Bibiano Fernandes ‘Is a Grown Man, He Can Go Fight Somewhere (Besides the UFC)’

June 13, 2012
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Bibiano Fernandes vs Joachim Hansen at Dream 13Almost as fast as Bibiano Fernandes was announced to be fighting TUF alum Roland Delorme at UFC 149 in Calgary, the Brazilian featherweight was out.

Well, to be more accurate, it appears that he was never in.

Even though the UFC announced his fight for UFC 149, they removed him from the fight card on Monday then Fernandes took to his Facebook page to explain why.

“I would like to make it clear that I am not a UFC athlete as I did not sign any contract with the UFC organization,” Fernandez stated, before adding, “Negotiations between UFC and myself did take place; however, we could not resolve the issues on the table and as a result we did not come to an agreement.”

“If the guy says he didn’t sign, he didn’t sign,” UFC president Dana White told on Tuesday.

“That’s why I don’t like announcing a lot of stuff, because these guys will have a verbal, and verbals suck. You can’t get anything done with a verbal.

“He’ a grown man, he can go fight somewhere else if he wants if he doesn’t have a deal.”

That appears to be the option Fernandes is pursuing.

There are relatively few options for a fighter of Fernandes’ ilk, particularly to make the type of money that the UFC generally offers.

Having spent the majority of his career fighting in Japan, it wouldn’t be out of the question if Fernandes winds up fighting for One FC, currently the top Asian promotion.

Bellator Fighting Championships could be another option, but at this point, Fernandes has yet to say where he intends to fight.

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  • He’s a fool if he opts to fight anywhere but the UFC. Have fun fighting nobodies in janky promotions that will not exist a year from now. You’d think he’d opt for the UFC because of the stability and potential to earn sh!t tons of money as he moves up the ladder. Not to mention all the sponsor money that would be rolling in (if he has a half decent manager who’s on the ball). Fernandes must have forgotten his recent pay problems where Dream didn’t pay him until over half a year after his fight with Hansen.

    All of these one-off and “next-big-thing” promotions start off with everyone singing their praises with talks of “fantastic TV deals in place” and the oh-so important set of financial backers with “deep pockets”, but they ALL end up the same: t!ts up in 18 – 24 months with fighters and fans wondering where it all went wrong and where all the money went.

    • RubeKegal

      You’re the fool for thinking the UFC is his only option. UFC base salary fighters get sh*t. As little as 4K to show…fact is Bibiano isn’t that good and would be a gatekeeper at best. He is doing the right thing by trying to be a star in other organizations where he has the chance to be a top name and make a lot more money. If he goes 0-2 in the UFC, that’s 8 grand in his pocket and now he’s damaged goods. He can run through Bellator’s bantamweights and get his 100K a fight like Alvarez or 60K like Aoki got, but he won’t get near 30K in the UFC.

  • LongDongSilver

    This guy is a total clown, he thinks hes the best but will only fight in B level organizations.

    • Lesnardo

      I don’t know how big of a pay difference there is between the UFC and some other organization for lighter weight class guys.

      Ligther weight class guys make crappy pay anyway.

    • RubeKegal

      Yeah and you prob think Arlovski is a clown for leaving the UFC and making 1.5 to fight Fedor. What a clown!!!

      • LongDongSilver

        Affliction was an exception for ufc’s over the hill heavyweights to be destroyed by Fedor. The rest of the guys made close to what they do in ufc. Bibiano is a total clown for thinking the better competition is outside ufc.

        • RubeKegal

          Honestly, Kiroyuki Takaya exposed Bibiano’s weaknesses. The top 7 guys ahead of Bibiano on top 10 in his weight class have significantly better hands and I don’t know any of those guys who don’t have great takedown defense. If he can get superfights in Bellator, I would opt for that instead of being embarrassed in UFC. Aoki in his first Bellator fight made 60K. Now that’s money, not 4K to show UFC gives.

  • markrenton

    He may sign with a promotion and earn the same salary as the UFC would initially offer, but as far as stability, long term money and competition he wont come close. The UFC could offer him 3-4 competitive fights a year with the possibility of big sponsors, bonuses and PPV (if he could make a main event). As I see it there’s Bellator and One FC, with One FC more than likely being donezo a year from now. Bellator just lost two of its biggest stars, which leads you to believe they just couldnt offer what the UFC could.

    Can’t understand his logic here, especially with DREAM shutting down. This is a 32 year old BW who looks like he may be at his prime. As we’ve seen with Fedor, Daley etc…Dana never forgets.

    • Obarmarama

      I think as far as getting regular fights go, he’d be better off outside the UFC. They have too many fighters, and even with the increase in events, a guy of that weight class is not gonna have his way with regards keeping busy. The UFC contracts are also highly restrictive, and unless you are a superstar, they have the “we own you, you do as we say” McDonalds style ethos. Bibi is big in Asia, but a nobody in the US, and the contract probably reflected that. His pay would also have been quite shitty, becaude the UFC don’t need him, they think he needs them. So for a fighter of his age, where he wants to fight as much as possible and make as much as possible in a small time frame, I think he made the right decision.

      • markrenton

        The UFC definitely has an overload of fighters, but they also put anywhere from 2-4 shows on every 30 days.
        Take Renan Barao for example. A year or two ago no one in the US really knew who he was. Next month he will be fighting in the UFC for the 4th time in 13 months , which also happens to be a main event fight. Bibiano is big in Japan, but in his 8 year pro career he has fought 14 times. Hes currently ranked 8th in the world at BW, while 1-7 are in the UFC.

        • RubeKegal

          and those 7 guys are all better strikers and hard to take down. I think Bibiano should try to get Aoki money. Aoki is no longer top 10, but got 60K for his bout with Alvarez. UFC isn’t going to pay Bibiano that kind of money.

  • browill70

    If he wants to be the top dog of a minor organization, that’s his prerogative. The top fighters fight in the UFC.

    • RubeKegal

      I would go that route. Fight less talented guys, make more money, buy my shorehouse, and retire with a legacy like Rickson. He didn’t fight the best guys but has an aura of invincibility in the MMA world.

  • browill70

    If he wants to be the top dog of a minor organization for minor pay, that’s his prerogative. The top fighters in the world fight in the UFC.

  • The UFC is by far the best organization, IF you believe you can become champion. You have to think Fernandes is afraid of the competition.

    • RubeKegal

      I think he just wants to make more money elsewhere.

  • Prodigy815

    My guess is he didn’t have enough time to cycle

  • D-rail

    He knows to play it safe in the minor leagues. Beat up some Asians, get payed and coast it through. If ur a rockstar in Asia, then that’s where ur gigs make sense. Why come to the UFC and get ur stock devalued like all the other hyped fighters?

    • Define “rock star in Asia”. I don’t think these guys are as big as some of you seem to think.