BJ Penn Accused of Sexual Assault, UFC Puts His Return on Hold

February 18, 2016
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Recent sexual assault allegations leveled at returning UFC Hall of Famer BJ Penn are now under investigation by the Ultimate Fighting Championship and have put his comeback on hold.

Former editor Pedro Alex Carrasco made the allegations against Penn public earlier this week when he tweeted, “Tired of seeing this pervert BJ Penn in the news. Dude’s a cocaine addict, who sexually assaulted my Playboy model GF, and I have proof.”

Carrasco worked for several years at and says that he lived next door to Penn for 10 years. He left the website late last year, but didn’t publicly make any claims about the alleged sexual assault of his girlfriend until now. He also alleges that Penn also abuses cocaine.

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“Worked with that scumbag for almost 10yrs, lived next door to him. He’s had a Coke problem since he was a kid,” Carrasco tweeted. “Came to my home when I wasn’t there and forced himself on my girl, pulled her clothes off, then blamed me, said I looked at his GF ass.”

BJ Penn UFC 94 WO_2268-478x270Carrasco claims to have proof of the allegations, but that “those clamoring for evidence will have to wait, there is an investigation pending with the authorities.”

Penn ended his retirement recently and has been in New Mexico training at Jackson Wink MMA in preparation for a return to the Octagon, which he said was going to happen at UFC 197 on April 23. The sexual assault allegations will delay and could derail his return, as UFC officials on Thursday issued a statement acknowledging that it would have an independent party investigate the matter and would cooperate with any law enforcement investigation.

“UFC is aware of the recent allegations made against BJ Penn. The organization requires all athletes who compete in the UFC to act in an ethical and responsible manner, as detailed in the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy. UFC will not tolerate violations of the policy,” read the UFC statement. “Every athlete is deserving of proper review and this situation, as with any serious allegation, will be investigated by an independent party and thoroughly reviewed by the UFC.  The UFC organization will also cooperate with any law enforcement investigation. In light of the serious allegations, UFC has postponed plans to book Penn for an upcoming bout until more details are determined.

“UFC holds athletes who compete in the organization to the highest standard and will continue to take appropriate action, if and when warranted.  It is important to note that Penn is considered innocent until proven guilty and UFC is not prejudging this matter.” will keep you updated as further details develop.

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  • cudgel

    This whole story sounds fishy as hell.

  • MoodyLedZep71

    Sounds like this dude wants a payday!!!

  • mmamouth

    Who has ever “pantsed” someone before? I have. And it’s not a thing you ask permission for before hand. It’s typically a playful thing done to a friend or acquaintance that you have an established level of “playfulness” with. Anything can be escalated or blown out of proportion and, especially when you want to make a weak connection from this to sexual assault, other things get sensationalized as well. IF this is anything at all, I think it is along these lines, initiated from a jealous or disgruntled or disenchanted boyfriend or employee or something of the sort.
    If I’m wrong, it will be heartbreaking.

  • MikeMcK

    Sounds like the guy just wanted to let the world know that he’s dating a “playboy model.”

    Who refers to their girlfriend that way? Regardless of how this turns out. There is no question that this guy is a douche bag.

    • cudgel

      that was the part that really made this sound fake as fck.

  • DoNotVote4Perro

    Why isn’t his “playboy girlfriend” making the accusations? LOL what a phoney! Go back to Mexico Perro! Hahaha

  • aNYagenda

    “…who sexually assaulted my Playboy model GF, and I have proof.””

    I dont really understand how one sexually assaults a porn person.
    That sounds like telling me that somebody forced a fat man to eat fried chicken.

    I mean if he threw her down choked her out and sodomized her thats a crime,
    but a porn pervert doesn’t seem like the type who would take that much effort.

    I cant wait to see this “proof”.
    Maybe he’s got in on video,
    and guess who was holding the camera.

    • Neil

      Her career has nothing to do with it. Consent is consent is consent, regardless of whether the victim is a sex worker in any regards on not. And being a sex worker doesn’t make someone a pervert (or a whore, or a slut or whatever else you might want to throw out there. I’m sure you actually think highly of the guys who do porn to though, right?)

      Your logic would also suggest that merely dressing provocatively is asking to be sexually assaulted.

    • TheCerealKiller

      You really are a low life POS. You must be a muslim.

      • cudgel

        this guy is a real piece if we are agreeing on something cereal.

    • Cigano

      “I dont really understand how one sexually assaults a porn person.”

      Hmmm, I guess you didn’t hear about War Machine’s assault on Christy Mack then.

    • cudgel

      fck you man. i feel like this story is BS but claiming that someone can’t be raped because they are involved in porn is just stupid.

  • mmalive

    The original poster is a FRAUD!! Why is not the “supposed playboy girlfriend ” making the clams? It took a whole year to speak up? Come on LOSER Pedro Alex Carrasco. You are a JOKE guy. Trying to ” cash in ” on BJ Penn’s legacy. What a total disgrace of a human being. After Penn allowed your POOR A$$ to work for him? Get a life MR. LOSER Carrasco

  • drkdisciple

    Shouldn’t this Carrasco guy be talking to the police instead of the media?If he has evidence why wasn’t it turned over to the authorities? This sounds very fishy!

  • keith

    all it takes in this country is to have a woman accuse someone of sexual assault find out its not true yet BJ is the one that suffers while the beotch walks away scott free

  • San Diego Man

    That ladies and gentlemen in American legal system in reverse…in the media you are guilty until proven innocent……ESPECIALLY for sex related crimes.

    I’ve been following BJ since 2001 when he fought Cael Uno. I was a big fan until his recent years when he exceptional lazy, disrespectful and even prejudice. He did a commercial in Hawaii years ago where he told Hawaiians not to intermarry with mainlanders.

    Despite my dislike of his rep/past actions I will NOT automatically assume that he guilty of a sex crime just because someone accused him of it. Even if he is completely vindicated and this accusation is revealed to complete bs it will still unfairly stain his reputation. Even the UFC policy has the guilty until innocent approach to this accusation (not that I care to see him come back…but still).

    God bless feminism for this phenomenon.

  • Roscoe Gauldin

    wow… not a bj fan, but this is some BS. looks like bj finally found a fight that he can win.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Sounds fishy. Hope justice prevails, whatever that may be.Pity UFC doesn’t let the law take care of itself.

  • DamianCross

    Former editor means he’s lying. Not because he’s a disgruntled employee, but because you pretty much have to be a liar to work for

    • cudgel

      wow, pretty much nailed my feelings about this statement.