Bellator CEO Addresses Tito Ortiz’s DUI Arrest: “We Take Drunk Driving Ridiculously Seriously”

January 22, 2014
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Tito Ortiz at UFC 106In the early morning hours of Jan. 6, former UFC light heavyweight champion and recently signed Bellator MMA fighter Tito Ortiz was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after crashing his Porsche on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, Calif.

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney recently addressed Ortiz’ arrest during a media conference call.

“I’m torn on the incident,” said Rebney. “It’s never a good thing for a world-class athlete to have an injury, especially when he’s looking at kind of potentially to recapture past glory and get back on the comeback trail, simultaneously, obviously, we take DWIs and drunk driving ridiculously seriously.”

Ortiz had two passengers in the car at the time, but no one suffered any injuries in the accident, according to the police report of the incident.

“My hope is that he can put that behind him. Thankfully, no one, including himself, was injured in the situation. That is the most important thing,” said Rebney.

“It’s a serious issue. It’s not a joke. It’s a serious issue. It’s something we take seriously. It’s something everybody should take seriously. That’s basically my take on it. I’ll deal with that independently with Tito.”

Ortiz is under contract with Bellator, but his fighting future is uncertain. He was scheduled to face Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on Nov. 2, but was forced out of the bout after suffering a fractured neck in training. He is currently recuperating from the injury, but whether he’ll ever return remains unclear.

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  • Mark McDowall

    Welcome to Bellators way out of having him fight…

    • Gabrielle Alter

      Bellators’s way? or his own way? He is constantly hurting himself. legit or not. Claiming he was fighting with a cracked skull, or different injuries that made him lose fights. All or most fighters fight with injuries. They just don’t go whining about it constantly like Tito does to the press.

      Also, if you just recently got signed by someone, meaning hired, regardless of your history, do you think it was wise of him to go crash his car drunk? How does that look?

      • Aimed With “v”

        Name me one fighter who fought with an injury as serious as Tito’s.
        Which injury and which fight?

        • Truthteller

          Um, Tito is one of the only fighters that puts that info out. Tito is a lying wolf calling little bitch! His second Forest fight he was saying for MONTHS how he’s 100% healthy and feeling great. As soon as he lost he takes the Mic and starts making all kinds of excuses like “I fractured my skull last week” or “I have a cracked spine that happened 3 weeks ago” or “I tore my MCL last night” All of which are complete bulls*** lies! The MCL he would be allowed to fight with. But the Doctors wouldn’t let him fight with the other injuries he claims to have. He’s a media whore and a fruad. That’s why he will go down as an excuse making little bitcdh who hasn’t won but 1 fight in the last damn near 10 years. That 1 fight he did win was a lucky punch on Bader.

          • Mark McDowall

            He submitted Bader with a guillotine choke btw.

            But yes…your right. Every fight camp he would say that he is healthier than ever etc etc…then when he looses he has all kinds of medical problems

          • TNT

            Who ever said that he didn’t beat Bader by guillotine? We just said the punch to set it up was lucky.

          • TNT

            You could tell the punch was lucky that he caught Bader with by the way Tito reacted. He was so excited he almost choked dude to death after. Lol he couldn’t believe it.

        • cs

          Kalib Starnes fought Nate Quarry with a broken spirit, broken balls, and some inverted legs that only moved backwards.

        • Mark McDowall

          His injuries couldn’t have been that b ad otherwise he wouldn’t have passed the medical before the fight. Not saying he didnt have a legit injury…but I don’t think he would have gotten through with some of the injuries he claimed.

          • Gabrielle Alter

            This is a huge point. A lot of the fighters have to hide injuries, BUT if they were major ones, I dont think they would pass the medical pre fight. A lot of fighters show the heart they have by training with injuries and pushing forwards. The only time people pull out of fights is if it truly is a detriment to their training/fighting ability and they think it may lead to a loss because of the injury. Like another said, Tito has on more than one occasion claimed to be 100% and then when he loses blames it on some injury. Screw that.

          • Mark McDowall

            Agreed. My HS football coach always said “are you hurt or injured” Basically if your hurt you can still play…if your injured you can’t.

            I HATE when fighters say they lost because of an injury. If the injury was so bad that it caused you to loose then don’t fight…

      • Mark McDowall

        Granted Tito has always been injury prone and has blamed pretty much every loss on some injury or another. But I don’t think he went out and got a DUI and crashed a 100k + Porsche on purpose, if he did then he is a bigger idiot then we all think. He should have quit fighting after he left the UFC. Rumor has it Punishment isn’t doing all that well so he is in need of the money. If he does fight then he’s an idiot. And it would be an easy out for Bellator,

  • Pac MAN

    DUI’s are a MONEY MAKING false crime. Why are DUIs Misdeamenors or Felonies? They should be classified as Infractions especially for 1st timers. Its a Racket! DUIs are a RACKET much similar to the Mafia and the RICO statutes. It is designed to harm, bankrupt and damage peoples lives for even 10 years after the fact.
    Politicians use it as scare tactic, so they get your votes. And the SHEEP listen without doing the research. Its all a big money game and YOU are not benefiting from it one bit!
    DUI’s are a RACKET! The Mafia are the courts and police and politicians WHO ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO BENEFIT. If a cop gets 25 DUI arrests in 1 year he is given a BONUS (MONEY) and an award. Do we the people get anything? NOPE! You saw we get safety? Ok. Well how many of you with families and little kids are out on the streets at 2am partying or clubbing? NONE. so STFU!

    • Chuck Giles
    • Big Tuna

      Because people get killed daily, psycho….focus on keeping your guns locked up so your kids aren’t shooting up their local school…and let’s not throw around the word research so loosely as it includes empirical evidence not web searches

    • Shred Man

      Wow!!! Did you forget to wear your helmet today when you rode the short bus? What a f-ing retard!!! The police do not get bonuses for anything!!! You are a f-ing idiot!!! And driving drunk does not benefit anyone!!! You should put society out of its misery and kill yourself immediately.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Now that you have cast the first stone, please tell me where your glass house is?

    • Mark McDowall

      Your right Pac Man…because not being able to control a 2 ton chunk of metal because you are blitzed is perfectly acceptable. And there should be no sort of punishment for that.

      And just because people with families aren’t out at 2 am…doesn’t mean they are not part of families and being on the receiving end of a drunk drivers stupidity ruins families and ends lives.

      You need to check your facts and go back to your Dukes of Hazards reruns and stop speaking.

    • TNT

      That honestly amazed me! You are the dumbest mother F’er on the planet. Drunk drivers get on freeway on the wrong side of the rode and cause head on collisions. Just happened last year by my house. The guy killed a car full of teenager except for one. And of course the drunk obviously survived. And the constitution never said get drunk and drive !

    • MuayThaiFood

      I was wondering….who could be stupid enough to agree with this idiot?!? Then I remembered Bajafox.

    • earlsimmons

      Ive spotted this troll a mile away, cmon people…..

  • alex

    I guess having a pornstar on the roster, who posts rasist/hateful tweets on a daily basis (War Machine) is not “serious enough” for them…

    • Mark McDowall

      You know I have wondered about that too. Didn’t he tweet about raping some chick? Neither of them are good for the companies image.

      • shakejunt

        “some chick” was his girlfriend. and it wasn’t rape, it was hyperbole. not saying he’s a stand-up citizen, but get your facts straight.

        • aAlexlex

          It absolutely doesn’t matter if it’s hyperbole or not, or who was the girl he talked about.
          It was ABSOLUTELY inappropriate and he should’ve got fird on a spot.

          Instead, he gets 2 free tickets to tourneys.

          • shakejunt

            it’s called the internet mr white knight, get over it.

  • Makes you wonder if Bjorn is sending a message concerning the UFC and how it handled a similar incident with Jon Jones.

    • Alex

      …and how exactly Bellator handles this situation?
      Talking in a random interview that DUI=bad?
      Yeah, this is so much better.

  • El Gvapo

    “We take drunk driving ridiculously seriously…” The guy talks like Zoolander.

    • earlsimmons

      Exsqueeze me but zoolander is one of the greatest movies of all time so i dont see a problem here.

  • Moneytrumpsall

    If Tito held a belt right now then bellatore wouldn’t care. Jon jones gets arrested for the same thing and not a thing happened to him. Even Nike don’t care cause he makes them money. Bellatore is just gonna use this as a excuse to end his contract cause of his injury.

  • bcoy

    It doesn’t matter whether Tito holds the bellator belt lol
    Bjorn still is crossing his wanna be Dana white fingers that Tito can still fight. Titos the only name fighter he has. And titos been washed up for years. I like Tito but bjorn sucks.

  • richard duncan

    if people critiqued their own faults as much as they do other peoples they would be too busy to bother anyone else. every choice a person makes is the choice they had to make at the time.enjoy the good fights and stop the crybaby crap.

    • Aimed With “v”

      …says the guy that actually called the fighters “sissies” for putting a head on the canvas to avoid knees to the head.

      The only one who critiques and does the crybaby here is you, chap.

  • King Of The Spread

    Ridiculously seriously – lol really?