Bellator Went Above and Beyond to Ensure Tito Ortiz’s Health for Alexander Shlemenko Fight

May 7, 2014
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Tito OrtizOn July 31, 2013, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz announced that he had signed with Bellator MMA. He was scheduled to face fellow former light heavyweight titleholder Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at Bellator 106, the promotion’s first pay-per-view event. A neck injury forced Ortiz out of the fight and the pay-per-view was nixed, the event instead being moved to Spike TV on basic cable. It was unclear at the time if the UFC Hall of Famer would ever compete again.

“It’s an unsettling conversation to have a specialist in the field of neck injuries to tell you that with the right kind of drop on the head, or the right kind of impact on the spine, paralysis could be a result. That’s never a good conversation: A) for a world class athlete, but B) it’s never a good conversation for the person in my position charged with putting that person inside of a cage to fight against top tier competition,” said Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney during a Jan. 20 conference call.

The following day Ortiz tweeted that he was cleared to train.

“Got the green light from my DR. Time to train. This year is all business,” wrote the 39-year-old fighter.

With the doctor’s clearance, Ortiz began to train again. A light heavyweight, non-title fight with Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko was lined up for Bellator 120 on May 17, and the organization went “above and beyond” to ensure that Ortiz was healthy enough to compete.

“I think Bjorn Rebney went above and beyond. He got whomever the doctor was that Tito got approved by. And then Bjorn got an independent specialist to come in and take a look and make sure that that diagnosis was correct and that Tito was physically fit to fight,” Spike TV president Kevin Kay recently told

“He is 100-percent fit to fight is my understanding. I think nobody wanted him in there, him, us, Bellator, unless we were absolutely certain that he’s in good shape, and he is. The rest is up to Tito. He’s got to train. He’s got to get in there,” added Kay.

Ortiz last fought on July 7, 2012, losing by unanimous decision to Forrest Griffin at UFC 148.

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  • Alex

    LOL someone really believes that the fight is not fixed?
    If Tito wins this, Bjork can throw Shlemenko’s belt into the garbage can, where it belongs to the first place after Lombard left it.

    There is a reason why Tito sold his house not long ago. Poor guy, the porn ex-wife left him with nothing.
    He’s got so desperate that he agreed to take a dive for Bellaturd.

    • Alex’sMom

      Dude..they were never married. If anything Tito mooched off of her. Jenna the porn ex-girlfriend has way more money than Tito.


      • Alex

        OK, so ex-GF – still, they had kids, so she definitely could , and did, take a money from him.

        And you don’t need to write your name in the end of the comment LOL

        • TheCerealKiller

          He signed his comment, LOL!

  • Seth

    Only way you can make sure he will be healthy coming into this fight is ban any form of physical activities. He will get hurt taking a s–t.

    • Alex

      Well, he shouldn’t fight now anyway. Should sit at home, raise his kinds and train in his facility.
      He already proved everything to everyone, has been the best in the world, a champ.

      It’s obvious that his prostitute of an ex-wife screwed his finances, so now he should fight again.

      • Alex’sMom

        no you retard.

        you sound either uneducated or young.

        They were never married.

        • Alex

          See what I’ve written in your other genius answer.

          LOL dude has actually dedicated his nickname to me – someone is seriously butthurt

          • TheCerealKiller

            You have a secret admirer.

          • Alex

            Totally LOL, it’s probably that “put me in the sauna coach” retard, who started suddenly to write under his own nick.

      • Seth

        He was…what? Only division he would have a chance to rule is retardweight.

        He is by far one of the (if not THE) dumbest fighters EVER.

        • Alex

          Well, he was the best 205-er in the world, whether the fools would like it or not LOL
          Probably also the best P4P at the time he got the belt (Frank Shamrock retired, so…)

          • put me in the sauna coach

            best 205’er in the world when he was ducking Chuck Liddell.

          • Alex

            LOL morons like you clearly didn’t watch MMA back then.

            Yes, Tito was ducking Chuck, but only after Chuck beat Vitor in 2002.
            Before that, Chuck wasn’t a contender, and Tito has been undisputed #1 for two years.

          • put me in the sauna coach

            undisputed in those 2 years by beating an undersized Evan Tanner, Elvis Sinosic (1-4 record in the UFC), Vladimir “that Janitor” (7-5 UFC record) and a Washed up Ken Shamrock (5-6 UFC record). Chuck was the one knocking off all the top contenders during that time…to be the top “undisputed” 205er you have to at least beat one of the top guys…and he got dominated by the legit top guys during that era. Frank Shamrock, Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture all took him to school. Tito was a creation of the UFC because he was marketable…not because he was the best.

          • Alex

            So who was the best then?
            Randy was HW back then, Tanner started his career as HW as well.

            Frank was RETIRED back then, in case you’re too slow to understand it. And Chuck, before the Vitor fight, has beaten nobody significant and NO ONE considered him the best.

            All the guys you’ve mentioned were smaller than Tito, but Jones’ opponents are smaller him as well (except Gustafsson).

            You are an idiot, who hasn’t actually watched MMA back in the day and knows only statistics, that’s why you don’t have a real clue who did what.

          • put me in the sauna coach

            k try to respond next without “you’re an didn’t watch MMA when I did…You need a tito poster on your wall like I have to be a true MMA fan” Chuck knocked out Babalu who was on a 10 fight winning streak and had never been knocked out at that stage of his career, he also knocked out Kevin Randleman who was a beast and overpowered guys at heavyweight during that time, he also beat Vitor (the one guy you did mention0 …and Murilo Bustamante who was undefeated before facing Chuck and considered one of the top 205ers…all guys more impressive than Elvis Sinosic. I know this because I did watch back then…I know you will just say “no you didn’t” because that destroys your weak argument. Sorry not everyone worships Tito like you do..try to not take it so personally though champ.

          • Alex

            Actually no LOL, you you know is because you’ve read the statistics. All you said here are just stat facts you’ve taken from Wikipedia – none of them indicates that you’ve watched MMA back then, or even watched the fights.

            All those wins of Chuck’s, besides Vitor’s, DID NOT make him a contender.
            No one mentioned him as a contender in the UFC, and Tito has actually fought guys, who were considered contenders.

            Had you watched MMA back then (LOL probably weren’t even born) you would’ve known, how much respect Sinosic earned by fighting Frank Shamrock after we came back from retirement just for one fight. And then, Elvis submitted the previous contender Jeremy Horn, and made himself a deserving #1 contender back then.
            Tito made an easy work off him, and his status as the best became even stronger.

            You’re still an idiot, that hasn’t watched MMA back then, but you’re a bit less idiot now, because I educate you, so thank me LOL

          • put me in the sauna coach

   said exactly what I said you would. Thanks…for being my b*tch.

          • Alex

            Well, you predicted that I will just say that you’re an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
            I actually PROVED it.
            Are you too dumb to see the difference? LOL guess the answer is yes.

            I shoved to your stupid face, that Tito actually WAS the best from 2000 to 2002, and all your attempts to counter it have been thrown to a dump LOL

          • put me in the sauna coach

            No i said you didn’t have anything on my facts, so you would play the “you didn’t see it, you weren’t born then, you’re an idiot because you don’t agree with me that Tito was the man” Saying things that aren’t true don’t prove anything. I stated facts, you couldn’t hang with it so you went to the third grader name calling and saying things that aren’t true. I’m sorry this gets you so worked up when people don’t love tito like you but facts are facts, the guy got owned in the gym and taken apart by chuck in sparing and obviously didn’t wanna fight cause knew he couldn’t win. If that’s your definition of top 205er in the world then go for it. But getting mad and spazzing out is pretty sad. Hang in there tiger.

          • Seth

            Yeah…he WAS. For a while. Jones > Ortiz after JJ won the belt. To be honest…almost every LHW title holder after Ortiz was better.

            Also EACH LHW title holder after him was the best 205er in the world, so that’s not much of an accomplishment.

            Dream on, boy.

          • Alex

            Have you actually said that being the best in the world for 2 years is not much of an accomplishment?

            LOL you have a brain of a smashed cokroaach

          • Alex


          • Seth

            I said being best LHW isn’t it. You said that he is “great” because he once was best LHW in the world. So was Griffin, so was an idiot called Rampage Jackson. So was middleweight karate boy. Yeah, being best LHW sounds like a badass thing.

          • Alex

            It is more badass than everything you’ve ever done in your life, and it’s more badass than anything your parents done in their lives.

            And yes, after that both him, and Griffin, and Rampage, can say that they don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

            LOL kid you’re like total failure at life, aren’t you?

          • Seth

            No. Its you who get all worked up about internet comment, not me. Guess you did something “badass” in your life, since you are sooooooooo smart and “cool”, aren’t ya?

      • BigLittleBrother

        Note to self, Don’t marry worn out porn stars.

      • MuayThaiFood

        More likely her finances improved after she was free of that imbecile Tito. She had more of her own money going in so if anyone got screwed it was probably her. Tito’s problem is he thinks he’s an intelligent businessman.

        • Alex

          Might be that Tito is also not good with his money – true, true.

        • Lawdog1521

          Jenna has always made way, way more than Tito. She may be a lot of things but she’s always been smart with her money.

  • Alex’sMom

    a pineapple.

  • BigLittleBrother

    I hear that is what Titos head was used for.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    I can’t wait to hear his post fight interview about his blown out knee, cracked skull, enlarged heart, rubber hip, and recently acquired HIV virus on why he lost the fight.

    • Mihael Hajdin

      dont forget the broken neck and back!

    • dgs

      Okay, your post gave me a good laugh.

  • Maddawgmar

    A world class athlete? Tito hasn’t been world class for 10 years now lol.

  • annono

    What a bitch