Benson Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar 2 Official as UFC 150 Headliner

May 8, 2012
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Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson at UFC 144The Mile High City will welcome a main event rematch between Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar as they headline UFC 150 on August 11.

Henderson and Edgar will head to Denver for their second fight, as confirmed by UFC president Dana White on Tuesday.

“Benson and Edgar will fight August 11,” said White on Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight. first reported that Henderson and Edgar had agreed to an Aug. 11 showdown to headline UFC 150, but now the bout and date are official.

Henderson and Edgar first met at UFC 144 in Japan with the UFC lightweight title on the line.

Henderson won that night by unanimous decision, but many people scoring the fight, including White, had Edgar penciled in as the winner after five rounds.

Since Edgar had given rematches to his last two opponents, the UFC granted him the same accord, and he will now get the chance to regain the belt.

UFC 150 will take place on Saturday, Aug. 11, at the Pepsi Center in Denver. The last event held in Denver was UFC 135, in which UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones defeated Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in the main event.

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  • hollafront1314

    first fight wasnt even close..benson dominated him..this rematch is not at all interesting.. diaz vs henderson would be much more fun.

    • KBEsq

      Okay, I can understand someone saying Henderson won, but how on Earth can you say it wasn’t even close!?

      I think Edgar deserves a rematch even if you think he lost the fight w/ Henderson. It was close enough, and I think the second fight will be very interesting. I think Edgar will be a lot more aggressive, which will either result in him getting the crap beat out of him, or him beating the crap out of Henderson. Either way, should be entertaining.

  • emmettbarnacle

    You drunk Frankie won that all Ben did was more damage to his face

    • shakejunt

      any idea how dumb that sounds?
      Ben got staggered once or twice, but no damage was done. The hardest shot of the fight was a punch edgar ate when he grabbed a kick.

  • hollafront1314

    i might be drunk but you must be stupid..of course he did more damage to your boyfriend’s face..admit it, he owned your boy hard..all frankie did was cry at the after this hes gonna fight aldo and lose then cry for another rematch again..

  • Dayrelphareal

    Yeah it was a close fight but after that up kick in the second round Ben seem to take control of the judges meaning the spotlight only Edgar fans was really paying attention to his little brother punches he was landing. The kid has heart can’t wait to see what they both do different i hope the fight get finished so we can move on.” NO MORE REMATCHES”

  • emmettbarnacle

    Fine it was a close fight but Ben didn’t win last time I checked damage is only one aspect of how the judge. If I do remember correctly which of course I do because you don’t know crap is effective striking grappaling and octagon control. So who won again I have Frankie 2-1 in that and I’ve watched that fight a good ten times

  • KBEsq

    I think the fact that so many people are arguing about this speaks for itself. Everyone who is saying Frankie won, or Ben won, should just realize and admit that there is a lot of disagreement about it, which justifies a rematch.

    Like Dayrelphareal said above: “can’t wait to see what they do different.”

    I totally agree – This is an interesting fight. I think people assume it’s going to be the same fight. Obviously, that’s a possibility, but it’s not likely.

  • Booker T

    Should be on free tv.