Bellator Pay-Per-View Plans Nixed, Rampage Jackson May Debut Soon on Spike TV

October 25, 2013
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Quinton Jackson“There will be pay-per-views under the Bellator banner,” said company CEO Bjorn Rebney on Friday.

The first of those pay-per-views, however, will not occur on Nov. 2 as expected. Rebney had the unfortunate task of announcing on Friday that the company’s first pay-per-view, Rampage vs. Tito, was derailed due to main eventer Tito Ortiz suffering a fractured neck.

Instead of trying to do some patchwork to keep Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on the card, Rebney said that he and his partners at Spike TV decided that, at this juncture, it would make more sense for them to cancel the pay-per-view. They will instead offer the remainder of the card, which features three championship fights, for free on Spike TV.

So what does that mean for Rampage, who was set to headline the pay-per-view and just saw weeks of preparation flushed down the drain?

If Rebney has his way, it means that instead of making his promotional debut on pay-per-view, Rampage will be fighting for fans on Spike TV, preferably before then end of the promotion’s current season.

“With Rampage, my hope is that we can get him fighting within the next three weeks,” said Rebney. “In a perfect world scenario, one that would make us all very happy, he would fight on Spike TV before everybody sits down for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Bellator 109, on Nov. 22, is the final event of the company’s current season. With Rampage currently in fighting shape, Rebney would like to somehow fit him in the schedule in one of the final three events of the season.

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  • Timothy Malone

    So to be clear, there will be Bellator PPVs, but the most anticipated rematch in the company’s history for the title, plus another title fight, plus an interim title fight, plus the heavyweight tournament final, plus the Fight Master final is not a good enough card to do one. What exactly is the make-up of these PPVs they plan to do?

    • Mark McDowall

      You would think that it would be good enough to keep the PPV…I dont remember seeing a UFC card with 3 title fights on it. Im not sure why the least exciting fight on that card(granted the 2 biggest names, but thats all they are) going down would cause it to be canceled.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    now rampage has an extra 3 weeks to not train hard.

  • TheBlackSheep

    Bellator has become the place that washed up fighters go to die, I thought they were actually gonna make a run at the ufc but instead they probably got the projected numbers and realize their a joke!

    • dgs

      First of all it’s “they’re.”

      I think Bellator is a great organization, they have very well run events, their ring card girls are smoking hot (yes, IMO hotter than the UFC girls, much), their fighters always put on a great show, and most importantly, it seems like they treat their fighters very well. Best of all, the Bellator fighters don’t have to deal with a d-bag like Dana “F%cking” White. I would rather shovel sh!t every day for eight hours a day rather than work with that idiot.

      You should embrace competition, because the last thing you should want is the UFC being the only big fighting org in town. Don’t wish for their demise, instead let’s all hope for their success.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Page/Tito fight sucked. It meant nothing! The card is better without it. It was more like a hall of fame fight. It’s not like either is going to fight for a title in the minor league.

  • robc

    Eddie Alvarez, call your lawyers!! I mean seriously, how exactly is Bellator ever going to match the UFC’s offer now that the card is being offloaded to Spike? Alvarez and Chandler need to get their butts out of there and into the UFC. Heck they can even bring Askren along as we do not have enough boring wrestlers in the UFC (GSP, cough cough)

  • Ron Wheeler

    I want to see Rampage vs King Mo.