Ben Askren: ‘I Want to Prove I’m the Best, but Not Sure I Want to Stoop to (Dana White’s) Level’

September 7, 2014
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Ben Askren doesn’t mince words when it comes to UFC president Dana White. “He’s a chameleon. He’s a band-wagoner.”

The former Bellator and current ONE FC welterweight champion relishes the opportunity to prove to everyone, hands down, that he is the best 170-pound fighter in the world, but he’s not so sure he wants to “stoop to (Dana  White’s) level” to do it.

(Video courtesy of AXS TV)

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  • eddie eagle

    Make ben Asken join an ultimate fighter cast and earn his way to the UFC who ever this unknown kid is?

    • Kyle

      You are taking home the prize for the most ignorant comments posted in this thread. Keep it up! and most importantly, dont forget to JUST BLEED BRUH!

  • eddie eagle

    Ben Asken is acting like a child molester trying to get a day care job watching kids. Why hire him??

    • julian moran

      Either that or you are a tool.

  • doug

    Unknown? The only way he’s unknown is if you only started following mma this morning or are under the belief theirs no mma outside of the ufc, that a side he’s a boring fighter anyway

  • snapdad

    im not a fan of askren, but I agree with everything he said.

    • Sam

      I agree with you completely

  • watagump1 .

    Best 170 in the world, I think not.

  • Joe

    He wants too stay undefeated so that he can claim he is the best, only problem with that is if you only fight cans you can’t be recognized as the best.

  • dustin

    what a tool.

  • Who puts the ass-n-askren

    Askren is a better version of jake sheilds not as good with hands but better ground game. In he does need to just shut up in cash the ufc check. So ur feelings got hurt man up take out on every fighter. Ur in cage with!!!

  • Sam

    Fans like UFC for the fighter not Dana white or his investers I’m sure if they went bankrupt tommorow mma fans would watch these fighters fight anywhere

  • Andrew Rai

    Good job Akern! Wish there were more fighters like you who did not just chase the cash train and give their selfrespect in return to Dana White and his corporation

    • Maddawgmar

      Well while not chasing the cash train, he is successfully chasing mediocrity in his career.

      • Andrew Rai

        Maybe so right now, however if more and more top notch fighters refuse to join UFC and go elsewhere then Askern will face worthy competition in other organizations. Askern is the start of this. MMA world cannot be unipolar and just be UFC!

  • Jason Priest

    Constantly tweeting and talking about the UFC but “not interested” in the UFC? Ok Ben lolz.

    • julian moran

      Maybe watch the interview before commenting. Askren did not say he was not interested in the UFC, but rather that he did was not interested in being Dana’s b1tch.

      • Jason Priest

        “But rather that he did was not interested in being Dana’s b&*^H….” Can somebody please explain to me what this sentence means haha????? If you’re gonna reply to someone little man, please form coherent sentences so we understand what you’re trying to say lmao. Your profile pic is spot on. So wouldn’t that mean he’s not interested??? haha. Btw Dana only owns a 10-15% stake in the Org, he’s not the only boss, just the most visible. You don’t have to like your boss, you just have to show up and work. Also, the UFC has the absolute best fighters in the world, if you claim to be the best (which he does but he’s not) come over and prove it. Saying things like “I don’t wanna be Dana’s b*&^h” is not only taking a shot at the guys who do fight in the UFC, but also makes it seem like he’s scared to lose that perfect record he has smothering cans.

        • julian moran

          I am sorry to have added an extra “did” by mistake. I should have known that such a careless mistake would make the sentence too complicated for someone like you to understand.
          Like I said, If you actually listened to the video, you would understand how redundant your comment is.

          • Jason Priest

            “I am sorry to have added…….” We know your sorry lmao. No need to say it.

      • HooahJuice

        Tell him to stay where he is. UFC does not need Ben Askren. As a matter of fact, most people have no idea who he is.

  • julian moran

    Kenny Rice was such a tool and a d1ck.

  • Lt. Dangle

    I’d love to see the ruthless one smash this fool.

  • eddie eagle

    Ben Asken is like the man in the desert dying of thirst but when offered water refuses the water because he wants a coke. I am confused with Asken’s sense of entitlement and supreme royalty act without actually ever doing anything yet in MMA or the UFC. Not the best way to get an UFC contract insulting the guy who runs the UFC-Dana.

    • Maddawgmar

      Still deciding if I like the analogy. It is spot on, but kind of too similar to the Evan Tanner tragedy.

  • elvi

    its the mans opinion and most importantly HIS LIFE!, who the hell is kenny rice to shoot this guy down? ben was giving his 2 cents on the company/man… and usually i like kenny but what a TOOL!

  • eddie eagle

    Ben Asken is doomed for obscurity and being an unknown forever.

  • BobLemons

    Dana said a little while ago that he doesn’t care about anything Askren says, if it makes sense as a business move, he’ll have him in the UFC. Dana is a businessman first, his personal feelings won’t affect that.

    If Ben gets a few more impressive finishes he’ll be UFC bound. I believe he’s a top 5 WW easily. There’s only so long people can ignore that.

    And also, Kenny Rice has come across like a tool on many occasions.

  • dandogood

    Is Tito Ortiz giving Ben Asken career advice now?? Almost like giving Visine to a peeping Tom. MAKES NO SENSE.

    • Jason Priest


  • mmalive

    “Funky” Askren is a decent fighter.

    His game has evolved since being released by Bellator.

    Ben does add some “funkiness” to UFC welterweight division.

    Ben is absolutely right. Why stoop to Uncle Dana’s level?

    Uncle Dana DOES NOT GIVE a crap about anyone BUT HIMSLF.

    Uncle Dana is more concerned with lining his pockets full of hard CASH.

    Regardless of who he is making money off of.

    The only way Ben would sign if UNCLE Dana gives him COLD HARD CASH.

    The best case scenario is Ben wins UFC WW title and jumps ship.

    At least that might shut up uncle Dana.

    No not really, uncle Dana would sling insults via media about Ben. Ha Ha.

  • dandogood

    who the hell is Ben Asken? Has anyone ever saw this nothing fight? How about a chance on the next Ultimate fighter to make the team?

  • dandogood

    Asken should be kissing Dan’s rear end not stabbing Dana in the back.