Ben Rothwell Breaks Arm in UFC Fight Night Win Over Alistair Overeem

September 6, 2014
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Ben Rothwell blocked a kick that broke his arm in his win over Alistair Overeem at UFC Fight Night Foxwoods on Friday, the heavyweight announced in a post-fight interview.

In speaking with FOX, Rothwell revealed that he didn’t block a kick properly, which led to the break of his limb.

“I ate a kick, didn’t block it properly, and he broke it,” Rothwell said. “I knew I did not want to block a kick wrong again. I had a feeling that something could have been wrong. That’s the good thing about a fight, adrenaline going.”

Despite the injury, Rothwell timed his offense just right, landing a fight-changing counterpunch against Overeem. The blow sent the former Strikeforce heavyweight champion to the canvas where Rothwell finished off the job with strikes at 2:19 of the opening round.

Post-fight, Rothwell said he firmly believed he would come out on top, despite being a betting underdog going into the fight.

“I’m feeling like you just witnessed … what happens when you just believe in yourself,” he said. “And now I’m ready to make my way to the title. This just proves it, right here.”

With the UFC Fight Night win, Rothwell collected his first Octagon victory in over a year. He returned to the UFC on Friday after serving a suspension for failing a post-fight drug test following an August 2013 bout.

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  • Austin, TX

    It looked like he finished with that same broken arm. Crazy sh*t there pounding with his right hand broken. Reem was pillow fighting. Guys got an impressive chin, …Rothwell I mean. Needs to move a little better when he’s boxing though. he eats too many punches and kicks…or maybe thats just his style come to think of it. I thought the Reem had him at first… till that right hand.

  • George Sperry

    While the HW division is admittedly short on depth Ben will never be a realistic contender. He is an established gatekeeper and Overeem has been eliminated from contention.
    I like Ben but he is what he is.

  • eddie eagle

    Rothwell is like any big guy in most bars who can hit hard.

  • fonzob1

    You need to post a retraction when a story you post turns out to be false. That is what a responsible news agency does. Rothwell did not break his arm.