Benson Henderson Says He “Definitely Did Enough” To Defeat Josh Thomson at UFC on Fox 10

January 26, 2014
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Benson Henderson UFC 150 w_3529-478x270Most split decisions spark controversy. Former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson’s split decision win over Josh Thomson in the UFC on Fox 10 main event on Saturday fell in line with the majority of split decisions. A lot of people didn’t agree with it.

Many inside the United Center in Chicago booed after the scorecards were read, but Henderson felt confident that he had won.

“I felt I definitely did enough to deserve to get my hand raised and get the W,” said Henderson during the event’s post-fight press conference.

The fight was competitive with Thomson winning the opening round with a takedown and ground control. Henderson dictated most of the pace throughout the following rounds. Thomson was able to secure takedowns and took Henderson’s back several times, but Henderson was never in imminent danger of being submitted.

The former UFC titleholder landed significant strikes to the body with punches and knees and was the aggressor throughout the contest. For what it’s worth, MMAWeekly scored the fight for Henderson.

Henderson has been criticized in the past for not finishing opponents and going to decisions. His last eight wins went the distance. Three of his last four wins are by split decision. One of his critics has been UFC president Dana White, but the 30-year old fighter doesn’t care how he gets the victory, as long as he gets it.

“Getting a W inside the UFC, let me see how you do it, and how you take it,” said the former lightweight champion when questioned about going to decisions by a reporter. “I like W’s. I like getting my hand raised. I’ll take it any way I can get it; you slip on a banana peel, by the skin of my teeth, by any means.”

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  • Big Tuna

    Hendo looked kinda slim and lacked his explosiveness and power

  • Stephen Quadros

    I thought he lost 3-2,need more judges with actual mma knowledge.

    • Wolf Ticket

      I agree with you in general, but I don’t think this decision comes down to poor mma knowledge. The fight was super-close, and what is worse, each fighter had success in different areas, and that will always be judged subjectively. Or can anyone say that e.g. 1 minute of having someones back is about as much as landing 2 leg kicks, 1 jab and a right hook?

      I had Bendo 2, 3, 5, but it was close. Wouldn’t mind if Josh got that title shot anyway. Benson needs a better win to earn another shot.

  • uncle

    Ben is so boring I am really glad he is not the champ

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Somebody needs to tell Henderson that the continual fixing of his hair and the toothpick hanging out of his mouth doesn’t make him look “smooth”, just stupid. He’s trying way too hard to look cool.

    • solo

      Why dont you tell him that???

      • BarrysHypocrisy

        Apparently, you didn’t read my post above where I did.

    • Wolf Ticket

      Actually, Helwani asked him prior to the fight what’s he gonna do with the hair, since he had it done his last fight (Pettis), but Bendo said he hasn’t even thought about that. It obviously hadn’t done him any good anyway…

  • Whatta joke

    What a load of crap for a fox card after this turd hope they stack ufc 11 right. after this card why even do a fox show if u put lower mid level talent on it.. Bendo winning nothing happen Stevens nothing happen the cowboy same in same with the heavyweights shit card bet they some how mess up the nxt one too

  • Undercard fighter

    Ben won the fight but is one of most unentertaining fighters in ufc . A good kid mabe to pure of heart to have the killer instinct it takes to be exciting… Card was lame

  • Meaningless night of fights

    That was sad…. ufc on fox mabe for 11 the can bring back tim silva vs tank Abbott cause that fight has as much meaning as any on this card!!! Wow whatta turd

    • shakejunt

      maybe you’re better suited for sherdog

  • Austin, TX

    Notice his words. Telling. He knows he lost the fight.

    “I like W’s. I like getting my hand raised. I’ll take it any way I can
    get it; you slip on a banana peel, by the skin of my teeth, by any

    He forgot to add. “bs decision.”

  • shakejunt

    waaaaaa i’m mad that a free card with a decision machine headlining ended up being slow paced with a close decision waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • fsunoles10

    i dislike hendersons style as much as the next guy but my first impression of the fight after it was done was henderson won. ill have to rewatch it to make sure but i cant say it was a terrible decision, it could have gone either way and i wouldnt have been mad about the decision.

    • solo

      Rewatch it man. Its so close, no doubt about it.
      I gave rounds 1 and 4 to Josh, and rounds 3 and 5 to Benson. No question about those rounds. In round 2 Josh had a takedown and had Bensons back but just for like half of minute in the round and didnt do anyhing, other 4 and a half minutes were all Bensons controlling and keeping him on the fense landing clinch strikes. So i gave it 3-2 for Bendo. And the fight summary was on Benson side also.
      But i must say it sucks that Josh broke his hand. I love that guy and i hope he doesnt retire. Its sad that again we’re talikng about the judges instead of great fights.

      • fsunoles10

        yeah i was wondering why he wasnt striking that much, when they said he broke his hands i was hoping he would start throwing a bunch of kicks but i guess that would have opened up the take downs.

  • Baller31

    I’m guessing ‘did enough to win’ has something to do with being on his knees under the judges table…

  • Clash

    Doing enough to win, is definitively finishing the fight, as in a submission or a knock out. Henderson wants his hand raised in the Octagon, he might want to take a lesson from Jon Fitch and learn how often “doing enough” for a decision gets your hand raised after Dana and crew tire of you.