Bellator Heavyweight Champ Cole Konrad Retires

September 12, 2012
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Cole Konrad BellatorHector Lombard bolted for the UFC, leaving the Bellator middleweight championship vacant, and now the promotion’s heavyweight champ, Cole Konrad, has decided to retire, leaving the 265-pound division without a titleholder.

Despite a spotless 9-0 record, has confirmed that Konrad has opted to forgo his MMA career for a move into the business world. He has accepted a position with North Central Trading as a financial trader specializing in milk products, according to

Konrad last fought in May when he submitted Eric Prindle just 1:00 into their fight.

Konrad spent the majority of his career – seven out of nine bouts – fighting for Bellator. He was the promotion’s first and only heavyweight champion… until now.

With his retirement, Konrad leaves the promotion with two vacant championships.

Bellator officials were unavailable for comment on the heavyweight division’s situation, but have already announced that Season 6 middleweight tournament winner Maiquel Falcão will square off with Season 5 winner Alexander Shlemenko for the 185-pound divisional belt.

Stay tuned to for more on Bellator’s heavyweight division and other Bellator news.

  • WarriorScholar

    Shows how much Bellator is paying

  • maddawgmar

    Wow I guess he realized this is all in gonna accomplish in my life.

  • Derius_C

    With those man tits…I’m sure he won’t have a problem selling milk.

    • Ememay

      I would say “Cole Konrad could still smash you, internet tough guy”, but that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read in these comment sections.

      • Derius_C

        How am I an internet tough guy…your retarded.

        • johnnybooker

          Dude…he was praising your joke…how did you not get that?

    • mrsister

      Although the pay scale is much, much, much better, there has been a guy or 2 that have quit the NFL because they had other (more lucrative) aspirations. Those guys were usually premed students who were making the minimum NFL salary. They were making 250k – 300k but were not going to play much (if at all) and were looking at making great money year after year in the medical field and decided not to put it off. Traders can make huge money. But not everything is money. Kole could be looking at 25% less but a lifestyle that he will enjoy more.

  • b-soc

    Yeah, this comment takes the cake!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • stak

    I’m glad he’s done fighting. He was horribly boring.

  • These comments aren’t good for the sport. He’s done fighting, that doesn’t mean he’s done training as well. He found a job as a financial trader, congrats to him, what’s so wrong with that? He did some pro fights and became a champion and is moving on to something he may like more or find more of a future in.

    • b-soc

      Rampage started the whole “titties” thing, not us.

  • Unfortunate. He started out as one of the boring smothering-wrestling style fighters but was starting to try to open it up (tried standing the whole Buentello fight, quickly tried submitting Prindle) and seemed to be on his way to being a much better fighter. Guess he doesn’t really have that fighting spirit, although then again we could see him come back if the business world turns out to be too boring.

  • shakejunt

    i wonder how this affects his contract if he decides to come out of retirement. imagine he did this to jump ship and sign with zuffa?

    • wonggfan

      and get killed by guys like Cheick Kongo