Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney Says UFC’s Comments on GSP are “Most Tasteless They’ve Made”

January 20, 2014
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Georges S-Pierre UFC 167 open workoutRecent drug testing comments by former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and retorts from his former employers, particular UFC president Dana White and company CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, have been front an center as the latest rift in the MMA world.

Now Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney has jumped into the fray.

St-Pierre recently said, in part, he vacated his belt and stepped away from fighting because there wasn’t enough effort being put into strenuous drug testing for performance-enhancing substances in mixed martial arts, apparently casting much of the blame on a lack of support by his former employers.

“It bothered me greatly, [and] it was one of the reasons I decided to step aside,” he said in the Canadian Press.

UFC president Dana White responded following the recent UFC Fight Night 35, when he unloaded, seemingly befuddled by the remarks coming from his former champion.

“[It] obviously shocked me when he came out and said this,” said White in a post-fight interview on Fox Sports Live. “First of all, if everybody remembers, when Georges St-Pierre said that he wanted to come out and do this extra drug testing, it was so he could prove he wasn’t on drugs.

“He didn’t come out and say, hey, I want to do extra drug testing because I think that Johnny Hendricks is on drugs. Everybody’s been saying that they think that Georges St-Pierre’s been on it for years, so he wanted to prove that he wasn’t.”

St-Pierre, however, seemed to believe what he was doing was an effort to level the playing field in his sport, and felt more should have been done to support this efforts to make a change in drug testing in MMA.

“I tried to change things, and unfortunately, maybe for money reasons, maybe for image, they were not ready to do that,” said St-Pierre. “I tried to [bring about] change in a very diplomatic way and it didn’t work so it’s unfortunate, but I believe it will happen sooner or later.”

During a Monday conference call to promote Bellator’s upcoming season, Rebney was asked his thoughts on the St-Pierre/UFC rift that has developed, and having his own run-ins with the UFC, Rebney didn’t hold back.

“I do have an opinion on some of the comments that have been going back and forth [between GSP and the UFC],” he stated. “The UFC set the bar pretty high in the terms of tasteless comments, but they’re recent comments about GSP are probably, in my mind, the most tasteless comments they’ve made in some time.

“I look at GSP as one of the greatest, most honorable champions our sport has ever seen,” he continued. “In my opinion, I don’t think GSP owes us as fans anything and I don’t think GSP the UFC anything. As we saw, based on the fallout from his last fight, he’s given us as fans and the organization he fought for, he’s given us everything.”

Rebney, of course, could have the motive of trying to keep a line open to St-Pierre in case his situation with the UFC continues to sour and Bellator eventually sees an opportunity to swoop in if St-Pierre decides to fight again. That, however, is not likely to be of any immediate concern, as St-Pierre is still currently under contract with the UFC. White has stated that St-Pierre’s contract is frozen until the point at which he decides to return, if he ever does.

Rebney, however, believes St-Pierre’s position atop the MMA world has earned a certain amount of credibility when he talks about issues in the sport where he sees fault.

“I think a lot of the issues that he raises and the points that he makes are good points,” said Rebney. “He’s been a de facto ambassador for our game and a spokesman for the sport at an incredible high level for a long period of time and I put a lot of credence and credibility in what he’s talking about.”

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  • sadarticle

    Once a promoter always a promotor. gsp needs to whipe bjorns lipstick print off his a$$

  • Maddawgmar

    Looks like someone is fishing for UFC talent. To bad it won’t work.

    • Alex

      All Bellator would get from UFC would be wash-ups that ain’t worth their money, like Rampage or Kongo.

      • Maddawgmar

        Oh I agree. But if he were able to swindle GSP from UFC, they would make that investment, because they would get a return. But, like I said it’ll never work.

  • Twizz Nizzle

    Don’t forget to cup the balls bjorn

  • Alex

    Bellator is one of the most shady companies steroid-wise.
    They duck the commissions by having their events in the reservations.
    Askren and Wiuff mentioned themselves, that no one has been tested in any of the events they participated.

    109 events – one fighter got caught. By mistake probably – or Bellator wanted to get rid of an old one-trick pony Marshall.

    GSP would’ve loved to bring those crooks down.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    its not hard to test for roids, just do it.

    • Alex

      Hey! Don’t you dare to tell Bellator what to do!
      They have their own business, and testing for roids is not a part of Bellator’s business!

  • richard howard

    always look for Bjork to make any extra negative comments towards DW/UFC. This guy is worthless.

    • Dave Ward

      I guess Dana White has nothing but positive things to say about Bellator & Rebney…. Smh, your one dumb ass…. Like Dana wouldn’t take a shot at Bellator if the roles were reversed…

      • richard howard

        The difference is Bjorn is out to screw his fighters over. Bjorn can say all he wants about DW. but hes a scumbag. DW might not be a saint. But he hasn’t directly screwed over any of his fighters. But i guess you didnt take any of that into account. you’d rather just call me a dumbass.

        • Dave Ward

          Richard Howard, how did Rebney screw over his fighters?? Tell me big guy.. Is it because of Bellators contract with Eddie Alvarez that had a matching clause, just as all of UFC’S fighters have? If so then you just revealed yourself as dumbass #1 Rebney done nothing that douche bag White wouldn’t have done to one of there main attractions & the recent Gil Melendez situation was the same exact thing.. Now go get your shine box!!

          • richard howard

            It’s common knowledge that they screwed him over. There are numerous articles about it. Plenty of fighters spoke about it too. If you like Bellator and hate UFC fine. DW has his screw jobs too. But pull your head out of your ass and realize Bjorn ducked Eddy over.

          • Dave Ward

            Yeah if Rebney screwed Alvarez in any way, it’s by making him live up to his contract! The judge in the case agreed with Rebney.. If any of this were true & contracts meant nothing then the Diaz brothers would already be somewhere else.. Now wha there going thru is being screwed

  • Dave Ward

    Why are all you UFC & Dana White nut huggers always Talkin shit? Like any one of you could stand in the octogon with any of BELLATORS fighters! Also what did GSP say that was wrong? I don’t think he was wrong in any of his statements & all you have to do is look at Vitor Belfort. They can say all he is on is TRT, but that’s a bunch of crap. Just look at Belforts physique 3 years ago & now the dude looks like Herculees give me a break. There’s a reason the UFC has been hiding his ass in Brazil & fan attendance IMO isn’t the main one….

    • Mark Bazid

      I can stand in the octagon with ANY fighter in the world. And from every division.
      That said, I agree with the rest of your post.

      • Darin

        Stand, yes.
        Fight, nah.

    • TheCerealKiller

      “Like any one of you could stand in the octogon with any of BELLATORS fighters!” You spelled octagon wrong and Bellator fighters don’t fight in an octagon. I also wouldn’t challenge you to a carnival food making contest either.

  • NoLieAllTruth


  • Seth

    Coming from a guy who dissed his own champion in interview…come on, be serious, idiot.

  • David

    Rebney should stay focused on an organization of his same league like wsof. Wsof asked him to have a competetion so it would of been wsof vs bellator and he turned it down. wsof is in the same league or even better in my opinion.

    • Liam O’Keefe

      I agree with you, but I also think UFC is becoming rather primadona. The fighters in UFC are just as good and bad as any other fighter. On any given night someone will lose.

      • Alex

        Regardless of what I think of your opinion (its wrong btw) it’s also totally offtopic.
        What does it have to do with the subject? Or you just see the opportunity to bash UFC?

  • michigan love

    GSP makes no sense? Both fighters were tested for drugs, GSP is complaining about not having enough testing, how much testing do you need? GSP seems to be wanting a way out of the UFC after what was otherwise a defeat at the hands of Hendricks. Although GSP blindsided the UFC with his comments, for some reason great fighter like Coutour, Rampage, and GSP don’t mind bashing the organization when they are on their way out. Dana White should consider these guys as turncoats, and instead of making insensitive remarks that bring down the company, he shouldn’t issue any response. For some reason theses fighters know they can push his buttons , get him to talk, and his comments always seems to make the UFC look like they’re guilty of something. Keep your mouth shut White, eventually it’s White’s mouth that’s going to do irreparable harm to the organization. Just remember, Sponsors are listening when you open your mouth.

    • Michael J Wilding

      its obvious there is a huge steroid problem in UFC and people like you chose to ignore it. Look at old vids and pics of vitor belfort when he was in his prime and ask yourself why does he look 20 times better now that hes way older? These guys are hardly ever tested and never tested during training camp, this is the time they need to be tested not after the fights.

      • Alex

        Huge steroid problem in the UFC? Really UFC? The only org who actually cares to cooperate with commissions?
        The only org what makes THEIR OWN TESTS?

        In Bellator you can inject whatever you want whenever you want, and you talk that UFC has a problem.
        Huh. Zuffa haters’ brains are dysfunctional.

        • michigan love

          BIGFOOT fought the fight of his life on Steriods. Chael Sonnen fought the fight of his life on Steriods. The UFC tests, but they don’t submit the results till after the fight. The only fighter they ever stopped from fighting was Overeem. I’m not impressed with the UFC’s drug testing, I think they like a good fight like the fans do, and if steroids are found, they make sure it’s after the fight is over.

          • Alex

            I see you don’t really get it son:

            Bellator DOES NOT test.
            So from what you know, ALL OF THE BELLATOR FIGHTERS fight, win, lose, old titles on steroids.

            And they’re never checked.
            Not BEFORE the fight, and not AFTER the fight.

      • Alex

        Huge steroid problem in the UFC?

        UFC is the only org that checks their own fighters, the only org that cooperates with commissions, the only org to actually make drug tests.

        In Bellator, you can inject whatever you want in any given time.
        And you really think that UFC has a problem, and it makes sense, when the president of a shady company like Bellator says that?
        Be less pathetic.

  • The More You Know

    The catching trend is using TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) to elevate your levels during training camp and then using TRT to taper them down to “normal” levels closer to the fight. This ensures you maximize growth in all areas. Not great for longevity, but efficient for combat development in older athletes. Only random tests can catch people doing this, but random testing is seldom used.

  • Get2DaChoppa

    MMA and the UFC are not immune to PED’s and TRT. It’s just another an example of over the hill fighters trying to gain an unfair advantage. Like most professional sports MMA is a young mans game and father time catches up with us all. Someone with GSP’s accomplishments should be able to voice an opinion and have it mean something. Mark my words MMA better get a handle on TRT and PED’s or they’re going to have Uncle Sam all up in their ass just like MLB.

  • Jimmy Rebel

    just for the record, Ben Askren hasn’t fought anybody. he would be beaten by any top 10 UFC welterweight, destroyed by any top 5.

  • Hogzilla

    People are still slipping on all the vasoline GSP used to rub down with before he got caught doing it against BJ Penn! He’s the last person that should be bitching about people cheating!