Benson Henderson Won’t Back Down From Saying He Wants to Break Anderson Silva’s Record

October 16, 2012
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Benson Henderson at the UFC 150 weigh-insUFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson will look to make his second consecutive title defense in December when he faces Nate Diaz at UFC on Fox 5.

It’s still a far cry from Anderson Silva‘s ten consecutive middleweight title defenses, but Henderson has no problem saying that, longterm, he wants to break the long-standing champion’s record before he’s done fighting in the UFC.

Henderson has talked for years about being the fighter to break Silva’s record one day, and he’s received criticism for his outspoken desire to be the best in the history of the sport.

“I think it’s good to have goals. For some reason I caught a lot of slack when I said I wanted to break Anderson Silva’s record and people were saying, ‘Oh, you’re ridiculous for thinking that. You can’t beat Anderson Silva’s record. You haven’t defended your belt one time. You’re silly. What are you talking like that for?” It’s like wow guys, you guys are really mad at me for having longterm goals?” Henderson said when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio on Monday.

Longterm goals led Henderson to reach for the stars and say he would become WEC lightweight champion, and he got there. He then aspired to become UFC lightweight champion, and again Henderson was able to obtain his goal. Now Henderson wants to continue his reign atop the lightweight division, and hopefully one day he’ll reach the mark of 10 consecutive title defenses.

“I want to be the best ever and one of my goals is to break Anderson’s record for title defenses. I’m sorry, I apologize if I offended you somehow, but I do have longterm goals, I like to set my goals high and then go out and get them done,” said Henderson.

To Henderson reaching for the stars is all about working hard to get there, and he’s willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to hopefully one day beat Anderson Silva’s UFC record.

“If you want to be a Mundial champion, if you want to be a black belt and win the Pan-Ams, you want to win the worlds, win the Europeans, then you should bust your butt and train like it,” Henderson said.

Check out the full interview with Benson Henderson below where he also talks about facing Nate Diaz and taking a step towards the next level with his first main event on Fox:

  • Mario

    Well, considering he should have lost his last fight, I doubt he’ll ever come close to breaking any records that Anderson has established. I thought Frankie beat him in the rematch honestly. But then again, I felt Ben clearly won the first fight.

    Nate Diaz will be a tough opponent for him. He’s been smoking the competition lately and If Ben beats him, the Pettis rematch could be awaiting him.

    I see that rematch going once again in Anthony’s favor.

    • Brian H.

      HAHAHAHA … “Smoking the Competition!!” I believe he can do it – he said : “high” goal (HAHA). He is a tough SOB, very well rounded, never been finished, and simply can not be submitted – recipe for success. And by the way, Anderson almost lost to Chael Sonnen. Almost lost isn’t a loss. And last, Pettis was taken lightly the first time – won’t happen again.

      • Nick

        Nate, not Nick.

  • Gigi

    i like ben,he got good wins on his record,lets see what he does vs diaz

  • DrRJE

    It’s going to be a war, but I can’t wait for Diaz to shut him up.

  • JohnnyJitsu

    Yeah, that is awesome and all. But I think we’ll have a new lightweight champion after his fight with Diaz…

  • frin

    How can he break silva’s record when he has to sleep at night knowing he lost to Frankie Edgar

  • lowlb

    silly article, who cares if he says he wants to break Silva’s record. He’s supposed to back down from saying something?? I don’t get it…
    And yes, it’s Diaz time ( for both of them). Put down the bongs and get what you are due

  • Adriana

    I am seriously annoyed by Bendo thinking its “good guy vs bad guy” and he is the “good guy”. He needs to get over himself already- how much more smug & smarmy can he possibly get? His constant smirking for the cameras is not the best way to show humility; in fact, its kind of embarrassing. Publicly professing his faith does not make him any more Christian or “good”. War Diaz!

  • Meow

    what’s with the illuminati sign?

  • mattt

    this guy needs a reality check instead of going out saying your going to break silvas record why not start with a simple goal…lets say actually finishing a fight and not scrapping out close decision wins, he barely beat a edgar and hes not even a true lightweight, honestly its ridiclous hed even say this henderson you havent truely dominated or finished one opponent your currently very close ability wise to about 4 other fighters in that division you have no right to be so arrogant dont talk go prove it you moron.

  • Juan G

    Dumb comment this guy is going to fall as hard a rock one of this days.