Bellator 120 Results: Will Brooks Spoils the Alvarez vs. Chandler Trilogy, Captures Interim Belt

May 18, 2014
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Will Brooks - BellatorAfter having lost to Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez his last time in the cage, Michael Chandler was looking forward to their rematch at Bellator 120 on Saturday night in Memphis.

Season 9 lightweight tournament winner Will Brooks was looking forward to eventually fighting the winner.

Alvarez, however, had to withdraw due to a concussion suffered while training for the fight. With Alvarez’s return uncertain, Bellator officials decided to pit Chandler vs. Brooks for an interim lightweight belt.

Brooks said before the fight, “This is my night and I’m gonna take it.”

It wasn’t as dominant of a performance as his statement, but Brooks did, in fact, take a split decision victory, winning the Bellator interim lightweight championship and spoiling a rubber match between Alvarez and Chandler.

Chandler unleashed his strategy immediately, using his wild punching to set up his takedowns and put Brooks on the mat. That strategy worked well in the first two rounds, but after Brooks was able to take Chandler’s back in the third round with a body triangle locked on, things changed.

Brooks did some solid damage in rounds three and four, bloodying Chandler’s face, and opening a gash near his left eye.

The final round was close, Chandler again going after takedowns, but having trouble getting Brooks to the mat, much like he did in the third and fourth rounds.

Chandler went down briefly in the final round with Brooks driving a couple hard knees into his ribs and thighs, and then suplexing the former champ. Chandler regrouped and sent Brooks to the mat in the waning moments of the round. He followed Brooks to the mat and landed a few more blows before switching to an arm-triangle choke attempt. Chandler, however, couldn’t find the finish and it cost him the fight.

Brooks earned a 48-47 nod from two judges, while the other saw it the same score in Chandler’s favor.

Chandler didn’t make any excuses after the fight, saying, “This was by far the worst performance of my life. Lots of different things going on. Congratulations to Will Brooks. I’ll be back, stronger.”

Brooks was ecstatic, but gave Chandler his due respect.

“This is an amazing thing to have. To get an opportunity to fight Chandler, it was an amazing fight,” said Brooks. “He’s been a champion for a long time; he’s still a champion.”

He then shifted his focus to the next task at hand.

“Alvarez, get healthy, I’m looking for you. Get healthy and stay healthy.”

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  • Mike


  • TheCerealKiller

    Didn’t see, not worth a buy.

    • shakejunt

      did see, not worth a buy, worth the laughs

  • Mark McDowall

    Way to go Brooks! Hell of a win…and you pretty much just closed down Bellator. The ONLY fight worth watching in the whole company…is now completely pointless and unnecessary.

    • Manuel Lopez

      “Close down Bellator”? … really? Come on man put some legit thought into your comments at least.

      • Mark McDowall

        What big fights do they have to center a PPV around now?? Their “Ivan Drago like” MW champ was made to look like a chump…the rubber match is now null and void…completely pointless and unnecessary…whats left…Tito vs Rampage???

        There is 0 hope for another PPV…Tito vs Rampage is ALL they have…its a freak show fight that no one gives 2 craps about.

        • Manuel Lopez

          nah nah nah… don’t backtrack… you said Bellator would close down. There will be othe ppvs too. Stop your hyperbole train dude.

          • shakejunt

            he said “pretty much,” who’s hyperbolizing now?

          • Manuel Lopez

            Mark is still going at it. Take a look at his essay above.

          • Mark McDowall

            Ok lets look at this logically. What BIG fights do they have to build another PPV around??

            Alverez(by far the biggest star in the company…outside of his own mind.)is gone no matter what the outcome of his next fight is. I think a fight with Brooks is interesting…but will I or any other sane person drop $45 on that? Heck no…Brooks won their LW tournament…but lets be real how many people have even heard of Will Brooks before he got put in to this fight?

            Tito vs Rampage? Who care’s. 2 has been’s who are fighting such sub par talent that even they can win. Again not a PPV main event outside of the Ortiz or Jackson house hold.

            Rampage vs Mo? Not likely…even though Rampage did call out King Mo right after the fight wanting a rematch…which most guys that just beat someone do?!?!?! Mo is probably going to go bye bye because he kept referring to his boss after the fight in a not so kind way.

            Shlememko…their “Ivan Drago like” MW champ…well now he looks like a chump for getting destroyed in less than 3 minutes by a guy who’s only wont 2 fights(including that one) in the last 8 years. Plus with 0 other competition in that division what kind of hype can you build?

            What else is there?? Absolutely nothing. A few hours before the fights they were tweeting and facebooking like mad with discount codes for the PPV…if it was doing ok they wouldn’t he doing that. And if they didn’t sell enough PPV’s then the fighters didn’t get a big cut, if any…and the company as a whole looses money. Tito is injury prone as hell…they would be foolish to set up another PPV with him as the feature. Rampage has announced he’s going back to TNA Wrestling…and King Mo will probably have to go back there because he will be lucky if they don’t can him for opening his stupid mouth after the fight. They have admitted they they want to do more PPV’s…but if you don’t have talent to sell them then it will end up costing them money..and that can only last so long.

  • David Huenecke

    Sooooo everyone was expecting this great fight between alverez and chandler and chandler cant even finish this guy? Its like so you were gonna fight for the belt but cant beat the #3(?) ranked guy?

  • Lt. Dangle

    I thought the judges were gonna give it to Chandler, but Im glad they gave it to Brooks. He did way more damage and wasn’t tired at all, Chandler was gassed after the 1st round. I got Alvarez taking Brooks out tho.

    • shakejunt

      they like switched roles. will brooks was the technician and chandler was the blanket.

  • shakejunt

    brooks was a snoozer for the entire tournament, but i will give him his props for this one. made chandler into a desperate, desperate man in that cage.