Bellator Sues to Block Rampage Jackson’s UFC Return

March 2, 2015
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Bellator MMA has filed a lawsuit to try and block Quinton “Rampage” Jackson from making his UFC return.

Jackson left Bellator in December to return to the UFC, which already has him lined up to fight Fabio Maldonado on April 25 at UFC 186 in Montreal. Bellator, however, feels that Jackson’s return to the UFC is in violation of his uncompleted contract with them.

“Today, Bellator MMA was compelled to go to court to stop Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson from fighting in an April 25th bout promoted by Bellator’s competitor, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC),” Bellator revealed in a statement released to “Jackson, who has completed only three fights of his exclusive six-fight contract with Bellator, is barred by contract from fighting for any promoter other than Bellator.

Quinton-Jackson-Smirk-Hat-750“Our lawsuit for an injunction and related relief – filed in the Chancery Division of the Superior Court in Burlington County, New Jersey – will compel Jackson to honor his contractual agreement.   We look forward to having one of our MMA stars fighting for Bellator again.”

When Jackson left Bellator behind in December, he believed that he was within his rights to cancel his contract and re-sign with the UFC. He said that he was in a dispute with Bellator, who failed to respond within the window that his contract with them specified, so he left.

“After five months of grueling negotiations and gray-area contract talks with Bellator MMA and parent-company Viacom, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson officially terminates his contract with the up-and-coming promotion citing multiple breaches since the removal of President and Founder Bjorn Rebney,” read a statement from Jackson’s camp upon his signing with the UFC.

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“Jackson exercises a clause in the agreement that allows for a 45-day window to satisfy any contract dispute. Bellator MMA, failing to fulfill the requests of Jackson, was put on notice, failed to respond and eventually notified that negotiations were officially terminated.”

Much like its dispute with former Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, Bellator and parent company Viacom will take its conflict with Jackson to the courtroom.

The legal battle with Alvarez was lengthy, eventually ending with Alvarez returning for a brief time to Bellator and then leaving for the UFC. It appears we could be watching a similar scenario unfold with Jackson.

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  • TheCerealKilIer

    Grampage doesn’t have a lot of time left for lengthy court battles. Let him go Bellator. If you mess with the UFC you could end up like Jimmy Hoffa!

    • CerealKillerISJobLess

      Will LOL so hard when you get your arse kicked by MMA fighters you talk smack on.

      Seriously, assuming that you are in the States, your were posting between 9:30am (PST) to 12:30pm (EST).

      Either you have a really amazing job that gives you this much freedom or you have nothing better to do.

      Go back to work, if you are employed, otherwise, go get a job.

      • disqus_063g1sXnAQ

        So you created an account just to troll his comments? Especially with the tired as sin “they can kick your ass” argument? For the hundredth f—ing time: you don’t have to be an actor to be a movie critic, a quarterback to be a football analyst, or a senator to be political writer. You only have to be knowledgeable in said fields. Otherwise there would be no such thing as intelligent debate/criticism. Look up logical fallacies on Wikipedia and learn something. Oh, and many gainfully employed people surf Facebook and Twitter all day at work, it’s called a smartphone and it’s 2015.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Look at the above guys post count, it’s 17. Obviously not me. As for my job, yes I’m at my office with an amazing amount of freedom.

        Edit; another deleted comment from the fake.

        • Seth

          Bro, why do you even care about that MMALive-like idiots? They don’t even know which hand they should wipe with, not to mention putting normal or smart comment.

        • drkdisciple

          I liked your rule of not replying to guest accounts.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Well, most of the time.

          • Sadstrangelittleman

            Why cause only a special group can make a free disqus account? I could see not replying to the ones just trolling but trying to put yourself on this pedestal like guests are below you is just sad. Might as well just say “I only want to talk to people who are nice to me and join my special club”

          • TheCerealKiller

            “only a special group can make a free disqus account?” – Anyone over the age of 13 can make an account, you’re proof of that! I do reply to any of the regular guest posters like “uncle” or “TRT-rex” because they always post with the same name. I only recently added the rule to my profile because of the growing number of troll guest posts. Sarge and I have not seen eye to eye very often, but I’ll still have intelligent conversations with him. You’ve only been around for a few days and you’re not very nice to me, but I’ll still talk to you. Every conversation is a new beginning!

          • Sadstrangelittleman

            That was a cute attempt at an insult there! 🙂 Anyway maybe people don’t like you because you spout nonsense, insult fighter and posters and try to act like you’re the be all end all of MMAWeekly.

          • TheCerealKiller

            “People” = you

  • TheCerealKilIer

    Contracts are just ink and paper. Gotta git that money!

  • Seth

    Goooooooood fn luck, Bellator. Im not a fan of Quint, but I would love to see him back in the UFC just to show Viacom MMA where they can shove their money.

  • Fuh-Q

    Has-been cry-baby.

  • Sadstrangelittleman

    Well no s**t they are gonna sue! Did we not all know this the moment Rampage was announced back in the UFC? Even if they didn’t have a case (I honestly don’t care if they do or not) they are going to put as many holds on Rampage going back to the UFC as possible, if for nothing more than to f**k him and the UFC. It’s just like the Alvarez crap that went down, if they can’t have a fighter nobody can in their eyes.


    If it was the other way around Dana would have waited til a few days before the fight to file suit.
    Bellator is losing this one

  • sickofthecrazies

    The UFC is in rough shape if they need this washed has-been in order to generate ppv buys and ticket sales.