Bisping vs. Maia 3rd Marquee Bout at UFC on Fox 2

December 7, 2011
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Days removed from his domination of Jason “Mayhem” Miller at The Ultimate Fighter Finale, Michael Bisping has his next fight lined up. No, it’s not Anderson Silva. Bisping will be facing a Brazilian, however, in fellow Top 10 ranked middleweight Demian Maia as part of the UFC on Fox 2 fight card in Chicago.

Bisping (22-3) is now on a four-fight winning streak since stumbling in a decision loss to Wanderlei Silva. Like most top middleweights, he’s been angling for a shot at the title wrapped around Anderson Silva’s waist, and Wanderlei Silva has been angling at a rematch with him. Neither will happen.

Bisping will instead have to make his way past Maia if he hopes to get a shot at Anderson Silva, who is out of commission, likely until sometime around late spring or early summer.

Maia (15-3) has already had a shot at Silva’s belt. He was unable to take it away when the two fought to a decision in Abu Dhabi at UFC 112, Silva taking the unanimous nod.

Maia is 3-1 since that fight, winning back-to-back bouts before stumbling against Mark Munoz, who faces Chael Sonnen, also on the UFC on Fox 2 fight card. Maia’s most recent action was a unanimous decision victory over Jorge Santiago at UFC 136 in Houston.

The winner of Sonnen vs. Munoz will get the next crack at Silva. And Bisping is edging closer and closer to a title shot. But Maia holds a victory over Sonnen, so if he is able to defeat Bisping, he could make a case to be back in the running for a rematch with Silva later in the year.

UFC on Fox 2 is co-headlined by Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis taking top billing, and Sonnen vs. Munoz in the co-main slot at the United Center on Jan. 28 in Chicago.

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  • therealmo

    Dana White is protecting Anderson Silva from Chael Sonnen. Anderson and Ed Soares are ducking and dodging Chael. The best way to avoid Chael for the time being is for Bisping to beat Maia who is a Top 10 opponent and also a safe title challenger for Anderson “the chicken” Silva

    • he is protecting hes money morons, Chael sonnen already lost by SUBMISION despite his testerone boosters performance that you Sonnen lover, love so much.He is respecting the man who does what other fithers do not. wining in fashion every time he is inside the octagon. After all media game Sonnen is making and having not suport,Anderson is playing the same game Sonnen is doing, in this case Anderson have the advantage because he won the first fight in fashion once again,so he is moving on in hes mine that Chael should earn his way up to him instead of crying using 4 grade strategies, now he say Anderson do not want to fight me, when he should be saying, “I’m going to get my #1 contender back and I will fight for the belt” instead of Anderson I’m going to **** something like that. Anderson is just doin the right thing.

  • singenmiche

    I don’t think it is as much as him ducking Sonnen more then just doesnt respect him enough to take the fight. Don’t get me wrong I think the fight should happen. But the way I see it, it isnt about losing its about losing to a disrespectful challenger. Silva doesnt want to give him the chance to be in the spot again where he can disrespect him, also since the fight Sonnen has been calling himself the real Champion adding fuel to a already burning flame.

    • you are absolutely right my friend, is all about respect.

    • MrAdidas

      It doesnt matter what Silva wants, it’s not his call! Dana White/UFC could give a rats ass about Silva being “disrespected”, look @ Diaz he called GSP out & said he was’nt injured blah blah blah & he got a title shot. So there goes your “respect” theory! FYI: NO you are right, I believe Silva is very worried about Sonnen & I also believe that Silva wants to take alot more time to train for Sonnen, rather than the usual 10-14 weeks.

  • Dave

    I think after the two fights on UFC on Fox II, the respective winners will fight for top contender spot. I can’t see Bisping beating Munoz or Sonnen, and it is a coin flip with Maia. I can’t see Bisping getting through both fights to get a title shot.

  • Anderson Silva beat Sonnen already!! Whether people think he deserves a rematch or not, Sonnen lost!! It is so frustrating to hear so much whining and crying from grown men!!! Especially, from a self-proclaimed tough guy like Chael Sonnen!!! Put a suck in it already!!! Sonnen lost to Maia too. Then, he hugged Marquardt and Miller and other people for decisions and people keep making him look like he is such a great fighter. What a freaking joke!! The man hugs other men for decisions and then whines and cries when he gets beaten in front of millions. That’s not being tough!! That’s being a little girl!!! Munoz will beat his ass and then he will cry too!!! Give me a break!!!

    • For someone who doesn’t care for Sonnen you sure talk about him a lot. Every time you mention his name you put money in his pocket.


      • That’s why Anderson do not pay attention to him. and made him talk like a the end Sonnen will lose to munnos and will need to do than win to get another shot.

    • MrAdidas

      Whats frustrating are Silva fans who keep talking about “Sonnen got his chance snif snif…. Sonnen lost snif snif” – Ughhh I guess you never heard of REMATCHES?!? How is Sonnen not deserving of a rematch? He embaressed Silva for 23 mins, the only man to have won 2 rounds from Silva (in the UFC), let alone 4+ & he is the only fighter @ MW to beat Brian Stann a possible #1 contender & Sonnen beat him badly. GSP fought Koschekc x2, BJ Penn x2, Matt Hughes x3 & Matt Serra x2, so why are you Silva fans crying b/c Sonnen DESERVES a 2nd title fight?

      Sounds to me Silva aint the only one worried about Sonnen – right Silva fans?!? If Silva’s sooo good & had broken ribs (wink wink/BULL SHIT – wouldnt be aloud to fight with broken/fractured ribs – nice try) when he fought Sonnen & all the Silva fans calim Sonnen was “juiced” up, why are you all so worried about Sonnen fighting Silva again?!?

      FYI: Sonnen didnt get suspended for steroid usage, how many times are you idiots going to use that as an excuse, which isnt even a legit excuse. Sonnen didnt file proper paper work b4 his fight Vs Silva & thats why he got his suspension reduce from 12 months to 6 months. The “roids” or whatever he got “busted” for, is actually legal for him to take – AGAIN this is why he was only suspended for 6 months, for not going through the proper procedures. It’s called GOOGLE try it!

  • I think this is an appropriate match up. Bisping even said after the Miller fight that he was not happy with his performance and thought he needed to work on some things.

    If Bisping has a strong showing against Maia I think they’ll give him a shot at the belt after Anderson fights the winner of Munoz / Sonnen. Maia is no gimme though, Mike’s got his work cut out for him.

  • bajafox

    Bisping is at least 2 good fights before he gets Silva, I don’t think he should get a title shot for beating Maia, if he could beat Vitor, Sonnen, Munoz or even Stann, then I’d say put him next in line. That’s my 2 cents…

  • therealmo

    The only good thing about bisping getting a title shot is that we get to see him get ko’d by silva

    • MrAdidas

      lol – True dat!

  • Now I can finally get excited for this card! This is the best of the three big match-ups in my opinion. I think Bisping wins it.

  • shakejunt

    wait.. winner will sit out for how long???