Bellator 108 Results: Rampage Jackson is Back!

November 16, 2013
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Quinton 'Rampage' JacksonAfter his originally scheduled Bellator debut fight against Tito Ortiz was scrapped due to an Ortiz injury, former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson finally made his promotional debut at Friday night’s Bellator 108 at Revel in Atlantic City, N.J.

Facing Joey Beltran, a fellow UFC veteran and another fighter known for liking to stand and bang, Rampage got frustrated early in the fight when Beltran used a lot of movement to stay out of Rampage’s striking range, looking to employ his jab.

Beltran caught a kick midway through the opening round and then pressed Rampage to the cage. He did a good job keeping Rampage on the fence and working the body with punches, but Rampage eventually separated and took the fight away from Beltran.

Rampage moved in, forcing Beltran back to the fence, landed a knee to the body, and followed with a flurry of punches that included a left hook that sent Beltran face down on the mat. The referee stopped the fight with one second left on the clock.

Rampage could hardly contain himself after the fight, trying to take control of the microphone, yelling, “I’m back! Bjorn Rebney fixed my knees. Y’all gonna see more knockouts. Everybody in my weight class better be shaking in their boots!

“I proved I still got it.”

Alexander Volkov looked to defend his heavyweight belt from countryman Vitaly Minakov, both men entering the fight undefeated in their Bellator tenures, but it wasn’t to be.

He ate a couple early kicks from Volkov, but did some serious damage, softening Volkov up with some stern knees to the midsection. Minakov failed on his belly-to-belly suplex attempt, but turned it to his advantage, immediately reversing into Volkov’s guard and grounding and pounding him until the referee eventually stood them up.

Upon standing, Minakov sent Volkov floating to the mat with a right uppercut, and then unloaded with a brutal series of punches until the referee waved the fight off.

Minakov remained undefeated and captured the Bellator heavyweight championship in the process. He will now move on to defend the belt from Season 9 tournament winner, UFC veteran Cheick Kongo.

Marcos Galvao stormed back into the Bellator cage for the first time since losing to friend, teammate, and bantamweight champion Eduardo Dantas at Bellator 89 last year.

He quickly took Tom McKenna down, mounted him, and began working him over with punches alternating between top mount and back mount. Galvao gave up position to attempt an armbar. McKenna escaped to his feet, but Galvao immediately brought him back to the mat, secured back mount, and finished in a flurry.

Patricio “Pitbull” Freire earned a second shot at the Bellator featherweight championship with his stunning performance in the Season 9 Final against Justin Wilcox.

Freire had the pedal to the floor from the opening bell, quickly overcoming Wilcox with strikes. Freire sent Wilcox to the canvas a final time little more than two minutes into the bout, swarming him with punches before the referee stepped in.

Freire has been to the featherweight tournament final three times. He lost in the Season 2 Final to Joe Warren; won in Season 4, but lost in his challenge to dethrone Pat Curran; and will now move on to face Daniel Straus.

Straus and Freire fought once before, in the Season 4 Final, where Freire won a unanimous decision.

Bellator 108 Results

-Rampage Jackson def. Joey Beltran via KO (strikes) – R1, 4:59
-Vitaly Minakov def. Alexander Volkov via TKO (punches) –R1, 2:57
-Marcos Galvao def. Tom McKenna via TKO (punches) – R1, 4:29
-Patricio Freire def. Justin Wilcox via TKO (punches) – R1, 2:23
-Robert Sullivan def. Sergio da Silva by Unan Dec (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) – R3, 5:00
-Dan Matala def. Ryan Cafaro via TKO (punches) – R2, 3:52
-Will Martinez defeated Kevin Roddy via Sub (rear-naked choke)– R1, 3:50
-Liam McGeary def. Najim Wali via Sub (armbar) – R1, 1:31
-Anthony Morrison def. Kenny Foster by Maj Dec (28-28, 29-27, 30-26)
-Nah’Shon Burrell def. Jesus Martinez by Unan Dec (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
-Tom DeBlass def. Jason Lambert via KO (punches) – R1, 1:45
-Sam Oropeza def. Chip Moraza-Pollard via KO (punches) – R1, 0:37

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  • Lawdog1521

    Yeah… you’re back, Rampage. Maybe you’re next opponent can also be such top caliber. Maybe Kimbo will come out of retirement for you.

    • JK

      Were you bullied by a black guy in middle/high school? You’re projecting like a 12 year old girl.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    People really should have more respect for these guys who have been in the game for so long and still fighting. Nobody can be on top forever and at least they had their moments of greatness. Most of the greatest athletes in every sport stick around the game a little too long, that’s just a part of it. Rampage is one of the few original big names of MMA to still be in the sport and one of the few on a very short list who could be considered contenders. It’s easy to talk sh*t about a guy who is down and maybe past his prime but it would be even easier to talk sh*t about those doing the sh*t talking as they will most likely never accomplish anything noteworthy in their entire life.

    Rampage was on a losing streak but in the past 5 years he’s only lost to top tier competition (1 title holder, 1 former title holder, #1 contender, and ryan bader the poor guy who has come so close to a title shot but never quite made it). Sadly, I don’t see where Rampage can go after he picks up the Bellator belt. I guess cash out at Bellator and transition back into the acting career. I would’ve liked to see Rampage dedicate himself for one more run at the UFC belt as success would’ve sealed his spot in the UFC HoF and made quite an impressive legacy. People just love to be like everyone else, can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon and hating on Rampage is a 2013 trend. Seeing Rampage in Bellator is not that exciting to me but I still respect what he did in Pride and the UFC.

    • Lawdog1521

      Quintion is lazy, rude, and crazy… yet we’re supposed to respect him?

      When he beats a quality opponent, stops insulting fans, and stops running pregnant women off the road, then maybe he’ll deserve some respect.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        That’s interesting… When I’ve had bad things to say about Jones in the past, it’s never been about his fighting. I’ve always said he’s an amazing fighter but his arrogant personality along with how he acted in the Rashad situation has always rubbed me the wrong way. Drunk driving and crashing into trees with young females in the car and showing no little to no remorse is also a big failure as UFC champion. Your post failed to mention anything negative about Rampage’s personality or actions, just straight up insulting him as a fighter. To quote you “Yeah… you’re back, Rampage. Maybe you’re next opponent can also be
        such top caliber. Maybe Kimbo will come out of retirement for you.” You couldn’t wait to post it either, you posted it minutes after the thread went up. All I’m saying is, if you don’t respect what Rampage has done in MMA and in the ring/octagon, you probably aren’t a true fan.

        Rampage is no Randy Couture but still deserves enough respect for what he’s done in the past to not be clowned on in every single headline he makes. Half of the people talking sh*t about him on forums would probably get all goofy if they saw him on the street and ask to take a picture with him. Rampage’s personality has not changed since Japan so if you hated him then, go ahead and hate him now, call yourself one of the first haters. The same people who were fans of Rampage in the past have now turned on him though, not because of who he is, because he’s losing a lot more now. Fake people are fake.

      • MikeMcK

        If he’s lazy, rude, and crazy then him winning any amount of fights should have no bearing on him being respected.

      • JK

        “Quinton is lazy, rude, and crazy.”

        How’s this guy?! You’re acting like Rampage pissed in your cheerios, what exactly did he do that inconvenienced your personal life?

        Who has the energy to be this mad at some one they’ve never met? Your life must be awesome. As far as mma fans are concerned, Quinton is correct “they’re fickle, ignorant, and most of them never trained a day in their life.”

        • Lawdog1521

          Wow, you were able to type that and beat off to Quinton’s picture at the same time. Impressive.

  • sarcasticball

    nothing against rampage but to me the reel men to watch was Vitaly Minakov and he didn’t disapointed me at all.

  • I’m shaking in my boots.

    • JK

      Are you one of the LHW fighters on the Bellator roster? If not, that sentiment was not aimed at you.

  • james j

    That fight was hilarious. Not that anyone cares about legacy, because legacy does not put money in your pocket. However, Rampage is not a top 25 fighter.

    • poopy

      Name 25 lhw ahead of him

      • TheCerealKiller

        1.Jon Jones
        2.Vitor Belfort
        3.Ryan Bader
        4.Stephan Bonnar
        5.Rafael Cavalcante
        6.Phil Davis
        7.Rashad Evans
        8.Alexander Gustafsson
        9.Dan Henderson
        10.Ryan Jimmo
        11.Jimi Manuwa
        12.Gegard Mousasi
        13.Little Nog
        14.Mauricio Rua
        15.Chael Sonnen
        16.James Te Huna
        17.Glover Teixeira
        18.Forrest Griffin (even in retirement)
        19.Attila “PUMUKLI” Vegh
        20.Rumble Johnson
        21.King Mo
        22.Jacob Noe
        23.Tyrone Spong
        24.Thiago Silva
        25.Robert Drysdale

        All better than Rampage.

        • Jay Mcgarrity

          Although I strongly disagree with you there, we won’t have anyway of knowing for sure unless a fight happens. Seeing as how he is signed to Bellator and you made the mistake of throwing up a couple of Bellator names, we shall see when it comes to those. After King Mo’s last performance I find it laughable that he is even on your “list”. Even more laughable, you don’t have the guy who beat King Mo on the list. You were really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel in the end there now, should’ve swapped one out with Newton. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I
          thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things. You sir, will look like a child when Rampage runs over your boy King Mo.

        • JK

          The blind hate is strong in this one. Objective thinking is cool, you should try it some time.

          Rampage could beat (right now), from your list; 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25. That’s almost half of the list you, hilariously, posted.

          You also mentioned Dan Henderson, the guy he beat to unify the Pride and UFC belts. Robert Drysdale? Really? He can barely pass a piss test. Ryan Jimmo? Jimi Manuwa? Tyrone Spong? King Mo?

          I see what you did, you named all the fighters you could off the top of your head, then you went to sherdog to fill in the gaps. How lame.

          • Rob

            What’s funny is all the time and effort you’re putting into all these posts.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      That is just a ridiculous statement right there. Rampage fought a tough fight against Glover and was not dominated by any means. Rampage lost to Jones but made it a hell of a lot more competitive than Chael and others have in the past. While losing to Bader and not looking great in that fight, Bader kind of has the perfect style against a guy like Rampage. Although it’s going back a bit farther, he fought a competitive fight against Rashad and beat Machida, when you beat a guy like Machida that says something. I’ve never been a huge fan of Rampage, probably towards the middle-end of my top 50 favorite fighters, but you guys are ridiculous. He can compete and beat some top ranked guys yet he’s not even top 25 in your opinion. Maybe he’s not top 10 anymore but there is no doubt in my mind that he’s certainly top 20.

      • james j

        I just thought Rampage looked aged and sloppy against Beltran, and Beltran looked very uncomfortable in there. Hopefully, Rampage stays around and makes some cash. Kudos to him, he is a good entertainer.

        • JK

          Rampage has been in this game for over 10 years, along with K1 and professional boxing bouts; age was bound to catch up with him some time.

          Beltran looked uncomfortable because he knew he had a slim-to-none chance of winning.

    • JK

      Why do you care if Rampage is no longer a top 25 LHW? Is that a rule or something? No fighting in a division unless you’re top 25? Did Rampage say he’s the best in the world after the Beltran fight?

      He’s a professional fighter, if he wants to fight, if he believes he can once again compete with elite fighters, who cares? How does it effect your personal life?

      How much does your life have to suck to angrily post about prize fighters?

      • james j

        Relax guy.

  • back2back

    with in a yr belatore hw in lhw champs will be guys that couldnt fight for ufc anymore… really hope belatore developes fighter stead of using ufc throw aways

  • grashopper

    Yea he got the KO but it wasn’t a good fight for joey to start with why because joey is known For standing and trading Pucnhs and that’s not good for anyone to do with rampage so was it the old page I don’t know?

  • Henry_533

    Countdown is almost over. come to cagewatcher(dot)eu for all the main events in HD. GSP is gonna kick ass.

  • Henry_533

    Make time go by faster

  • bcoy

    Back???!! Lol. Back at what? Everyone knows he’s capable of beating 3 and 4 tier fighters. Quinton needs togo to wcw aand stay there. That’s sad.