Back Injury Forces Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Out of Alexander Gustafsson Fight

November 1, 2013
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Antonio Rogerio NogueiraUFC light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson‘s next opponent, in less than a week, went from unknown to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira back to unknown.

UFC president Dana White announced Gustafsson vs. Nogueira for the UFC’s return to London, slated for March 8, 2014, following last Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 30 in Manchester, England.

On Thursday night, however, a report from surfaced, citing a confirmation from White, that Nogueira is suffering from a lingering back injury that is expected to keep him on the sidelines until May.

This is the second time that Nogueira has had to withdraw from a proposed match-up with Gustafsson. The two were originally supposed to have met in April of 2012.

Had he defeated Nogueira, Gustafsson was guaranteed a rematch with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, should Jones also get past Glover Teixeira. The Jones vs. Teixeira fight doesn’t yet have a scheduled date, although it is expected to take place sometime around March or April.

“It’s definite. (Gustafsson’s) got the shot,” said White in Manchester. “If he beats Nogueira and Jon Jones wins his fight against Teixeira, that’ll be the next fight. He’ll get his rematch.”

It’s currently unclear whom Gustafsson will fight next, but regardless of who it is, he is still likely to get a shot at Jones if the two of them are victorious in their fights. White has wanted to make the rematch since the night of their Fight of the Year candidate at UFC 165 in September.

The March 8 fight card at the O2 Arena in London is the first of a series of six UFC events to be held in Europe in 2014.

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  • David Huenecke

    This sucks

  • deepgrim

    maybe they will throw cormier in their in a top contender fight

  • Hansa

    This is Bull$**T..why must Alex defeat Nogueira to earn a rematch? Dana is full of BullS**T. Alex won against Jones, and I’m a huge Jones fan and have utmost respect for the Nogueira brothers. But this doesn’t make any sense. Alex should get a rematch against Jones and Teixeira should fight Cormier. The winner of Teixeira – Cormier should meet the winner of Alex and Jones. Dana, I hope you read this, because you are full of s*it. Just look at Belfort, he has been outstanding, and should’ve earned a match against the Spider before Weidman was in the picture. But Dana is a huge Silva-fan and wanted to keep him as champ. When Silva threw away his title-match against Weidman he should’ve not got a rematch before he has earned it. I’m the Spider’s biggest fan, but he disrespected Weidman, the UFC, his talent and his trainers. Dana should’ve been harsh on Silva and make him prove his worth. But this is UFC, and I will not be surprised if we see Cain-Santos IV…

    • Mike mckinney

      I was just talking with Dana, and he told me he read your post. He was going to do the matchups that were announced, but he wasn’t aware you didn’t agree with it so he’s changing it up. Glover and Daniel will be fighting next and guff will get his rematch instead.

      He told me to tell you he and joe silva are sorry, and they won’t make matches again without checking with you first.

      • King_DG


      • dgs

        While I think your post is very funny (I don’t remember the last time I laughed out loud reading a post on this board), Dana really is an idiot, and Joe Silva is a fair to poor matchmaker. I think we can agree on those two points, hopefully.

    • I like your enthusiasm but let’s be real here, DC shouldn’t be in title talks in the LHW division just yet. Let him earn his spot like the rest of the guys in the division. Phil Davis and Gustaf fought a lot of competition before being in title contention. Belfort earned his rematch against Silva but also was given a title shot against Jones. And yes Silva did disrespect everybody but more importantly himself with the dance moves he put on in that joke fight against Weidman. Chris deserved to fight the best Silva and a serious one and Anderson took that away from him. And we won’t be seeing Cain/Santos IV anytime soon. Junior would have to get a 4 or 5 fight win streak.

      • Gary Fredericks

        Absolutely agreed. Aside the Cain vs Dos Santos….I think it clearly shouldn’t happen without a new camp or some heavy retooling of his staff. No sense letting Dos Santos damage more brain matter. They should do some serious diagnostics on his brain after those unecessary beatings Velasquez laid upon him…seriously.

        • Cain may be the only guy who has Juniors number. Or maybe now people won’t be afraid of him and will bring it to him. Cain is just on another level though so a beat down by him is nothing to bad, JDS just needs to change a few things up. It happens.

    • Edwin

      Is it just me but he sounds like Hanzi from the Howard Stern? Conspiracy theories, look at his name, if he throws Dana and Silva being in the illuminati i’m sure it’s him

  • Brian

    Nogueira injured??? What a shock

  • Kenny Powers

    I dont think he’ll fight DC yet. Since he’s not training with him anymore he should rematch Davis, or Rashad if he beats Chael.

    • or Chael if he beats Rashad.

      • Chael vs wanderlei after Hashad

      • Kenny Powers

        Yeah Chaels already fighting Wandy, win or lose.

  • David

    Lil Nog pulls out more than Ron Jeremy!!

  • drkdisciple

    Lil Nog is hurt and I bet you MMA weekly will still find a way to move him up in the rankings~

  • Horrible news. Although Gustaf deserved a rematch this fight with Nog would have been good for him. DC can’t make 205 just yet and he doesn’t want to fight Gustaf in Sweden. I would like to see Rashad fight him but he’s booked with Chael. And Hendo is booked with Vitor. I don’t want to see him rematch Davis because Phil really deserves to be next in line and it would be more interesting to see them rematch in a title fight if possible. I wish Thiago Silva put on a more impressive fight against Hamill so we can put him in the mix.


    Who wasn’t expecting lil-Nog to pull out??? Chael Sonnen said it best, every time lil Nog has a fight he goes into training camp knowing he’d have to be his replacement

  • toom

    He dodged a bullet there he would have been.picked apart


    The ufc could switch Phil D vs Bones & Glover vs Gus or jus have Gus fight Gegard Mousasi as originally scheduled.

    • fsunoles10

      thats stupid, why would you snatch glover out to put davis in? makes 0 sense and id rather see glover and jones fight anyway as im sure a lot of people would.


        Only because Phil is ranked higher than Glover in most publications & the champ should always fight the highest rated fighter if available! Also Davis already has a W over Gus! Do Jones vs Davis, & Gus vs Glover & winner is next in line!!

        • Mike mckinney

          If the champ only fought the highest ranked guy it would be really hard to have guys move up. Cain wouldn’t fight anyone other than jds, ever again.

  • DHM

    time to drop Manuwa in the mix ahah! just kidding but it would be a fun fight to watch though

  • Kenny Powers


  • Mark McDowall

    I was as shocked by Lil Nog pulling out as I was when I saw Tito pulled out. Damn its not April 1st so that doesnt work.

    I read somewhere that Lil Nog has fought 6 UFC fights…but has signed to fight 11…thats just insaine…

    • Lucas Freire

      Hell yeah, he’ll fight ’till his late 80’s

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Smart career move Lil’ Nog. Why enter a fight if you know for a fact you’re gonna lose?