Bellator 110 Results: Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawal Advance to Tournament Final

February 28, 2014
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RampageBellatorWeighThe Bellator MMA Season 10 kicked off at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn. on Friday and featured the opening round of the Light Heavyweight and Featherweight tournaments. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and “King Mo” Lawal advanced to the Light Heavyweight Tournament Finals, while Will Martinez, Desmond Green, Daniel Weichel and Matt Bessette moved on to the semifinals of the Featherweight Tournament.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion “Rampage” Jackson secured his place in the 205-pound tournament finals by knocking out Christian M’Pumbu in the main event.

Jackson pressured M’Pumbu throughout the opening round, while M’Pumbu worked leg kicks from the outside. He slipped while throwing an outside leg kick and Jackson seized the moment. Jackson followed the Frenchman to the canvas and landed three short right hands that rendered M’Pumbu unconscious.

“These guys, they think I’m finished. He said he was going to retire me. I took that personal,” said an excited Jackson following the win. “Bellator, ya’ll don’t know what ya’ll are messing with. I’m a monster. I’m taking everybody out. Anybody that steps into this cage, they’re going to sleep.”

“King Mo” Lawal advanced to the Light Heavyweight Tournament finals in the co-main event by defeating Mikhail Zayats by unanimous decision.

The opening round was closely contested but uninspiring with neither fighter clearly winning. Lawal pressed forward throughout the fight, while Zayats was content with trying to counter strike. Lawal’s wrestling pedigree wasn’t a factor. He was unable to take the Russian down and the bulk of the fight played on their feet. While each round was close, Lawal did enough to win on all three judges’ scorecards.

Jackson and Lawal have history. Their rivalry dates back to the 90’s when Jackson was fighting in King of the Cage and has escalated throughout the years. Now they’ll have the opportunity to settle their differences inside the cage when they meet in the tournament finals.

Following Jackson’s win over M’Pumbu, the 35-year-old screamed into the microphone, “You next! You next! You next!” It was directed toward Lawal who quickly entered the cage.

“I’m the man in Bellator now. I took your spot,” said Jackson while the two had to be physically separated.

Bellator 110 Full Results:

-Quinton “Rampage” Jackson def. Christian M’Pumbu by KO at 4:34, R1
-Muhammed Lawal def. Mikhail Zayats by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
-Matt Bessette def. Diego Nunes by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)
-Will Martinez def. Goiti Yamauchi by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
-Desmond Green def. Mike Richman by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
-Daniel Weichel def. Scott Cleve by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:46, R1
-Saul Almeida def. Andrew Fisher by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
-Egidijus Valavicius def. Atanas Djambazov by KO at 0:48, R1
-Ryan Quinn def. Andrew Calandrelli by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
-Manny Lara vs. Josh Diekmann ended in No Contest due to unintentional eye poke
-Marvin Maldonaldo vs. Rico DiSciullo ended in No Contest due to unintentional illegal knee

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  • scratchface

    this rivalry ended a long time ago…I think the real story is how bellator and tna are so closely linked that they are now attempting to blur the lines …the rivalry is fabricated and the post fight antics were staged

    I would love to see an article on this site that really looks into the cross promoting between bellator and tna ….I personally think it has damaging results on MMA…with any professional sport there are worries with the results being fixed…in pro wrestling every word, every result, every single aspect of the show is scripted and predetermined, the draw of wrestling is story lines, characters, and the acrobatic stunts .. combining pro wrestling with MMA brings into question the authenticity of the results of MMA competition….

    the king mo and rampage jackson ‘rivalry’ is a perfect example of scripted/staged performances making it’s way into MMA…promoting a fight is one thing, but when certain lines are crossed it brings into question the results of bellator’s fights…would they sacrifice the authenticity of the sport for the sake of a prime cross promoting opportunity and to manufacture characters to appeal to the fans…

    “tag team partners turned bitter rivals..settle it tonight in the cage!!!”

    “he lost his belt in the ring but will he get it back tonight in the cage”

    when this type of promoting is made, the legitimacy of bellator MMA is dead


      I agree. Bellator is ruining MMA with that tna wrestling style bs being involed with their promotion. I’m sure their will be some article about it. Real MMA fans don’t by into that stuff, and after tonight should stop watching Bellator because they are trying to blur the lines. Bellator Sucks

    • Ryan thompson

      If the UFC was as closely tied to the WWE as Bellator is to TNA you wouldn’t hear the end of it. There’s a huge double standard. Compare Rousey not shaking Tate’s hand and Rampages behavior after he won tonight. I doubt there will be much phony outrage.
      As far as mma media,I have no clue why they don’t write about it.

    • Jon Barron

      I don’t watch tna or any other pro wrestling show, never have, so I am not sure how close it is to that. All I saw was the same hamming it up that Jackson did for all of his fights in the UFC, “black on black crime” ring a bell. He did nearly exact same thing with Griffin and Evans every week on TUF. I think if Bellator were going to predetermine the results, the Mo fight wouldn’t have been a boring, circle and refuse to engage each other, fight… UFC over hypes every fight they have, Rousey is described as the best thing ever and everyone she fights is the one to beat her…I think the after fight events were staged in the sense that Mo was hanging around ring side and was prepared to do a face off, the way it it’s usually done in any tournament or #1 contender fight. Look at the way Silva went inside the octagon wearing a Pride shirt to call out Liddell at UFC 40(I think it was at 40). If a promotion wants to compete against the UFC, they have to create and hype up these type of fights and those kind of confrontations are almost always set up, not staged, in big fights.

      • scratchface

        I agree hype is definitely a necessary aspect of promoting a fight/fighter…however, I feel it’s fair to say since you do not watch wrestling (which is completely understandable) but as an actor Rampage has a lot to work on and develop … rampage has always been a fighter that can hype a fight, but if you compare this post fight rant to his others, this one stands out because it comes off a lot less organic…although you’re not a fan of wrestling I would suggest watching Rampage’s performances on the mic…he has certain cues and propensities when he is acting

        • Jon Barron

          I agree that it didn’t feel as natural as it did with some other guys, but this is the guy that is well known for dry humping interviewers. He is a hot dog. Also, I can only assume that it is partly to blame because he is trying to hype a fight with an already exposed King Mo and not the quality of fighter of an “Sugar”. Also, I tend to believe that their is some added pressure to sell it, being the top draw in the promotion. From this point, rather Bellator succeeds or fails it will have an impact on his over all legacy. Right or wrong, he will catch some credit or blame either way. Just like Kimbo in Elite XC. As far as watching the pro wrestling, I think I could stomach the yelling at each other but my brain might melt once they started to “fight”.

    • brad king

      you are stoned i bet u think a Dana White hyped up Rhonda Rousey is an exciting fight huh?

      • scratchface

        you’re definitely not on topic and your input has added nothing

  • Ryan thompson

    Why doesn’t Bellator let their fighters wear their shirts during the walkout? Are the main event fighters the only people that can wear them during the walkout? I saw a Bellator employee tell a fighter to take his shirt off before the walkout.

  • Ron Bidelman Jr.

    Bessette vs Nunes should have been a draw at the very least. I had Nunes winning that fight. And the dumbass ref who shouldnt be judging fights poked is fkn head out again…. 30-27??? You fkn kidding me??

    • TRT-rex

      Refs don’t judge fights. Judges do! And it was a fair decision. Brassette was a more crisper, technical striker IMO. I saw him winning!

      • Ron Bidelman Jr.

        You know what I meant tranny. I guess that makes two dumbfks who seen the fight get it wrong.

        • TRT-rex

          Ya. That would be you and the ref that judged it. Cause if I’m not wrong Bessette got the win! Dumbfk. Nunes nearly got ko’d in the second and lost the third. I don’t agree with 30-27 but I do agree with the decesion.

          • Ron Bidelman Jr.

            Really man??? You make a comment about my “ref” and you can’t spell decision?? And you didn’t dispute the tranny remark?? I guessed it?? LoL I knew it. Nunes controlled round 3 and all Bessette did was back up in the last round.

          • TRT-rex

            Sorry I didn’t care enough to check my spelling. And why would I dispute the tranny remark? I could care less what you say about me. Just makes you look like a bigot! You also called me dumbfck! Your just bitter that I called you on your stupid amateur mistake! Call me more names it might make you feel better. And by the way Bessette won! Fact

          • Ron Bidelman Jr.

            Weak. You sound like ur gonna cry?? You can call me names all you want?? Lmao. Damn 5 ur olds. Bessette didn’t win. FACT

      • Nice username 😉 And I agree. I like how you stated a fact and not just an opinion and nothing else.

  • fightpassboycott

    I never use to watch bellator until now. I pay too much money on ppv as it is, so I refuse to pay even more for fightpass. dana is making things too complicated.

    • boogs

      I agree, I to refuse to watch ufc fight pass. 45 bucks a month on ppv and now 10 more bucks a month on fight pass. i’ll watch bellator any day. dana is ruining the ufc. keep it simple, the ufc is making a ton of money, why change that?

  • brad king

    What would you watch This fight with Rampage or a UFC title fight featuring rhonda rousey? 10 -1 i would want to watch rampage. oh yea

    • Rousey has made such an impact on you that your bringing her up on an article about Rampage and King Mo fighting?

    • jimmy

      Rampage is being hand fed fights.he wont lose.its not in the script. Crap move bellitor.rousey would kick old man rampages old saggy assed tits. Does he even train anymore?