Benson Henderson Defends Against TJ Grant in UFC 164 Headliner

June 5, 2013
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Benson Henderson vs TJ GrantUFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson puts his belt on the line against TJ Grant in the UFC 164 main event on Aug. 31 in Milwaukee.

The bout was announced during Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight.

Henderson (19-2) lost his final WEC bout before entering the Octagon, but has done nothing but win since making the jump to the UFC.

He has currently won seven consecutive fights, including four title bouts.

Henderson took the belt from Frankie Edgar at UFC 144, defended it against him in an immediate rematch, then defeated Nate Diaz and Gilbert Melendez.

Grant (21-5) more than earned his shot at the champion when he put a punctuation mark on his current five-fight winning streak by knocking out out Gray Maynard at UFC 160 at the end of May.

“We’re looking at all these different fights and options and all these different things to do. I wanted to make sure that the next contender for the title was putting on great fights,” UFC president Dana White said following UFC 160. “I wanted to see something good tonight, I wanted to see something special, and I saw that tonight. Grant’s getting the next title shot.”

Benson Henderson vs. TJ Grant headlines on Aug. 31 at the HMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

For more on the UFC 164 fight card, stay tuned to the UFC Rumors section.

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  • doug

    Good fight, tj will match benson for size, which is something his previous opposition in the ufc have been unable to do. Should be interesting fight

  • solo

    Its incredible the rise of TJ. Awhile ago people didnt even know him, now hes fighting for a title.

    Benson imo is a much better fighter, he should win this.

  • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

    Let’s go Benson, you need to bring your A game, Grant is a nasty LW..

  • Sir_Roy

    Beat Gilbert Melendez? Debatable. Had roles been reversed, and had Gilbert been the defending champion, Henderson would have lost that decision IMHO.

    • encoro-encuero


    • JDMMA

      Yeah, you have to beat the Champ to be the Champ, Melendex didnt fight hard enough in rounds 3-5

      • kooolout

        I am confused. You say he lost rounds 3-5. If we won three rounds out of five rounds he beat the Champ so then he is the Champ. You can’t go back and change the score. You score by rounds.

        • OverratedHippie

          3-5 means rounds 3 through 5. Thus round 4 is included. He didn’t mean he lost rounds 3 & 5.

    • Baller31

      I agree with that. Very close fight, so the nod went to the champion. But with Benson Henderson, he has had two very debatable decisions go his way recently. His only dominant victory as champ was against Diaz.

      • Sir_Roy

        And so the nod should go to the champ when the score is so close. I don’t think Gilbert did quite enough to steal the crown, but were in not for a title on the line, I would be more than a little tempted to call it for Gilbert to be honest.

        I was thinking about both Benson and GSP’s position actually. While GSP dominates by decision far more than Benson (a distinction I make to iterate that I’m not saying Benson is another GSP because he really isn’t in the same league), they are both in an extremely stacked division. Finishing opponents given the caliber they both face (the two most stacked divisions in the UFC at present IMHO) is more a nod to the talent they face than a strike against theirs.

        • Truth


          Just b/c they haven’t been finishing all contenders, doesn’t mean they’re not finishers, particularly Bendo.

          Granted, sometimes GSP seems to be content just controlling his opponent on the ground, but he still looks to gnp and for openings for subs. granted, he could be more aggressive in looking for the finish but not Bendo.

          Bendo goes full attack on feet and on the ground while not leaving himself too susceptible for counters.

          Bendo has good power but every single guy he’s fought is notoriously difficult to KO or sub. I think if you add up all the guys he’s fought and the number of times they’ve been finished is like maybe 3 times? Most from Guida.

          People have been spoiled by guys like Anderson Silva or even Jon Jones, but not everyone is going to get KO’ed every single fight when you’re fighting the top guys in the world.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Gilbert gassed. Faster hands but worse conditioning.

  • Maven

    “knocking out out Gray Maynard at UFC 160”

    Perhaps MMAweekly doesn’t care, but the lack of editing skills you regularly display reflect poorly on your professionalism.

    Back to the article… can’t wait for this fight. Great match up.

  • ned sto

    I like TJ in this fight. I think he gets a victory here.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Nothing but respect for Bendo. Defended in April and now again in August, both real contenders for opponents. Look at GSP who fought Diaz, a joke of an opponent, in March and Hendricks will be happy if he gets his shot before the year’s out. Some fighters earn their pay and some are milking the contract like A-Rod. Dana, please put GSP in his place.

  • NABU

    This is going to be a good fight!