Ben Askren Set to Fight for ONE FC 170-Pound Title on May 30th

February 7, 2014
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Ben Askren-Bellator-478x270Undefeated former Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren is set to make his ONE FC debut on May 30. He will go up against the winner of the 170-pound title tilt between Nobutatsu Suzuki and Brock Larson, which is booked for Kuala Lumpur on March 14.

Suzuki (10-1-2) and Larson (37-7) are set to face off in the main event of ONE FC: War of Nations in Malaysia next month with the inaugural welterweight title on the line. If the winner emerges sufficiently unscathed, he can expect to make an immediate defense against Askren 10 weeks later.

Askren (12-0) has been his usual outspoken self this week, talking to reporters before the World MMA Awards in Las Vegas and he stated in an interview with Yahoo, “I’m the best damn welterweight in the world, and that’s a fact the fans are going to have to deal with.”

He didn’t comment on the prospect of facing either Larson or Suzuki specifically, but Askren alluded to his undefeated record and the questions over who ONE FC would find to face him by saying, “I’m going to keep winning every fight that is put in front of me, and as a fighter, that’s all you can do.”

ONE FC is widely rumored to be heading to Manila in April with the May 30 card likely to be held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. If he makes a successful debut, Askren can expect to pocket a cool $100,000 USD, as well as winning the belt, under the terms of the six-fight contract he signed with Asia’s biggest MMA promotion.

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  • Alex

    LOL Asians won’t watch, because they don’t care about Askren or Larson. Maybe they will watch if Suzuki wins, but he’s not Pinoy or Malaysian, so they will care much less.

    Those morons who bash UFC for not signing Askren will not watch either, because they don’ t really like Askren, they’re just stupid UFC haters.
    No one will watch lol

  • onepunch

    He deserves to face the winner of the inaugural welterweight title. Fortunately the One FC rule set will make the fight exciting even if your naturally a grappler becos you get punish with soccer kicks, stomps and elbow. Hell, you can’t even leave a hand on the mat without getting knees. If he wins and continues to win, he will get more than 100k, that’s becos sponsors will be seeking his signatures. He’s a clever, who can make his own decisions and see the bigger picture. If a big organization that has a motto of signing the best fighters and didn’t live up to it, you’d go where the money is. When his image is raised, they will come begging for him, simply the Asian market is huge. Good luck to the guy. I know it will be more entertaining and exciting in comparisons to his previous outings becos that’s down to the One FC rule set. He who can make a decision on his own in the face of adversity then he can hold his own.

    • Alex

      LOL @sponsors looking for Askren.
      Sponsors don’t care how many wins against mismatches you have, they only care how exciting/attractive to fans you are, and Askren is neither.
      One FC rules wont save Askrenfrom having boring fights – maybe if he gets his ass kicked sponsors will care.

      • onepunch

        Clearly u r a no brainer. He already has sponsor for his first fight. Sponsors want to reach a wide audience in the market that they want to operate. There r many big multinationals want to tap into the Asian market. Ben is a commodity becos he has the record, American etc and can fight. One FC is mainstream in Asia that shown live in many countries. If you’re a sponsor, its exactly what u want. Clearly u r a fan of an mmma org and not an mma sport. I even bet u that his next fight in One FC is more exciting and entertaining than his previous outings. It’s clear to me u see a recognised fighter name from a certain mma org that hyped u up, and u think it’s exciting but when it comes to the actual fight, its mostly boring. Anyway, no point me stating anything as I don’t think u would understand. You the media run your overhelment.

        • Alex

          Of course he has sponsors, but I’m sure they pay him less than they pay other fighters, who actually give exciting fights – unlike Askren, whose fights I seen, and I’ve seen him getting stood up by the referie from th freaking MOUNT lol – even in the most dominant position in the sport he stays inactive!
          He stops only one-dimensional losers, like Amoussou (who, BTW, lost recently to another wrestler, with much less credentials than Askren) and Koreshkov, that trains in the camp of 3 strikers in Syberia.

          I didn’t get your blabbering of me being a fan of “the org not a sport” or whatever – One FC has a lot of interesting fighters (even if they’re low level) and Askren is not one of them.
          Asians won’t give two craps about him and neither will sponsors (they’ll pay him peanuts here and there), and you have to deal with your delusions all alone 🙂

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    if he wins here, he’ll definitely become more credible.

    • Alex

      LOL yeah right.
      He will fight either a UFC loser, or the guy who another UFC loser beat into the minutes of an opening round.

      Even his Bellator wins are a bit more credible (not that they are really CREDIBLE, but comparing to the One FC possible wins…heh)

      • Obi-Wan Granoli

        well I was thinking because of the rule set it would force him to become a bit more aggressive and actually fight.not just control.

        • Alex

          He doesn’t even control good LOL.
          The guys under him always try to get out, and he has to catch him over and over, he wastes the whole time of the fight on that and doesn’t do damage.
          When he really gets control, he is so inactive he gets stood up, even from the freaking mount.

          The only difference is, that some bum might take him out by the soccer kick, and if that happens, oh boy, I’ll laugh real hard.