Biogenesis Drug Scandal Could Include MMA; UFC President Dana White Weighs In (Video)

Dana White TUF 16 Press ConferenceThere has been a major scandal brewing in the world of sports, once again centering on illegal performance enhancing drugs and treatments.

There are claims that Biogenesis and its founder, Tony Bosch, have been providing PEDs to numerous athletes in the professional sports world. Thus far, the spotlight and accusations have focused primarily on Major League Baseball stars like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun.

The man who blew the whistle on Biogenesis, Porter Fischer, recently indicated that there are athletes from numerous other sports involved as well, specifically mentioning the NBA and mixed martial arts.

There was no indication who the mixed martial artists involved were, but as with anything MMA, UFC president Dana White, at his UFC on Fox 8 post-fight scrum with reporters, was grilled about the Biogenesis scandal and the questions about what if a UFC fighter was involved.

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  1. wouldn’t be surprised if GSP is on that list.

    • Bam!

  2. No surprise..

  3. Can’t wait to find out!

  4. Why post this video? The guy has no idea about the “whos”, hasn’t thought about, stated “not enough information”, basically a pointless video post. MMAweekly, you are slipping. This is random at best. This is horrible reporting, and the video is even worse watching these guys bomb this line of questioning. I am with Dana on this one, and I am completely lost as why this was posted. Slow day ?

    • to make us aware that this is an ongoing issue so when more info is revealed us readers will have some backstory. chill.

  5. I am on that list. How do you think I got those big feet?

  6. GSP: The “Lance Armstrong” of MMA…Rory too..etc etc