Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney Talks Eddie Alvarez, Response to FX Threat, and Bellator 78 (Video)

October 27, 2012
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Following Bellator 78, CEO Bjorn Rebney talked one-on-one with to break down the event, and also talk about negotiations with Eddie Alvarez and response to the recent threat by FX executives.

Rebney details the ongoing contract talks with former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, and how he plans to have something finished in the next few days whether he re-signs with the promotion or not.

The Bellator CEO also responds to the recent threat from FX executives who warned “Spike TV should watch their ass” when speaking about the new programming deal that picks up in 2013.

Check out this exclusive video interview with Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney:

  • While i think Bellator is good enough to survive without Alvarez, it would be a shame to see him go. UFC don’t really want him ,they just want to piss it Bellator’s coffee. Dana White scummyness 101.

  • Lynchman

    UFC does not really want Eddie? BS. Eddie is not only one of the best LWs in the world, he is also very charismatic.

    He is also one of the few Bellator fighters that actually sells tickets. You put him on an East Coast card and he puts asses in the seats.

    Bellator/Viacom needs to open their wallets and hang on to him. He is one of the few guys they have that could become a legit star.

    • If UFC really wanted Alvarez they could have offered him a contract years ago when he was fighting in Japan. Pure b1%ch move by Dana.

      • Lynchman

        When Eddie signed with Bellator, he was still making big money in Japan. He initially was able to fight for both Dream (whom he had a contract with) and Bellator.

        Eddie was with Dream since 08 and his contract with them did not expire until late 09…at which time, Bellator had his North American rights. This is the first time in years that his worldwide rights have been on the market.

        Bottom line is that in that time, Eddie become not only a time LW, but a very charismatic one.

        Is hurting Bellator an appealing idea for Dana, Lorenzo and company? Sure, but but Eddie’s upside is well beyond that.

        Eddie’s upside is tremendous.

  • mj

    As a spokesperson and CEO, Bjorn Rebney makes Dana White sound like a uneducated, douche bag – which isn’t hard really…

    • shakejunt

      bjorn just likes to pretend he doesn’t do dirty stuff by keeping his cool on camera. at least dana is real

      • macgrubber

        and what “dirty” stuff does he do?

  • Pole

    Eddies defiantly moving on cool belator a getting a spike deal but he’s not going to enter the lw tourney again he’s over belator and there lack of depth in the devision

  • octawhat

    One thing about Bellator, they have a good CEO. Level headed guy, who doesn’t seem to go crazy about things that are out of his control. You would never hear Dana White wishing a fighter well if he decided to move to another organization. Bjorn is a top class act.

    • Jesus Nkunku


    • shakejunt

      that’s because people don’t usually leave ufc by choice. you’ll see when rampage leaves, dana will say they made up and he wishes him luck

      • octawhat

        Rampage is being fed to the sharks (in the form of Glover Teixeira), that

        • octawhat

          isn’t a case of wishing a man well – it’s wanting to give him a beating on the way out. Rampage wanted to fight Matt Mitrione – but DW was having none of that. Also, remember when Couture wanted to leave and fight Fedor… That was a bitter war and contractual wrangle… How about a man not even wanting to leave, remember when John Fitch & Cain Velasquez didn’t want to sign over their likeness rights to the video game and DW crapped all over them until they conceded. That isn’t a class act…That’s a bully.