Bigfoot Silva Now Faces Cain Velasquez at UFC 146

April 22, 2012
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One piece of the UFC 146 puzzle has been revealed after shuffling on the card was promised by UFC President Dana White on Saturday night.

Following the removal of Alistair Overeem from the card, and moving former champion Frank Mir into his slot to face Junior Dos Santos, there was a vacancy to face Cain Velasquez on the same show.

Now it appears that former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix fighter Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva has been tabbed as the replacement to step in and face Velasquez on May 26.

UFC President Dana White revealed the news via Twitter on Sunday.

“Don’t believe any of the BS you read on the internet,” wrote White. “Cain (Velasquez) is fighting Bigfoot Silva May 26th in Vegas.”

Silva was originally set to face former Ultimate Fighter winner Roy Nelson on the all heavyweight main card, but instead he’ll get the chance to face Velasquez in a pivotal fight in the UFC’s biggest division.

Silva enters the fight coming off a loss to Daniel Cormier in the Strikeforce Grand Prix semifinals. Prior to that loss, Silva had dismantled former heavyweight and pound-for-pound king Fedor Emelianenko to mark the biggest win of his career.

The giant Brazilian has also returned to his roots as he mended fences and headed back to American Top Team after exiting the camp in 2011.

With Silva stepping in to face Velasquez, the vacancy on the show now shifts over to Roy Nelson who sits on the UFC 146 main card without an opponent.

White stated on Saturday that they hoped to have the final card put together in the coming days.

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  • matty

    I was hoping Travis Browne would fight Cain. I wonder who will fight big country now?

  • b-soc

    Ruben “Warpath” Villareal

  • liver000

    matt mitrione would be a good fight

  • liver000

    against nelson

  • goleta83

    Travis Browne should def step up he’s the perfect person to fill the card back up

  • rogerdoger

    This is so retarded. Travis Browne was the perfect person to fill the slot. Now u got Bigfoot who’s coming off a crushing loss to Cains teammate in there and hes probly gertting ko’d again. This is stupid cuz Travis received no damage against Griggs, he’s undefeated, definitely game, already in shape and in an interview with mmaheat after his fight said he was ready for any slot on the heavyweight card. This is dissapointing.

  • rogerdoger

    Come on Joe silva what are u thinking?? It was perfect how it was. It even sounds better, BIG country vs BIG foot? Let Travis get a crack at Cain!!

  • phrankthetank

    Well, browne vs Roy now perhaps?

  • D-rail

    My thoughts exactly. Travis has a better shot at JDS than Mir. He looked great against Griggs who is no joke either, and destroyed him without suffering any injuries. Heck, even Rothwell could throw his hat in the mix against Nelson. With all this talent in the heavyweight division, I just don’t see Cain, Noguera, Mir or Carwin holding too much weight anymore. They’re even starting to sound like old news. This is the exact reason why Strikeforce should close doors. Once that happens, the UFC will become a true KING.

    • AdamBianski

      Wow Cain V old news probably the dumbest thing I have ever seen anyone post. Go watch soccer you idiot it will be easy for your dinky little brain to understand. Cain V will dominate this ass clown then the winner of JDS and Mir.

  • I have to agree. Cain, Noguera, Mir, Carwin is old news. These guys shouldn’t keep fighting each other for the belt. Lets get some new guys on board.

    • AdamBianski

      Cain V is the number two fighter in the world and will dominate anyone on this card WOW funny you were able to turn on your computer Helen.

  • The_Sheriff

    Well aware that it would just leave another gap in the card, I’d almost like to see them move Mark Hunt in to fight Big Country

  • phrankthetank

    I don’t get why big foot gets a fight with Cain before Nelson does. Regardless, they probably won’t announce a Nelson replacement until after overeem’s hearing. If he wins, he’ll probably end up back on the card fighting nelson. My thoughts anyway.

    • Lesnardo

      Nelson doesn’t deserve a fight with Cain. Nelson is good for one thing, acting as a stepping stone for other fighters.

      • phrankthetank

        And Bigfoot does?

        • Lesnardo

          nope. But I would rather see Bigfoot fight Cain since:

          (1) I don’t want to see cruelty against Nelson

          (2) Bigfoot is a new fighter and thus an interesting match to see how Sf fighters stack up against top UFC fighters (mind you Bigfoot beat Fedor).

          (3) I would put bigfoot above Nelson.

          • phrankthetank

            Bigfoot is coming in off a loss in strikeforce. His 1st UFC fight shouldn’t be against the no.2 heavyweight in the world. If by chance he actually beats Cain, then what? Does he get a title shot after a 1 fight win streak after coming off a loss in SF? I think it just would have made more sense the other way around. Nelson has sound wrestling, sound BJJ and a granite chin, not to mention he’s been facing UFC calibre competition for a long time now. Him vs Cain makes for a matchup I would like to see.

          • phrankthetank

            Not to mention, beating Bigfoot does nothing for Cain. He just got koed by Cormier, who freely admits that Cain is better than him. At least if Cain managed to put away Nelson it would mean something, JDS couldn’t even put Nelson to sleep.

          • Lesnardo

            But it’s about the quality of the fighters Big Foot has faced rather than whether he is coming from SF.

            Let’s look at two common opponents those two fighters have faced.

            Nelson got KTFO by Arlovksi. Big Foot beat Arlovksi via UD.

            Nelson got beat down by Werdum. Big Foot did okay against Werdum.

            Bottom line, I agree with you that Big Foot doesn’t deserve a fight with Cain in a sense that Big Foot is not ranked high enough to fight Cain, who is in the top 3. But we are talking about “suitable” opponents not “deserving” opponents. It’s a little too late to bring a new guy in to fight Cain.

            Also as between Big Foot and Nelson, Big Foot deserves the shot against Cain more.

          • Lesnardo

            Just compare BigFoots last four fights with Nelson’s.


            Cormier – Loss
            Fedor – Win
            Arlovksi – win
            Werdum -loss


            Werdum – loss
            CroCop – Win
            Mir – Loss
            JDS – Loss

            They are both shitty but Big Foot is better. In any case, they are so closely ranked that it would be splitting hair to compare the two. They are both middle-of-the-pack dudes.

            And no, beating Nelson doesn’t do anything for Cain.

            What’s the significance to “JDS can’t put Nelson away”? I mean….who care?? Cain puts him away and Cain is now better? Arlovksi must be better than JDS since he put Nelson away. Yeah yeah…don’t even talk about AA vs Nelson being controversial.

          • phrankthetank

            Arlovski vs Nelson WAS a controversial stop. I was going for arlovski and I even thought it was bad. All I was saying is that Nelson is a more widely recognized fighter ad beating him does more for Cain than beating Bigfoot does, not tht it does much either way.

          • Lesnardo

            I agree. Nelson is probably more recognized given that he has fought more big name guys, has been in the UFC, and went thru TUF.

            But as an MMA fan, wouldn’t you say BigFoot is aslightly more credible threat than Roy to Cain??

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  • AdamBianski

    Cain V will murder this guy, and the next person that say’s he is old news should be banned from ever watching the sport again because they have no FUCKING idea what they are watching. It just makes you sound like you probably believe that the NFL is old news.