BJ Penn Won’t Question GSP but Everyone Knows What He Would Say if Offered Anderson Silva

November 27, 2012
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BJ Penn at UFC 107Former two-weight class champion B.J. Penn is no stranger to big fights.

The Hawaiian has been in more than his fair share of main events, title fights, and even what could be described as “super fights” when he’s fought well out of his own weight class.

He’s fought at lightweight, welterweight, middleweight and even what was considered “open weight” when he took on former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida back in 2005.

His willingness to always step up and fight the best competition, regardless of weight class, has shown Penn’s fearlessness throughout his career. Of course some would say Penn’s choices could also be described as foolhardy considering his domination of the lightweight division for much of his career, but he is best defined as the fighter who will literally fight anybody.

That mentality is probably a big part of the reason why Penn is such a fan of the “super fight” concept, which pits two fighters against each other from much different weight classes.

“I think super fights are great. I think it causes a lot of hype, and Dana (White) knows that. Look at the name ‘super fight’, it’s awesome, it’s what this sport is about. It’s what this sport was built on. Get the two best fighters in the world and put them in the ring, and I’ve got to give that to Dana White, he does that every time,” Penn said on Tuesday.

“He doesn’t let no (Floyd) Mayweather/ (Manny) Pacquiao situations ever happen, he’s the man.”

The Mayweather/Pacquiao situation is reference to the long standing idea that would pit the two pugilists considered the best pound-for-pound in the sport together in a bout, but because of contractual hold ups, promoter bickering and other issues, it’s never actually happened.

Penn loves that White is willing to put together the biggest fights possible, just like when he jumped up from lightweight to face welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in 2009.

Penn had battled St-Pierre to a split decision in 2006, but after three straight wins at lightweight including capturing the belt, he was offered the chance to go back to welterweight and face the 170lb champion one more time.

The fight ended with St-Pierre the victor once again, but Penn has no regrets about his decision making about taking the “super fight”.

Recently, the super fight on everybody’s minds has been middleweight champion Anderson Silva taking on St-Pierre, for what most believe would be the biggest fight in UFC history between two of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the sport.

Silva has already signed off on the idea, but St-Pierre has been a bit more skittish with the idea of accepting the bout. Penn won’t question what St-Pierre ultimately decides to do, but he knows what he would do if he got the same call from Dana White.

“That fight, that’s on Georges himself, but everybody on this call knows what B.J. Penn would do,” said Penn.

Whether the Silva vs. St-Pierre fight becomes a reality remains to be seen. St-Pierre is currently on vacation following his win at UFC 154, but when he returns UFC President Dana White plans on broaching the subject with the welterweight champion about potentially facing Silva by the middle of 2013.

  • BJ Penn is the man. Losses happen. He’s been in the sport forever, he deserves respect fighting everyone and anyone.

    • Anthony Lopez

      couldn’t agree more

    • JRod

      Not to mention fighting in pretty much every weight class!

    • Cptmats

      Huge difference between BJ and other champs, He would never turn down a fight for fear of losing !

  • jrcr_15

    “That fight, that’s on Georges himself, but everybody on
    this call knows what B.J. Penn would do”

    Yep, talk a lot of trash, go into a fight out of shape, walk
    out of the fight with his face looking like a sloppy hamburger, make stupid allegations about greasing, go to court, and get his mom to testify in court, lose LW title.

    Please stay retired BJ

    • Just a hater, not to acknowledge that BJ would take this fight, win or lose. He challenges himself and shows he is a “fighter” who steps up when the opportunity comes.

  • Trevor

    Bj Penn is and was overrated ! He isn’t half the fighter Georges is and he has the embarrassing loss to prove it. Keep your mouth shut BJ and seriously is this going to give way to another 30 stupid articles by MMA WEEKLY about who would take the fight. I am sure my neighbor Monica would fight Anderson too because she could use the money but this is just as irrelevant. MMA WEEKLY if you want her number give me a call and we can set up the interview.

    • Trevor

      Oh yeah let us continue to mention that Anderson has signed on for the fight too. I can see the hype now “After dominating a weak division for years with an iron fist and routinely disposing of larger men with ease Anderson is now ready to face his toughest opponent in a smaller guy whom he outweighs, reaches and stands…….this will be a great fight to cement his legacy in the history books!” and as an added bonus we have Tank Abbott back from retirement and hard drinking to kick the sh*t out of some females! LOL

      • GoNoles

        only person penn has lost to that equals or is smaller than him is frankie edgar, the rest of his losses are from people that were bigger than him so i dont think he is overrated at all buddy, and what do you think gsp was doing? fighting a shorter lighter penn isnt the same? cmon now buddy show some respect

        • Trevor

          Penn went 8 wins 7 losses and 1 draw in last 15 fights! This is not a perch I would be sitting on at the age of 33 and saying “you know what I’d do!” Climb the mountain BJ and take the fight! Otherwise why bother talking.

          • 808Empire808

            “Trevor” who are you?? Or how tuff do you think you are.??? By the way you talk you sound to be as smart as a retarted monkey..
            Just saying….

          • jeremy

            Don’t insult retarded monkeys 😉

          • trevor

            To answer your moronic questions:
            I am Trevor (clearly). I am tough enough, if that is what you meant by tuff. Yes it is quite obvious that the way I articulate words and express my opinions that I must be a monkey.

          • Bobby

            ooooh!!! LOL “I’m tough enough.” Classic. I bet you are. Hey, I’ll give you the BJ overrated thing. But then you went off on some half cocked tangent about Andy Silva…comparing his domination of an EVOLVED MW division to Tank Abbott beating up women. It’s the hate that people like you have for a particular fighter (typically one who finds unheralded success) that blurs reality. Andy makes the MW division look weak, ya understand that? If there was no Andy Silva, you’d probably be singing a completely different tune about the depth of MW in the UFC. He is cut from a different cloth. The landscape of the MW division, just like the landscape of the WW division, would be totally diff witout Silva’s and GSP’s. Oh…and Andy has about a half in reach advantage on GSP. And 3 inch height advantage. Nothing to see here folks. The weight is the only major factor. Apart from that we have a stylistic matchup for the ages. Stop, take a deep breath and quit your holier than thou BS. No body truly cares what you say when you get insiltive and show little depth to any rational thought.

        • Trevor

          Bj chose to fight in different divisions and the talent was not nearly as deep in those days he went up in weight and held belts in different weight classes that is his choice. GSP didn’t call him out he chose that route. So your point that GSP did the same is irrelevant. Yes BJ fought soem good fights but I don’t think he faced the competition GSP has and more importantly him saying dumb things does nothing for his legacy. He only loses to greased up men…yeah right! Frankie was smaller and didn’t need grease either.

        • mmahole

          Pulver was bigger than Penn?

      • 808empire808

        Obviously “Trevor” you need to get GSP NUTTS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AND WAKE UP!
        Stop with the computer stuff and put some Mat time in. You know nothing and by you opening your mouth shows.
        Keep up the the karate.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Was the LOL at the end so that readers would know that was funny? Well, you didn’t need it. What a knee slapper!

    • WhiteyWhiteman

      You clearly aren’t a true MMA fan. Penn was the first person to beat Matt Hughes in his prime. The first loss to Georges was a little controversial. He never has been overated..

      • Bobby

        Disagree. And my opinion of him being overrated says nothing about how much and how long I’ve been a fan of the sport. It’s like this, you think of the best of all time, you think of guys who DOMINATED. BJ never dominated. He had some nice runs, picked up some nice wins but even back in the day when the talent hadn’t fully evolved he still wasn’t smashing people to pieces.

        • dgjijo

          He was in the same pool back then. BJ was evolving as a fighter just the same as everyone else back then. I’m sure the talent pool wasnt as big back then as it is now. But he had a lot of dominant performances at lightweight and that win over hughes…and he was the first person to bust up GSP during their first fight. GSP just racked up take downs in round 2 and 3 to win the decision. That doesn’t sound overrated to me at all.

  • rolando mota

    I cant believe these clowns are badmouthing the prodigy…who was a two division champ…and was fighting in the ufc before gsp hit puberty…these chumps obviously dont know mma very well.

    • Bobby

      Much respect to BJ without a doubt. No one can ever question his courage and willingness to fight. But the simple reality is that he is overrated. He does have some solid wins out there. But calling him one of the best ever would be like saying Forrest Griffin is one of the best ever. Both were champs, both always came to fight, both weren’t afraid to take chances. Both will always be remembered as tough, gritty former champs who each squared off against other champions on many occassions. But to say either can be considered one of the all time greatest (in terms of fighting ability) just isn’t realistic. Superstars yes, dominant careers (like GSP, Andy, Fedor etc…) no. No, not at all.

    • Bobby

      Oh…and by the way, GSP’s pro career started about 6 months after BJ’s did. Don’t make the mistake of thinking St. Pierre was in pampers when BJ was drawing with Caol Uno.

  • dd

    both fights he had with gsp was controversial..the first fight i had bj won..second fight i had gsp cheating so we’ll never know who really won the second fight..


    You guys are delusional. I wouldn’t even try and stream BJ Penn vs Silva for free… the madness. Anyone that says BJ hasn’t looked good in some time won’t let go of the past. Tito was my favorite fighter and even I agreed awhile back he should hang em up. A man of his time, yes, a man of today, absolutely not.

    • Bobby

      Yah it would be a massacre. Without a doubt.

  • chuker

    I’m shocked that BJ would take an opportunity to eat his way up to 185

  • geoff

    dude id fuckin watch bj penn vs anderson silva helllllll yeahhhhhh

    • Kris-tyahn

      You’d probably watch the 1st death in the UFC. If Diaz was able to “destroy” BJ in the 2nd & 3rd round, imagine what Silva would do?

  • Kris-tyahn

    BJ would take the fight, especially now b/c he has NOTHING to lose, he’s not the Champ, he doesn’t have multi million dollar deals/sponsors, he has a decent record of 16-8-2.
    For those who say BJ moved up to fight GSP, is true, but BJ fought a large part of his career at WW, while GSP has never fought @ MW. Two huge differences, and I’m sure BJ remembers what happened when he moved up, he ate his words & made a complete ass of himself, with all that siht talk, about GSP being a quiter & then he himself quits. Yeah sure BJ didn’t say he quit, but he sure as hell didn’t say NO, when his corner threw in the towel.

  • jonathan

    my insignificant opinion is that GSP can win that fight, but JBJ can definitely win that fight if he doesn’t stand with him

  • team penn

    Trevor eat some more led paint, what r u 20 years old u sound so stupid, y dont u talk **** about Randy also i guess he was bad too huh? N BJ literally faught neone anywhere at ne time he didnt lay n pray, bj is one of the few fighters who earned the right to claim hes one of the best fighters that ever lived considering hes faught in every wt.class not just one weight class his whole life gsp best welter weight without question, the p4p best not even close, if ur not over 25. Keep ur mouth shut u dont kno shit about mma n ur prolly a brock fan ur pathetic

    • Trevor

      Is this english you idiot? lead. fought, neone?
      Are you over 25? Did you go to school? Are you actually getting oxygen to your brain?

    • Bobby

      What does being a Brock fan have to do with anything? I’m not a Brock fan, but the man walked into the sport, as an “old man” in terms of getting a late start and he won a title. Defended it. Are you insinuating that Brock fans don’t know anything about MMA? I think that’s a little smug to be honest. Are you insinuating that if anyone was a fan of Brock they must have been newbs to the sport? Came over to MMA when Brock did? Newsflash genius…all kinds of fans, new and old, tuned in to watch Brock fight. Some cuz they wanted him to win, others cuz they wanted him to lose. The record PPV number speak volumes about who was watching. Pshhhh….you must a be a Penn fan.

  • variation

    no, trevor is right, bj and couture are over-hyped bums, well not bums…. but people give them alot more credit than they deserve. hard to think of someone as “elite” when a third of their total professional career is losses

  • chato

    B.J Penn may not have a belt but with his back ground he is a champion among champions…a real fighter will fight nomatter what weight class or when & where & he has done a lot for UFC…his name belongs with all the great names in this sport