Bellator Executives Bjorn Rebney and Tim Danaher Leave The Promotion

June 18, 2014
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Bjorn RebneySpike TV and Bjorn Rebney, Founder, Chairman & CEO, and Tim Danaher, President & COO, announced on Wednesday that Rebney and Danaher are leaving their positions at Bellator MMA effective immediately.

“It is with bittersweet emotions that I announce that I am leaving the company I founded. I have great pride in having turned my vision into reality, a thriving business with television distribution to over 140 countries around the world, a partnership with one of the world’s largest entertainment giants and wide array of sponsors, partners and strategic allies all over the globe. This has been a wonderful eight plus years of creation, development and success. I will miss the courageous, strong and dedicated fighters I have had the pleasure of promoting, and equally, I will miss the incredibly hard working, remarkable team that has become a family for me over the years. Viacom and Tim and I differed in our views of the right strategic direction for Bellator, but Tim and I both wish them well,” said Bjorn Rebney.

“I feel very privileged and honored to have been one of the guiding forces for developing Bellator into the largest MMA tournament based organization in the World. I’ve made tremendous life-long friends and feel blessed to have worked with such talented and dedicated people”, said Tim Danaher.

“I would like to thank Bjorn and Tim on behalf of Spike and Viacom for their dedication and hard work building Bellator from the ground up. They worked tirelessly in getting Bellator to where it is today. They were great partners to work with and we wish them all the best,” said Kevin Kay, Spike TV

No replacement for Rebney or Danaher have been named at this time.

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  • Mark McDowall

    How long before the UFC buys them…brings over Alverez and a couple other guys and send the rest out to pasture?

    • Cereal Killer

      They won’t because of Viacom. Alverez is already coming after hs ext fight. Wh else would you want? Chandler just lost again.

      • Just-scrap-nation

        Curran, Strauss, Lima, Warren and Duntas maybe?

        • TheCerealKiller

          Joe Warren? No thanks. He’ll be 38 in a few months and he is boring. I’d take the others, but that’s about it. Not ever sure who Duntas is?

          • Dkz

            The guy who lost to Tyson Nam. Who’s Tyson Nam? Exactly.

      • Mark McDowall

        The 2 ring card girls…thats about it.

      • Lt. Dangle

        They have dome pretty good guys at 135 and 145, UFC could take them to beef up those weight classes. Other than that, just take the champs. Alvarez, Lima, Shlemenko, Newton and Minakov. Send everyone else to WSOF.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Not sure I would even take Shlemenko, he lost to Tito. That was the dumbest fight in the history of Bellator, maybe all of MMA! It was a lose/lose fight.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Hopefully never. And Alvarez is damn overrated, geez let that go already. Anyways, we need a number 2 promotion out there.

  • b church

    Its all about $$$. Everyone had a price….including viacom

    • mmalive

      Great point man.

  • King Of The Spread

    Bjorn is an IDIOT – why would you ever sell the majority of your shares in a company you own and founded.

    • mmalive

      King Of The Spread,

      You are a JACK A$$ that has no business SENSE.

      The bottom line is Viacom offered Bjorn some MAJOR CASH and he JUMPED on it.

      Now, Bjorn can sit back with his money and watch fights WITHOUT any pressures as CEO anymore.

      I never agreed with Bjorn’s decisions but the one WAS VERY SMART.

      Good for you Bjorn.

      • King Of The Spread

        No business sense? LOL Good One.

        FYI They aren’t offering him major cash – they are firing him, giving him the axe. He doesn’t want to leave they are making him leave.

        In fall 2011, the Viacom paid around $50 million for a majority stake in Bellator Fighting Championships.

        He he would have sold them less and kept at least 51% stake he would still be the CEO today.

        He f—ed up and not he is being booted from his own company.

        • mmalive

          Viacom had to BUY Bjorn OUT regardless.

          Bjorn is still approx. half owner.

          Bjorn’s lawyers hammered out a deal along with Viacom’s lawyers to sell his share.

          Everyone has a price including Viacom.

          Bjorn will start up a NEW MMA organization with the money he collected from Viacom.

        • th3quorum

          Do you honestly think Viacom was interested in buying anything less than a controlling share of Bellator? Very unlikely that Bjorn could have attracted an investment of the size he wanted without giving up control of the company. Bjorn was holding a valuable but not liquid asset. Made perfect sense to sell, and I’m sure he did so with the understanding that one day Viacom might disagree with his vision and give him the boot.

  • Timothy Malone

    Good for Bjorn. The reason he left is because he wanted to keep the tournament format and he is correct. It is what made that company unique. Unless they can make some better signings, WSOF’s roster is more interesting to me right now than Bellator’s.

  • BoomBoom1234

    there is only 2 possible reason for bjorn leaving bellator

    1. He f—ed up so bad they fired him

    2. Viacom offered him a stupid amount of money to get the f— out.

    personally i think its 2. SHOW ME THE MONEY BITCHES

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    The PPV numbers must have been so bad that they showed him the door.