Bellator Champ Eddie Alvarez Appears Ready to Leave Promotion, Win or Lose

April 29, 2014
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Eddie-Alvarez-Bellator-0785-478x270Two-time Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez appears ready to leave the promotion regardless if he wins or loses to Michael Chandler in the trilogy set for May 17 on pay-per-view.

Alvarez defeated Toby Imada at Bellator 12 in June 2009, winning the Bellator Season 1 Lightweight Tournament and the lightweight title. He defended the title at Bellator 39 by defeating Pat Curran by unanimous decision. He lost the belt to Chandler in his next outing at Ballator 58.

Alvarez fulfilled his previous contract with the promotion following his first-round knockout of Patricky Freire at Bellator 76 in October 2012. Instead of resigning with Bellator, Alvarez decided to test the open market and agreed in principle to a deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Bellator invoked their right to match the UFC’s offer and re-sign Alvarez resulting in a legal battle.

On Aug. 13, 2013, Bellator and Alvarez came to an agreement and he was lined up to face Chandler in a rematch at Bellator 106 on Nov. 2, 2013. The 30-year-old recaptured the title, defeating Chandler by split decision. The two will meet for a third time on May 17 in the main event of Bellator’s inaugural pay-per-view. Following the trilogy with Chandler, Alvarez plans to leave the fight promotion.

“You’ve got Eddie Alvarez who has, win or lose, made the determination that he’s going to move on from this promotion. If he wins, he can write his own ticket. If he loses, he’s putting himself in a lot of jeopardy. He’s got a lot at stake,” Spike TV president Kevin Kay told on Tuesday.

“I don’t know if it’s set in stone, but I’ll tell you what I know which is if Eddie wins this fight I think that in his head he’s leaving the promotion. I think he’s going to want to explore what his value is,” added Kay.

Alvarez has the option to stay with Bellator, but all signs point to him parting ways with the organization.

“If he loses this fight he has the option to stay in Bellator. You’d have to talk to Eddie about this, but I guess my sense is he’d like to move on. It’s harder if you don’t win. That’s all I’m going to say. Listen, I like Eddie Alvarez. He’s been great for Bellator. He’s been great for the promotion. Of course we’d love him to stay, but he wants to chart his own course, and he’s got his own plan,” said Kay.

“If he decides he wants to stay, I’m sure everybody would be open to having that conversation. I don’t believe that’s what’s on his mind,” said the Spike TV president.

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  • Adam Daly

    He’ll sign with UFC win or lose imo. He lost the secomd fight with Chandler I thought though but it was a close fight. The trilogy will be really worth watching.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Not worth paying $45.

  • Maddawgmar

    Make dimes in Bellator or dollars in UFC… That is a tough one.

    • IamMe

      How do you figure that when Bellator key word here big guy “MATCHED” the UFC’s offer.. You see being a UFC fan boy & Dana Whites minion doesn’t pay as we see you can’t read…

      • robc

        They didn’t match the UFC’s offer… Which PPV event that Alvarez gets a portion of profits has he headlined under Bellator? That’s right – none. Bellator talks big about letting fighters fight where they choose but when it came down to it, they fought hard and dirty to keep Alvarez in Bellator. They fulfilled the letter of the matching requirements but there is no way that Eddie is getting better exposure on a “B” tier promotion over the UFC. I don’t necessarily condone the UFC’s draconian contracts but they are protecting their brand. Bellator barely has a brand and planned a main event with friggin Tito vs. Rampage…. Seriously? That’s the best they can do. I’m surprised th courts supported Bellator’s right to match claim as it could not come close in long term value.

        • Seth

          Court said that Fox is same thing as Spike, in terms of TV visibility. Just sayin’…

          Let’s face it – Viacom has a lot, A LOT of money. I guess they left some of it in the court…and I don’t mean their lawyers.

        • Mikemck83

          I could be wrong but I thought Eddie pulled his complaint before it was finished in the courts. They granted the injunction to Bellator but that isn’t the same burden as actually winning the complaint. I think Eddie was worried about the length of time he’d be out wrapped in court.

      • jesterx7769

        …I hope you are trolling man otherwise you have head injuries.

        Bellator matched the dollar for dollar value for fighting, what they CAN’T match is…

        -fight of the night bonuses UFC offers
        -Increased sponsor money
        -Increased visibility leading to more opportunities (TV, seminars, books, movies, etc)
        -PPV buy bonus

        Those are the things Eddie tried to argue in court. Instead of waiting for the court to decide which wold take a long time they worked out a compromise

      • Maddawgmar

        Bellator did not match anything. They made a bunk offer that may look like they matched, but lets look at the contract terms. A coaching spot on TUF- Bellator has no way to match that, Fight Master won’t happen again.
        PPV percentage – the buy rate and cost of UFC PPV’s are higher than Bellators PPV, yes they buy rate is yet to be seen, but let’s be real, not gonna compete this they can’t match.
        Night bonuses- Bellator doesn’t have them.

        Your breath must stink talking out of your ass all the time. And lets be real, who else is there for Eddie to fight in Bellator, Chandler five more times???

        • Shakir Hanifa

          well said bro!!!!!!!!

      • shakejunt

        you’re a clownshoe

  • cs

    How about win, lose, or… draw? Or no contest. Or disqualification. Or Nevada State Athletic Commission robbery.

    I’m just saying.

  • mmalive

    I hope Eddie beats Mike, After the fight, throws the the Bellator belt in Bjorn’s face. Mike then takes the ” Q” and follows suit. High ranked fighters jumping ship.

  • broseppi

    I can’t wait for Eddie to win, then show up to the press conference so he can throw the bellator title in the trash can and walk out.

    • shakejunt

      i hope he goes full-sylvia for a week, cleans it off, then just shows up at ufc in cincinatti and plops it on dana’s lap on live tv.


    This is great news! I always wanted to see Eddie vs Edgar & Gil when all 3 were champs in the 3 different org’s. Top 5 fights for Alvarez in the ufc:
    1. Gil
    2. Frankie
    3. Pettis
    4. Aldo
    5. Thompson

    • shakejunt

      i like all those, but i feel like frankie should be used for lower weight class superfights like faber.


        for sure, i just think Alvarez vs Edgar would be a classic war & make it a 5 rounder.. while were at it how about Michael Chandler vs Chad Mendez!

        • shakejunt

          ah man, stop teasing me. there are so many awesome matches to make within their own weight class and you go holding superfights over my head. ha

          • AXE MURDERER


  • Fawn Lopez

    Hopefully he can take Chandler with him to UFC. Otherwise Chandler has nothing in shitty Bellator.

  • MikeMcK

    Does eddies new contract not have a right to first refusal clause? If it does he’s in the same boat as before.