Big Nog Says dos Santos On Crutches Just 11 Days Ago (Video)

November 13, 2011
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Junior dos Santos put on a stellar performance to finish Cain Velasquez in just 64 seconds to win the UFC heavyweight title on Saturday night.

What’s even more staggering however is finding out that dos Santos injured his knee so bad in training that he was on crutches just 11 days ago.

dos Santos’ long time friend and coach Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira spoke to after the fight and talks about the injury that almost forced him out of the title fight all together.

Nogueira breaks down the fight and gives his thoughts on watching one of his closest friends and students reach the peak in the sport and win the UFC heavyweight title.

Check out this exclusive one on one interview with former UFC champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira:

  • ripurheadoff

    Im not happy to hear JDS was in crutches but glad it came out,seems like people are trying to give Cain excuses why he lost.JDS was hurt just 11 days ago and had never mentioned it because he wanted this fight he didnt wanna let the fans down and came out the winner.Cain was out for over a year but he was trying all the time even when he wasnt 100% so he had alot of time to train you just cant train to take a punch like one of JDS’s.

  • Black Belt

    It’s time to get back to picking lettuce, Cain!