Benson Henderson Expects He and Gilbert Melendez Will Meet Again One Day (UFC video)

April 21, 2013
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Benson-Henderson-UFC-144-pre-press-1UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson tells media after his title defense at UFC on Fox 7 that a rematch with challenger Gilbert Melendez should be expected… it’s not a matter of if, but when.

Check out what Benson Henderson had to say at the UFC on Fox 7 post-fight press conference…

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  • Meet against?

    • cyvokarepyl

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  • brian stevens

    I hope everyone who was pissed off that Gil got this shot realizes how dumb they sounded. Gil showed why he was ranked number 2. Gil wasn’t robbed, this fight was extremely close, but I felt he won 1-2-5 . if you had 2 for bendo i get it. The judge that had 5 for bendo should be fired. That was the most obvious of all the rounds. 155 is such an exciting division right now.

    • gnodeb

      I agree that fight was great and Gil lost close decision. He showed how great and well rounded his game is. But it seams you don’t understand why people were pissed. For me, ranking is not about what you can do, but what you have done. Same for title shots. Unlike Nick and Shields, Gil is very capable of real title run (3-0 against top competition in the same division where he is going to fight for the title). But he simply didn’t do it. I don’t understand why people are interested only in title fights and ignoring title runs. They are fun to watch to… and they are hyping title fights in an healthy manner…

      • brian stevens

        I think you are not giving the people he defeated their rightful due. He defeated Thompson two times, Masvidal, and Aoki. He won 7 straight fights. Thats a title run. This outlines my biggest problem with UFC fans. The UFC isn’t the end all be all for mma.

        • gnodeb

          Let’s be honest here. Keeping wining streak alive is hard, no meter where you fight, but it is even harder if you are in UFC. UFC title shot should be earned in UFC.
          I have same problem when fighters jump from division to division right to the title fight. So it is not about UFC vs RestOfTheWorld. It’s more about disrespecting other contenders who are trying to earn shots the harder way… It’s a competition… there should be no shortcuts…

        • Sir_Roy

          I agree.

    • Timothy Malone

      “The judge that had 5 for Bendo should be fired.”

      Judges often suck, and I’m not arguing Henderson did win the fifth, but the fight stats show Henderson landed 14 strikes to Gil’s 8 in the 5th round, and Gil had an awful 15% accuracy rate. There was no grappling. It’s not absolutely outrageous to give Henderson that round.

      • brian stevens

        The majority of the strikes landed by hendo were leg kicks. I’m not saying this doesn’t count or matter but you can’t put too much weight into those. Forrest won a title using them and I think that most realize how silly that was. Gil controlled the pace and octagon for the majority of the fight. Again, I don’t think it was a robbery. It was a razor close fight.

    • Sir_Roy

      It was indeed a razor close fight. I feel Gil won the fight due to said aggression and Octagon control. Barely. But in a title fight, to dethrone the champion, one has to have won said fight by a more significant margin – and most judges agree on this last I believe.


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  • If not an immediate rematch with Gil, then Josh Thompson should get the next shot. He proved his worthiness

    • Lucas Freire

      Please,no more immediate rematches! Dear god,doesn’t matter if it was close or not,a win is a win,a loss is a loss. No immediate rematches at the LW division for at least a bazillion years.