B.J. Penn Declines Fight with Josh Koscheck: ‘I’m Not Coming Back Anytime Soon’

May 17, 2012
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Thanks but no thanks.

On late Wednesday evening, UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck revealed that he had been offered a fight against former two-weight class champion B.J. Penn, and he immediately accepted.

At the time, Koscheck was still awaiting word back from Penn and his camp to if they would accept the fight.

On Thursday, Penn answered back and returned in form on Twitter stating that he’s not ready to come back yet, and would not be facing Koscheck.

“I know it costs a lot of money to live that lavish lifestyle, big house, fast cars, and you need big fights, but sorry I’m not coming back anytime soon,” wrote Penn when addressing Koscheck on the social networking site.

Penn has backed off his retirement statements of late, but it looks like whenever the UFC was asking him to step into the cage with Koscheck was sooner than he was ready to return.

The former welterweight and lightweight champion stepped away from the sport following a loss to Nick Diaz at UFC 137 last year, and since that time has kept his statements vague about returning to fighting.

Just recently, UFC President Dana White revealed that Penn would come back to the Octagon, but it looks like it won’t be for the fight with Josh Koscheck.

When Penn will return and who it’s against will remain a mystery for now.

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  • He’s earned the right to take as much time as he wants.

    • bajafox

      Agreed, as well as pick and choose any opponent he wants.

      • BlackDog2009

        NO.. I’m a huge Penn fan but nobody should choose and pick their opponents. At this point Penn seems like he doesn’t want to fight at all or he wants an easy fight… Gilbert Melendez and Koschek are not easy fights at all and losing to either of them would only cement the fact that Penn might be done for good.

  • i feel like the longer he waits, the less chance he has to really make an impact…hate to see BJ turn into one of those old legends that become stepping stones for up and coming new jacks…

  • adam1848

    I’d like to see him fight Nate.

    • adam1848

      Or has he already said he won’t go down to 55? I see lots of good fights for him at LW. Very few at WW. Not that he couldn’t compete, just better match ups for him at 55.

      • MrAdidas

        no you are right … BJ could/would not be able to compete at WW, not even close. BJ’s last 3 WW fights were Vs GSP (in their rematch) & we all seen what happened to BJ after 4 Rounds = HE QUIT b/c he got SPANKED! his 2nd fight was Vs. Hughes … an old & out of his prime Matt Hughes & BJ KO’d him. 3rd fight was Vs. Diaz, I’m sure we all remember what happened to BJ. BJ @ WW = death or retirement. BJ @ LW = better chance of winning fights, but more importantly BJ will not take the punishment @ LW as he has & would @ WW.

  • voltaire64

    If he doesn’t step down in weight the fights he gets at ww won’t get any easier than Koschek who isn’t an easy fight for anyone, especially Penn.

  • dgs

    Penn ain’t getting any younger. While he’s not “officially” declaring his retirement, he sure is behaving as though he is.

    I love watching the guy fight, but he seems to take losing very tough, very personally. No fighter likes losing, but Penn takes it especially hard. That is even more true on fights that have gone to decision and that he thought he won.

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing Penn back in the octagon anytime soon.

  • dderizzo

    B.J. you do what you have to do.You are a “Legend” in this tough sport.You are still one of the toughest SOB”S today .You come back on your terms, you deserve that. You have done so much for this sport,(UFC).I miss seeing B.J. Penn fighting, always a great fight.Enjoy life bro……..

  • Mario

    Good for Penn. I didn’t wanna see a fight between him and Koscheck anyways.

    If B.J. does return at some point, he should return to 155. He’s better there!