan was bad. He tried to box against a fighter with superior speed. I forgive the first fight but to make the same mistake in the second fight was criminally stupid. If BJ starts the takedowns from round one and grapples like he did against John Fitch then he beats Edgar handily.

  9. Sirmixalots hits on the head. As I said earlier, come out like a bat out of hell take him down and ground and F**ing pound, take his back pick up his check for sub of the night. (A fast exit with the sound my mic hitting the ground)

  10. I agree with the comments that BJ has gotten too much into boxing. And that is why the fight with Diaz has me worried. There is no doubt that BJ has better jiu-jitsu than Diaz, yet I think Penn will want to try to outbox him despite what happened against Edgar. Especially since he is coming off of his flash KO of Hughes. We will see if Penn is capable of learning his lesson.