Benson Henderson Says Move to 170 Pounds Isn’t Permanent

February 7, 2015
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Former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson has been toying with the idea of moving up to 170 pounds for a long time. He event went so far as to tell the UFC, short notice, no notice, whatever, sign him up.

The UFC recently called Henderson on his offer, and he accepted. He’ll be moving up to welterweight to face knockout artist Brandon Thatch in the UFC Fight Night 60 main event on Thatch’s home turf in Broomfield, Colo., next Saturday.

Henderson jumped at the chance, actually, but in a recent interview on Inside MMA, he indicated that this could be a one-and-done type of thing; it’s not a permanent move.

Check out what Henderson had to say in the video below…

(Video courtesy of AXS TV Fights)

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  • uncle

    1 and done when he gets KOed again

    • Goku

      I agree bad fight stylistically. He’s gonna eat some knees, considering he’s a lot shorter than thatch.

      • uncle

        He needs to lose think about it, if Ben wins he will do something
        painfully corny on Valentines Day.

        • Goku

          Hahaha for real. Kinda like a controversial split decision over Gilbert and then proposing to his wife ….. God so corny

  • Goku

    Honestly I used to really like bendo but I feel like something went wrong upstairs. He like settled and stopped improving while the rest of the division just kept getting better .. It’s sad but I don’t ever see him being a title challenger at 155 or 170:/ and he’s gonna take a quick nap against thatch… Bad idea to try and pull cowboy stunts.

    • uncle

      Ben is a boring point fighter he doesn’t want to put in the work and try to finish his opponent anymore and is to comfortable going to decision.

      • Goku

        Seriously, he can only finish people if it’s given to him like the rustam khabliov fight. I really think 170 is a bad move.

  • Benson is fighting inner demons resulting from some disappointments.
    He’s just given up his drive to be number one. The top welterweights would destroy him.

    • uncle

      Right Lombard would murder him

  • cheflacsto

    I don’t see this one going his way. A guy that usually wins via split decision going up to take on a much larger fighter. His lay and pray technique more than likely won’t get him a win at 170. I appreciate that he stepped up and took the fight, but I don’t see him winning.