Battle of the Hammers Part 2: Wade Johnson Plowing Forward

January 23, 2015
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While 2014 was the first time that welterweight prospect Wade “Hammer” Johnson did not win all of his fights, he nonetheless feels it was a positive year for him.

“I had quite a few fights last year and the only bad thing was that I got my first loss, but I shouldn’t have lost,” said Johnson to “I did something wrong and got caught. Other than that, it was a good year.”

According to Johnson, win or lose, he’s always evaluating himself and making necessary changes.

“Even on my wins, I watch my fights and look at myself and see what I’ve done wrong,” he said. “I found out what I did wrong and what I shouldn’t have been doing, so it’s something I’ve fixed.”

Johnson (7-1) will look to rebound off his only loss when he returns to V3 Fights on Saturday night in Memphis to take on fellow “Hammer,” Drew Kennedy (5-1) in a welterweight main event.

“I don’t know a whole bunch about him, so I’ve just got to show up to fight and be me,” said Johnson of facing Kennedy. “The last couple fights I haven’t felt like I did what I could do, so I’ve been trying to get mentally focused so I can put my skills to the test.”

While many feel the winner of Saturday’s fight could take the next step in their career, Johnson is not one to count his chickens before they hatch.

“I’ve fought a couple times and heard that, and it’s what I’m fighting for – to take that next step – but I’ve just got to take it one fight at a time,” he said. “If this fight gets me noticed and recognized, then that’s what’s going to be, but I’m just taking it as it happens.

“I work 12 hours a day, sometimes seven days a week. I get off work, come home, get my stuff and go straight to training. As fights come up, I’ll take them and just keep training harder.”

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