Benson Henderson Believes He Earned the Victory at UFC 150 (Video)

August 12, 2012
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Benson Henderson at the UFC 150 weigh-insDENVER — UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson walked out of the Octagon at UFC 150 in Denver with a narrow split decision victory over former champion Frankie Edgar. The bout was a rematch of their first fight at UFC 144 earlier this year in Japan.

As in any close decision, many questioned the outcome, but Henderson didn’t waiver.

“I definitely felt I did enough to get my hand raised,” he declared at the post-fight press conference.

Henderson talked about his winning the decision and much more. Check out these highlights of what he had to say at the UFC 150 post-fight press conference.

  • EmmettThetruth

    Of course he does he’s an idiot

    • shakejunt

      you sure burned him

  • b-soc

    Funny how a guy who clearly thinks he won the fight goes up to the boss and asks: Who won that fight? Who won that fight? Really confident! LOL!! The look on his face at the end said it all. He knows he lost. I hope Frankie doesn’t drop to 145. I think he will be the lightweight champion again.

  • bajafox

    I’m not a Frankie Edgar fan, mainly because I am a BJ Penn nut hugger, but Frankie won that fight. At the very least it should have been a draw.

    Maybe I was too drunk but I didn’t see any reason why Benson should have gotten the decision.

  • lycan

    Got Edgar winning the 2nd , 4th , and 5th round

  • RubeKegal

    Give me a phone number where I can harass the commission who oversees who is picked as judges…they’re f*cking retards.

  • SuperNate-AO

    bajafox I love your honesty. I started drinking myself during the Shields/Herman fight and the main event was also worthy of some sedation. Unlike you, I had Henderson winning but that is the problem. Leaving the fight up to interpretation is a huge mistake. Go for it and we will truly see who the better man is, hesitate and leave your fate to some nobody.

  • sofhanson

    Judges don’t look kindly on consistently weak punches and running away from a fight and only coming in on counter punches. They have pretty consistently reward the aggressive fighters with stronger punches, just like in boxing. This is not a Tae Kwando tournament…If you do run and counter punch then you at least need to out punch your opponent

    • atmosphere

      try telling that to Dominick Cruz

  • Frankie won no contest. Plus he even knocked him down so, HOW could he have lost this fight? Because of the gay kick to the head from the ground? ya it looked good but made NO damage at all . When will we get friggin judges who take damage into consideration? I mean in real life the guy who gets the most fuc*t up usually is the loser. BTW, whats with the illuminati sign Henderson did at the end? Does he even know what tat means or is he the product of america A repeating automaton idiot mimicing what he sees to look cool without knowing what it means?

    • Jeff

      Ever since I read your comment Ive been trying to figure out exactly what the illuminati symbol stands for. From everything Ive read so far, it has to do with evil? Yet he is always praising GOD so now Im even more confused…….

  • RonnieV

    First off, nobody fights with more heart than Frankie, it’s tough to root against that guy, because he just brings it. Split Decisions will always have two opinions. I thought this one could have gone either way. If Edgar was given the victory, I think there would be a lot of pissed off Henderson fans. BUT….Since I’m a Nate Diaz fan, I think I’m getting an easier match-up against Hendo than Edgar. Frankie scares me!

  • xanjhogo

    Very close fight. But at the end of the day, Frankie was outstruck despite landing a lot of clean counters. Don’t let the knockdown(which obviously didn’t put Bendo out or hurt him that bad, if at all, as he survived on the ground) dismiss the other significant strikes Bendo landed. Bendo edged it out.