Bigfoot Silva Calls Out Former Teammate Thiago Silva; Could the Fight Happen?

June 9, 2013
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Bigfoot Silva UFC 156Fresh off of his victory over Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante at UFC on Fuel TV 10 on Saturday night, Thiago Silva was confronted by an unexpected challenger: Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.

The two Silvas were once teammates at American Top Team, but Thiago has since joined the Blackzilians.

Perhaps that doesn’t sit well with Bigfoot, who took to Twitter immediately following Thiago’s victory to throw out a challenge to his former teammate.

“Thiago weighs 105 kilograms (231.5 pounds). We have a debt to settle,” said Bigfoot, not explaining what that debt was. “He could accept me first fight at heavyweight.”

Thiago didn’t appear to be any more clear than the rest of us on what the score is that Bigfoot wants to settle with him, but he was resolute in what it would take for him to accept a fight with his former teammate.

“He must be sad because I left American Top Team,” said Thiago. “If he wants to fight me, he has to come down to 205 (pounds); that’s it.”

It would be nearly impossible for the six-foot-four, 265-pound Bigfoot to come down to light heavyweight, and after scoring a significant victory over Feijao, there is little reason for Thiago to move up to heavyweight.

So this little skirmish is likely dead in the water before it ever sees the first rays of daylight.

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  • tyrone

    Bigfoot a bully. I do think thiago could beat bigfoot,by being elusive and eventually getting bigfoot down.once down, bigfoot is not dangerous

    • Anthony Lopez

      Bigfoot has a black belt in BJJ

      • Oscar Sanchez

        tell that to cain when he mauled him in their first fight.

      • drkdisciple

        I think he bought that black belt on EBAY.. think he even got free shipping.

      • shakejunt

        that’s great, but he never uses it

  • drkdisciple

    Bigfoot is now challenging LHW lol Is this the only way he can win a fight?

  • It would be awesome if Thiago said yes, but I don’t know if the UFC would be interested in letting that happen over some “debt”. Besides that’s a nice win for Silva. To bad many are not interested in him and Jon Jones. That Gustaf loss set him back.

    • shakejunt

      the nc’s set him back. hope he passes this time

      • Impressive win. How do you feel about Silva vs Glover Tex? Just came to my mind.

        • shakejunt

          compelling match, but they’ll instead probably wanna build silva back up with someone like manuwa who he can sub after round 1

          • I actually would not mind that fight. The guy is undefeated and has won 2 in a row. The rest of the division is kind of booked so I would actually like that. Good call my friend. We’ll see.

  • robb

    The monster knows he’ll never get another championship fight so he’s going the Chael way but he doesn’t have the charisma to do it.

    • Served

      i think it’s pretty obvious that this is more of a personal matter rather than looking for a money fight.

  • Milosc

    People need to understand the enormous rivalry here

    Both gyms are mere miles from each other, with a lot of students [$$$] jumping ship. There’s also the ‘in your face’ factor with the (I would consider, openly) racist GM who made them leave in the first place 😉

    *He actually has a habit of claiming people stole something or didn’t pay dues to manipulatively/stereotypically save face with the rest of the team, however they end up leaving, which might explain the “debt” Bigfoot’s talking about

    It’s almost modus operandi for people he doesn’t like

  • ned sto

    Thiago is missing an opportunity here. It’s a no lose situation for him. As bigfoot barely makes the 265lb limit. Thiago is faster and hits hard enough to finish Bigfoot, and after watching him take those heavy shots from Calvacante, I think Thiago could withstand Bigfoots power. If Bigfoot could even land any punches. Calvacante was much faster and Thiago was still able to slip and counter.

    • Served

      i don’t think Bigfoot’s power should be confused w/ Feijao’s. While Feijao has good power for a 205’er… Bigfoot has scary power for a heavyweight if he connects.

      You’re right that Thiago has the speed advantage and probably enough power to finish Bigfoot… Thiago isn’t the fastest guy. His style isn’t really predicated on speed and does eat shots. While he has a good chin at 205, 1 Bigfoot punch and he’s done. Bigfoot’s handspeed is faster than you’d think, even though his footwork is a bit lumbering.

      Further, Thiago doesn’t have the wrestling of Cain, therefore, he’d be much more predictable, not to mention they used to be in the same training camp for years.

      Basically, you fight a guy much much larger than you and the power of a Bigfoot, you’re risking serious injury. Plus, Thiago has no interest in moving up to HW, he’s perfectly content at 205, plus he’s moving up the rankings.

      • ned sto

        No, I don’t think BF has scary power. He’s just scary big, with normal power for 285 man. It’s not like he generates huge power for his size like Hendricks does.
        Sure he hits hard, but I seriously doubt its one and done and a Mark Hunt walk-off.
        Thiago wouldn’t need Cain lvl wrestling to take down/trip up the lumbering giant.
        I disagree with the serious injury bit. BF didn’t give Overeem a concussion with three unblocked shots to the head. Not much difference in Overeems’ head and Thiago’s.
        Thiago is a big guy himself, its not like he’s a WW.
        As for moving up in weight. He just doesn’t have to cut any for the fight. It isn’t the weight, Thiago just doesn’t seem interested.

  • julian moran

    Big foot walk around 285, calling Thiago out is pretty lame.

    • Ian Price

      He could at least offer to come down to 250 or something….

  • Mma Monster

    He needs to change his name to Big P**** Silva calling out smaller opponents that’s sorry.

  • Cereal Killer

    240lb catchweight, Thiago kicks his ass!

  • ca

    I’d say “Thiago vs. Glover” makes the most sense…only if Glover uses his hands, and doesn’t try and wrestle Thiago to death

  • Triggerman99

    Bigfoot is a weirdo. I’ve come to realize that as of late.