Bellator’s Gigantic Rampage Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz Promo Video

September 28, 2013
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TitovsRampage470The first Bellator MMA Pay-Per-View, Saturday, November 2nd, will feature MMA Legends Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Tito Ortiz as they battle for the first time in the Bellator MMA cage! It will also include the long awaited rematch between Bellator Lightweight World Champion Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez for the belt.

Bellator is taking giant steps — well, Rampage and Tito are — to promote its upcoming pay-per-view debut.

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  • USMC


  • Mark McDowall

    Great promo…or not. “A huge fight with 2 mma giants…Eddie Alverez and Mike Chandler…and a couple other title fights with King Mo and Pat Curran”

    • Timothy Malone

      And the King Mo fight isn’t even for the actual title, not that that gets mentioned

      • Mark McDowall

        And who are those guys fighting?? They’re title fights…should at least get the respect of having their name mentioned…

  • bobcoy

    Just a big fat joke. Two ufc has beens in a meaningless fight that will bore. Then you got Eddie Alvarez, a good not great fighter who doesn’t even want to be there .
    A sad day for a promotion wanting to be the ufc.
    Didn’t Bjorn say he’d never use ex ufc fighters??? Joke after joke….

    • uncle

      Bellator should make Alvarez vs Chandler
      fight as the main event it’s a title fight,
      it only make sense, don’t put your stars
      on the back burner, Riggs vs Bronzoulis
      should be more remarkable then Tito vs

    • Bouncer

      it’s called business, get over it loser

  • currymma

    alvvarez chandler should be the main event. tito vs rampage as headliners is a joke!!!!!!! them dudes are gonna both gas and we are gonna see a double corner stoppage

    • Its the pay per view business. Rampage vs Tito should headline they both got over 1 million buys each. When was the last time Chandler or Alvarez main event pay per view?

  • Nutzak

    I hope Rampage can make weight this time.

  • Smats88

    Two way past their prime fighters who are now better at making excuses for losing than for fighting itself as the headliner. This would have been an easy sell maybe 5 years ago, but 5 years is an eternity in mma. I do love how Rampage says he is excited to fight someone who is not just going to wrestle him to the ground for a win. Huh? That is Tito’s MO for his career.

  • TUF is a joke

    Who cares if the fight “makes sense” or not. Is that the only reason to match up two fighters against each other? This ultimate fighter generation ufc fans…not mma fans, are a bunch of dummies. There is a great chance we will see a vintage rampage KO so stop crying and go rewatch TUF 1 again.

  • David Johnson

    I can’t believe anyone would pay to watch this. Two guys way past their prime which clearly showed in their last fights. Ortiz is especially pathetic, and if the fight goes beyond one round he will be completely gassed out. Rampage truly was a great fighter – unlike Ortiz – but is now in it for a final one or two paychecks. This is what happens when you have professional athletes who have no other real way to make a living….they stick around way beyond their prime to get a little extra cash and basically embarrass themselves.