Bellator MMA Unconditionally Releases Paul Daley and Miaquel Falcao Following Legal Troubles

July 26, 2013
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Paul Daley at Strike/ Elite XCBellator MMA has unconditionally released Paul Daley and Maiquel Falcao following the fighters’ legal troubles.

The news was first reported by and Bellator officials confirmed the releases to on Friday.

Daley (33-12-2) competed in Bellator one time, defeating Ruby Bears by technical knockout on July 20, 2012.  He was expected to fight in the Bellator welterweight tournament, but visa issues prevented the fighter from entering the U.S.

Daley was involved in a bar fight in his native England and plead guilty to assault by beating and obstructing an officer.  The plea deal kept Daley from going to jail, but will continue to cause visa issues, according to Bellator.

Earlier this month, Falcao (31-5, 1 no contest) was involved in an altercation at a gas station in his home country of Brazil that left his teammate Kaue Mena in serious condition in a coma.  The incident was caught on camera and the footage indicates that Falcao initiated the brawl by slapping a female patron.

A group of men, defending the lady, came into the store and the situation quickly escalated and spilled outside.  Falcao and Mena were beaten with wooden boards and left unconscious.  The video shows men continuing to punch and kick Mena while he lay in the parking lot.

It wasn’t the first brush with the law for Falcao.  He was released from the UFC in May 2011 due to legal issues stemming from a 2002 assault.

Both fighters were unconditionally released, meaning they’re free to sign with any promotion that may want them.

(Video of the Falcao gas station brawl. Warning: extreme violence.)

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  • Ben

    They should be released. Especially Falco. He cost his brother his career and likely his life. Mena appeared to be defending his brother; which is what any of us would do. Miguel on the other hand should be arrested and charged, should Mena become deceased. My prayers are with Mena’s family.

    • Raymond Gonzalez

      It’s really sad what happened to Mena, he seemed to just be backing up his friend and he got really beat up. It’s very tragic. I hope he recovers and can get back in there soon.

  • bajafox

    Tragedy aside, I was really hoping to see Daley and War Machine fight

  • Jojo

    Daley = Dead weight! He’s complete garbage.

    • The Best Eva

      Na, he’s a goon but he’s talented.

  • Cuntlick

    Defending your friend and now in a coma – life is a bitch

  • Milosc

    You don’t just go walking around thrusting your package into random chicks asses at the goddamn gas station

  • Manuel Lopez

    I hope Mena makes it. Bellator did the right thing letting these two go. A true martial artist is all about restraint, respect, honor and discipline. Not going around bullying people and thrusting their diks at women in gas stations.

    • Clizzark

      Eh, what? All he did was swat at the female’s hair. Then, he gets suckerpunched by some idiot.

      • Manuel Lopez

        Holy crAp wht video did you see? Btw a sucker punch comes from behind.

        • Clizzark

          Standing behind a girl and then swatting at her hair is justification for getting jumped by a bunch of thugs? A sucker punch is merely an unexpected punch.