Bellator 120 Results: Rampage Jackson Grabs Unanimous Decision Over King Mo Lawal

May 18, 2014
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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson defeated Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, earning a unanimous decision in the main event at Bellator 120 in Southaven, Mississippi, on Saturday night.

Despite a number of takedowns by Lawal, Rampage outstruck his opponent to earn the judges’ nod with scores of 29-28 across the panel.

“He did better than I thought he was going to do,” Jackson said. “I’m not happy with my victory tonight. I wanted to knock King Mo out.”

Lawal scored a takedown within the first moments of the fight. With each attempt by Jackson to return the feet, Lawal almost immediately brought him back down the floor, keeping top position and landing knees. Jackson broke free at near a minute left in the opening round and chased Lawal, landing strikes while moving forward and cutting his opponent open over the left eye.

Rampage’s takedown defense improved in the second round, stopping most shots by his opponent. Lawal backpedaled as Jackson moved forward, with the former UFC champion landing strikes in moments of the round. Lawal went to the clinch to neutralize his opponent, scoring a takedown in the final minute, but Jackson returned to the feet soon after.

Rampage was the first to land blows in the third round, scoring a flurry of punches early on. Lawal continued to turn to takedowns as a way of gaining an advantage, securing one at just under two minutes into the final frame. Jackson was able to return to the feet, fending off further takedown attempts by Lawal, while at the same time dealing with his opponent’s body locks.

So disappointed with his performance, Jackson called for a rematch with Lawal.

King Mo expressed his disagreement with the decision, addressing Jackson in a post-fight rant.

“Rampage, nothing against you, but I beat you,” Lawal said.

With the win at Bellator 120, Jackson extended his winning streak to three and improved his record to 35-11.

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  • fsunoles10

    king mo rant at the end was f’ing hilarious. im glad it played out like it did though cuz i won me a parlay bet with money on page and ortiz. hah i had a feeling chandler would lose also but was confident enough to pull the trigger. even though i think mo is not very good i hope they do release him and goes to wsof cuz he got robbed. also i want wsof to build up into a nice promotion and i think king mo would at least be a name over there.

    • TheCerealKiller

      English translation?

      • fsunoles10

        maybe brush up on your comprehensive skills copernicus.

        • DamianCross

          I’ve read every word of your post 3 times now and I understand its English, but my mind refuses to comprehend it. The words “parlay” “Ortiz” and “won” just do not compute. How? HOW?!

          • fsunoles10

            haha i hear ya on that. i almost didnt pull the trigger on it but i figured if ortiz could get a hold of him the size advantage would be to much. crazy though right, i wonder when the last person actually hit a parlay bet with ortiz in it.

      • lowlb

        that was english dude. I think you have gluten on your brain dude.

  • Jon Doe

    If this was UFC Lawal and Chandler wins and nobody would have blinked, Bellator judges are superior by far, both of these fighters did nothing but run, evade, wall and stall. Caused minimal damage and got upset because they didnt win? This is how you judge a fight, aggression and damage. Brooks and Rampage did the stalking, they engaged, they landed damaging strikes, they won Good Job Bellator

    • James

      Yeah, cuz nobody ever complains about decisions in the UFC.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I’m laughing at you for watching this card. Did you BUY it or steal it?

      • Jon Doe

        first off..
        1. hell yeah I watched, Tito, Ramage, these guys a veterans, I’m what you called an mma fan.. before people like you.
        2. who the hell pays for Bellator?

        • TRT-Rex

          Tito and Rampage are just as washed up
          as Bellator. You shoulda watched the Marquez fight, and I’m not a boxing fan. Bellator just isn’t entertaining MMA. I don’t even watch their free fights cause spike delays them and airs them at 10pm. Results are in before the fights air so it’s basically pointless to watch

      • Corey Hutton

        A real MMA fan would watch it. but if you`re one of those brain dead “UFC is the only MMA i watch” F A G S, Your retarded comment makes sense.

        • james j

          I agree with Cereal. This was a joke, not real MMA.

        • TheCerealKiller

          If you mean steal it, that’s against the law. I would not pay $45 for this card, therefore there is no way I would have watched it. I’m not just an MMA fan, I’m also a client.

      • lowlb

        I’m laughing at your mother and father for breeding.

    • Maddawgmar

      Bellator judges are better than UFC judges? Hmmm, I must have missed something. Since when did the fight orgs. start appointing the judges? I was under the impression that the were appointed by the athletic commission and UFC or Bellator has no say in the matter. Also I thought the unified rules of MMA stated fights are to be judged equally based on Effective striking, grappling, aggression and cage control. I agree with you that those two won, however your comment is askewed if you think that Bellator had anything to do how the fight were judged and who done the judging.

    • Brandon Donovan

      You must be the biggest Tapout wearing, “just bleed,” I’d beat all these bums if I had 6 months of training tards to post on this site. The UFC and Bellator have the same judges! The athletic commissions pick both the judges and the referees. Learn what a gogoplata is before post something idiot.

      • lowlb

        He can say whatever he wants tool. Anybody can be fan you moron. Nobody has to know what a gogoplata is to enjoy an mma fight and have an opinion. People can say whatever they want and you are the idiot brendon. You are not special because you are a fan of something. You are not special because you know what a gogoplata is. Anyone can know that information. You are not special Brendon.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    wow what a boring fight….That being said I can’t remember the last time King MO did much of anything exciting…other than prance around in his burger king hat and talk himself up.

    • taylor2008

      LOL! THats exactly what I think when I see Mo with that hat.

  • Corey Hutton

    I give props to Bellator, like Jon Doe said, if this fight happened in the UFC, the boring wrestler would have won. Since UFC and the judges they get seem to love to watch dry humping. Only wrestlers like watching boring wrestling, Fighters like watching fights. King Mo barely did anything in this fight, and no one should ever be rewarded for takedowns and nothing else.

    • taylor2008

      Why are people talking about UFC judges and Bellator judges? THey are the SAME judges. They work for the state commissions. Just like when the refs work UFC, Bellator and other venues. I have seen them ref kickboxing matches.

    • lowlb

      It’s called mma dude.. check the website your on.. All you tools who think a fighter should fight the way you want them to fight, are painfully stupid. A fighter should not be responsible for entertaining people, they should use mma to win their fight however they can. That is all. They are MMA fighters in an mma fight. and this website is called mma weekly.

      • Madmmax

        True, it is MMA. There’s wrestlers that use their wrestling as a part of MMA game. ( take down, improve position, ground and pound, submission). That’s MMA. Mo just wrestled and wanted to hold him. Horrible job by Big John only separating them with seconds left in 3rd rd. Should have been done earlier.

  • james j

    Until Bellator does a 180, I can’t stomach to watch any of their shows, which clearly includes a PPV. First off, dump Tito and Rampage, they are horrible. Don’t feature King Mo. Push more for up and comers, not retreads.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Actually Rampage looked good. Motivated, in shape, and he had to fight his ass off last night and by that I mean, use the gas tank, wrestle (something he don’t like to do much now days), and really… Mo took it to him. Like him or not Mo took some of Rampage’s best shots and kept coming. Tito did look rusty but fought smart and got a nice sub. And the fight between Brooks and Chandler was FOT. Very competitive, fast paced, exciting and with great exchanges. I really enjoyed that upset. It keeps it real. And that’s what MMA is all about.

      • lowlb

        Thank you!
        Rampage is bad ass. He fought Jones and didn’t get knocked out -that wasn’t good enough? He beat Machida- not good enough. The fights he had with Chuck Liddell, you folks know who Chuck Liddell is right? The guy (rampage) has been around for years and fought everybody. He got knocked out to build the UFC and Pride – not good enough… You people who come on this site and talk about being bored during a fight. FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO you child!

        • Truthcore

          Rampage didn’t beat Machida. Even Rampage knows it. Machida got robbed in that decision.

          However, I think Rampage was RIGHTLY awarded the decision against King Mo. King Mo got a couple takedowns, but did little to no damage while Rampage was the aggressor and did all the damage.

          Rampage is still a legit top 10 LHW in the world.

  • taylor2008

    Same judges people. There are no UFC judges and Bellator judges. For example if the UFC had a fight in Texas then Bellator had a fight a month later they might use the same exact judges. THe are supplied by the state athletic or fighting commission.

    • crazymind99

      This was done by state athletic commissions due to corrupt boxing promoters. They would hire the judges and have their fighter in the same bout I would be OK with the UFC having their own judges.

  • julian moran

    “With each attempt by Jackson to return the feet, Lawal almost immediately brought him back down the floor”

  • dandogood

    The UFC had a cleansing bowel movement crapped out all these bums and flushed them down the MMA toilet and Bellator picked all these turds cut from the UFC dumped and washed them up and presented as legitimate contenders. Something smells. Bellator is a toilet bowl for UFC rejects..