Best of Pride – Fedor Topples a Giant (Fight Video)

May 11, 2012
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Fedor vs Zulu Pride NYE 2005Pride heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko faced an interesting test in his fight against the massive 6’5, 340-pound Zuluzinho. Emelianenko quickly proved that size does not beat technique, as he dispatched Zuluzinho with a flurry of strikes that sent the big man crashing to the canvas.

Check out the full fight video, courtesy of Fuel TV…


    not avaliable in my country? WHY THE F@CK DOES THIS HAPPEN SO MUCH LATELY?

    • b-soc

      I’m with ya, Law of Fist!! This is horse sh$#!!! Canada is getting the shaft!!!!

  • hollafront1314

    fedor in his prime is goat


    i have massive respect for Fedor the man and the fighter but no not GOAT.

  • gary

    until someone else goes on a similar streak with as many former title holders on there record. then yes so far he can be considered arguably the heavyheight GOAT in this young sport. realistically he should be considered one of the greatest of a era and take his place as a legend of the sport. fighters will be better in the future, this takes nothing away from those who were far superior to the rest in there own time.