Back At Work, Cain Velasquez Excited to Face Strikeforce Heavyweights

May 10, 2011
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Cain Velasquez Brock Lesnar UFC 121

Velasquez walks away after finishing Lesnar at UFC 121.

UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez established himself as the top big man in the sport with his October 2010 destruction of then-champion Brock Lesnar. It was by far the biggest victory of Velasquez’s career, but also the most costly.

Velasquez tore his labrum in the fight, putting him and his shiny new belt on the sidelines.

He underwent surgery in early January, but is just now working on getting back into training. It will still be some time before he can fight. Velasquez needs to rebuild the strength in his shoulder before he can just jump back in training and expect to take a fight.

A likely timeline would put him back in the Octagon sometime in the fall, perhaps as the headliner for a major pay-per-view event on Oct. 8 in Houston.

“I think we were talking about (Velasquez returning) in October,” UFC president Dana White said recently in Toronto.

Asked if Velasquez might headline against either Junior dos Santos or Brock Lesnar in Houston, White replied, ““Probably. Sounds like that would make a lot of sense.”

Currently coaching on “The Ultimate Fighter,” dos Santos and Lesnar will square off at UFC 131 in Vancouver to become the number one contender for Velasquez’s title.

Velasquez was part of the “Super 7” question and answer session prior to the UFC 129 weigh-ins in Toronto. He addressed his injury, but also went on to discuss the likelihood of matching up against Strikeforce’s stable of heavyweights, and how he feels about possibly having to rematch Lesnar immediately after defeating him for the belt…

  • wonggfan

    Unlike other weight classes, HW is very split between SF and the UFC. I would say while the top 4 guys are in the UFC, top 5~10 guys are all in SF. And at this point the championship belt itself doesn’t matter since that weight class has so many interesting potential bouts.

    UFC and SF should throw a 16-man tourney!!!

    1. Cain
    2. JDS
    3. Brock
    4. Carwin
    5. Overeem
    6. Werdum
    7. Bigfoot
    8 Sergei
    9. Barnett
    10. Fedor
    11. Mir
    12. Roy Fatson
    13. Mike Russow
    14. Cheick Kongo
    15. Fat Rogers
    16. Fat Rothwell

    That would be an awesome tourney!!!

    • saywhat

      You don’t like fat people, huh ? 🙂 Kongo would get murdered by any of the other 15 you listed…. there’s gotta be a better 16th person ….. bring Monson back for that or somebody or the other Overeem or make Bones Jones the 16th 🙂

  • wonggfan

    I don’t care if they are fat. I just think those guys are overrated. My ranking (except for Kongo) is probably roughly right.

    But UFC promoted Roy Fatson and Rothwell as top 5 in the world. And those fanboys starting saying stuff like Rothwell can beat Overeem since Rothwell is in UFC whereas Overeem is not.

    Cheick Kongo was just thrown in there because i couldn’t think of anyone. You can probably substitute him with Monson, Brenden Schaub, or Stefan Struve.