BJ Penn and Dana White Talking, but Still Not Ready to Come Back

February 3, 2012
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Former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion B.J. Penn isn’t calling it a career just yet, but he’s also not ready to commit to his future.

The iconic fighter from Hawaii came razor close to retirement after his loss to Nick Diaz last year following a three-round loss at UFC 137 that left Penn truly beaten up for maybe the first time in his entire career.

Penn reflected after the bout that maybe it was time to call it a career because he didn’t want to go home looking so beaten up for his children to see him that way.

“Hats off to Nick Diaz, he’s the man. Joe (Rogan), this is probably the last time you’re ever going to see me in here. I want to perform at the top level. That’s it,” Penn said after his fight with Diaz.

“I’ve got a daughter, another daughter on the way, I don’t want to go home looking like this. I’m done.”

After that initial statement, Penn backed off the retirement talk, but didn’t want to commit to exactly what the future held for him in the sport of MMA.

Now it appears that Penn is back talking to UFC president Dana White, but still not ready to make the statement that he’s ready to come back to the UFC just yet.

“I have been talking to B.J. Penn. Talked to B.J. Penn last week, it’s the first time B.J. and I have talked since his fight,” White revealed on Thursday.

“He’s just chilling right now. B.J. just wants to relax and figure out what he wants to do with his career.”

Penn first fought for the UFC all the way back in 2001 at UFC 31. Since that time, the Hawaiian has spent all but five fights during his career inside the Octagon.

It’s hard to say when or if Penn will officially return to the UFC, but it looks like for right now he’s at least keeping the door open to another fight.

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  • Please retire your not the fighter you used to be… Too small to compete at 170 and not in good enough shapge to compete at 155…. It’s time for you to hang it up dont see you winning a title at either weight class….

    • Cptmats

      STUPIDEST COMMENT EVER! Bj just showed he is still a top level fighter by Schooling Diaz in boxing and bjj for the first five minutes of their fight. He was clearly the better fighter and would have made short work of Diaz if he didn’t gas. If BJ spent the next six months or so focused on strength and conditioning, He could still be LW champ or WW if GSP moves up in the next year or so.

      • phrankthetank

        I wanted to post a similar reply, but I’ve decided I’ve been arguing/debating with people too much lately lol

      • xtutx

        … I don’t think he was the fighter he once was, that being said he always had cardio issues even in his prime. Champions are 5 round fighters.

      • RonnieV

        Sorry Phrank, you know I cannot resist! So now he got schooled in boxing and BJJ? Was there any BJJ in the fight? I know Penn secured a double-leg(wrestling 101), that Nick was able get up from pretty quick. Not sure how that warrants BJJ, but okay. The best line is “He was clearly the better fighter and would have made short work of Diaz IF he didn’t gas.” Well I would have been champion of the world IF I trained harder. I would also be a Billionaire IF I picked the Powerball numbers every week. I wish you guys would watch the fight again, Penn was in control for maybe 1 minute that first round, and the other 4 minutes it was a wash. I give Penn the round, but the exaggerations are ridiculous. One guy said it should have been a 10-8 round for Penn. Lol, if that was a 10-8 round, then how would you score the other two rounds….10-5? It’s over, it was a lop-sided fight, deal with it. I have mad respect for Penn, and I hope he doesn’t retire. His prior two fights, he looked awesome against Fitch & Hughes. If he beat Diaz, he would have almost been in a contender position again. I also think he should get back down to 155 lb, outside of Edgar, he dominated that division for years.

    • 808empire

      Julius…. Your a fucking monkey! BJ should come back and woop Edgar.
      Haole’s always running there mouths…

  • phrankthetank

    I’d love to see BJ come back, no he’ll never be a champion again but there are a lot of intriguing matchups for him at either weight class. Dude’s a fighter!

  • bajafox

    If Edgar loses the belt he could very well have a chance at the 155 belt. Frankie obviously has BJ’s number but if Miller or Nate contend with and beat Edgar, there’s no reason why BJ could get one last shot. As far as the 170 belt, that, IMO, is too far out of reach.

    I’d love to see BJ Penn back in the octagon

    • phrankthetank

      Don’t forget about bendo

      • bajafox

        Good point, I did forget about Bendo.

  • stevenricks

    BJ Penn is a great world class fighter. Penn time of being a title holder is over. He can not defeat Edgar because of father time, Diaz cardio is to great, GSP is to large so what do you want him to do. I think Penn should go back to 155 and fight Henderson or Guida then retire.

  • BJ is still a top LW until proven otherwise…the only fighter to give him problems was Edgar…theres still plenty of great fights for BJ at LW…picture any top 10 LW v. BJ and it intrigues you

  • Prodigy815

    One of the greatest p4p fighters ever but also the laziest.

  • giusti825

    BJ with serious cardio training is easily the LW champ.

    BJ with strength and conditioning and serious cardio training can be the WW champion.

    His technical skill was never the problem. It’s always been his strength, conditioning and cardio training habits.

    I think he can still be a champion in 3 different weight classes with just some proper physical training.