B.J. Penn Brings in Mike Dolce to Assist in Making 145 Pounds to Face Frankie Edgar

October 4, 2013
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BJ-Penn-UFC-107-Post-Presser-478x270Former two-division UFC champion B.J. Penn contemplated retirement after losing to Rory MacDonald on Dec. 8, 2012.  After deliberation, the 22-fight UFC veteran is returning to coach The Ultimate Fighter 19 opposite the man who ended his lightweight championship in 2010, Frankie Edgar.

Edgar defeated Penn to capture the lightweight title at UFC 112 in a razor-close fight.  Penn was granted an immediate rematch, but lost to Edgar again at UFC 118.  After losing the belt, Penn fought four times in the welterweight division, going 1-2-1.

In Edgar’s first title defense, he fought Gray Maynard to a draw.  In the rematch, he knocked out Maynard in the fourth round.  It would be the last time Edgar successfully defended his title.  In his next outing, he was narrowly defeated by Benson Henderson.  Henderson would defend his title against Edgar in a rematch.

Following the losses to Henderson, Edgar dropped down to the featherweight division and faced champion Jose Aldo at UFC 156.  Aldo retained his title by unanimous decision.  Edgar is coming off unanimous decision win over Charles Oliveira in his last outing.

The third fight between Penn and Edgar will take place in the featherweight division.  It will mark Penn’s 145-pound debut.

In order to ensure he properly makes the weight cut, Penn has brought in renowned nutritionist Mike Dolce.

Dolce released a statement via his official website on Thursday.

“BJ Penn is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time,” Dolce said. “He is a legend, a two-division world champion as a 170-pound welterweight and a 155-pound lightweight that has been fighting professionally before most athletes even knew what MMA or the UFC was. It is a great honor to join BJ on his journey back into the Octagon and, in my opinion, to make history as the first ever three-division world champion in our sport.

“First thing’s first,” added Dolce. “We have a very tough Frankie Edgar standing in our way and in speaking to BJ, that is exactly the way he wants it! I will be flying out to Hilo, Hawaii, this week to begin growing my relationship with BJ and offer my skills to his camp.”

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  • fsunoles10

    dolce sounded almost like an infomercial.

  • octawhat

    BJ’s best performances coincided with him being in peak condition.

    His training camps with Marv Marinovich made Penn into a machine. Marv might be a bit crazy, but in the 1980’s he pioneered training techniques that are used in pro sports today.

    After BJ dropped Marv the decline began. I think BJ still has a lot to offer, but in the correct weight class. Being at 145 will be interesting, BJ will be bigger, but slower – he really needs to focus on that deadly jab and being in condition to go hard for 3 rounds at a high pace.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Marinovich has got to be really old by now. Sure he didn’t retire or did BJ just stop retaining his services? Totally agree with you as BJ has never looked the same since.

    • lazer327

      Many don’t know but when BJ first started fighting in the UFC his strength & conditioning program was by Greg Glassman (CrossFit ceo). During that time CrossFit was unknown to many & BJ was one of the 1st protoypes. Then BJ decided to let Frank Shamrock take over his S&C, who said BJ needed a better cardio/ aeobic base for his title bout against Jens Pulver, thus we all know what happened then…

  • King_DG

    This is a bad fight for penn, I believe Frankie is just too fast and will win on points again.

    • uncle

      I believe he should have gave, LW 1 more shot
      before dropping down like this

      • Kris-tyahn

        Uncle: You may have a point here, since BJ has been out for such a long time, and god knows he’s no exercise/cardio “guru” for a fight, let alone when he’s “retired”. I think maybe a “tune up” fight @ LW would have been better for BJ, especially since he hasn’t fought LW in years. Maybe FW will be too much too soon, guess we’ll find out.
        As for those people who think BJ has the advantage b/c BJ asked/begged for this fight & that this fight means nothing to Edgar b/c he already beat BJ twice. Then you are delirious, b/c Edgar will do/attempt to do what no other fighter has done before, which is… to have 3 wins over BJ Penn, also, it’s BJ Penn, there’s not one fighter who wouldn’t get up for this fight, regardless of the circumstances, also Edgar wants another title fight, believe it or not, beating BJ a 3rd time will definitely help him with that & not a bad thing to have on your resum. 1ST & ONLY man to defeat BJ Penn 3X! And not one fight/win was at WW, where BJ sucks ass.
        I think Edgar will be too fast & too good for BJ, who will have ring rust & cutting that much weight after such a long layoff will show in the 2nd round, and especially the 3rd if it makes it that far. Can BJ win? Hell Yes. Do I think he will? Hell No! But he does have KO power & sick BJJ, but he’s fighting Frankie Edgar the LW Champ…. should have been champ until he fought Pettis, which would have been a great fight!

  • Ron Wheeler

    Bad first fight for Penn at 145. Suspect Penn can beat most 145ers but Edgar’s annoying dancemove footwork will confuse him again.

    • Marcus Miles

      Seriously, why fight a guy who beat you twice for your first fight back? Since when does the UFC do trilogies when the first two fights were won by the same guy.

      • Steven

        Silva v. Rampage 3…

      • Kris-tyahn

        Since BJ Penn asked for it, he gets. He’s BFF with Dana and BJ brings in $$$$$. And especially since this fight is at FW & vs. only the 2nd man to have ever beat him twice. Like Steven said Rampage vs. Wanderlei 3, I’m sure if Anderson loses to Weidman in December, we will get to see Anderson vs. Sonnen 3.

  • dolcenuts

    I don’t know if bj’ll win this one but I think 145 is a good weight class for him. A lot of guys at 55 are bigger than him.

  • jrcr_15

    He will show up out of shape and lose.

    • Kris-tyahn

      I don’t think he’s going to be “out of shape”. BJ @ LW was a good conditioned fighter, “good” not GREAT. BJ was never in the best possible shape ever, b/c he just assumed that his skill would be good enough to get the job done before he gassed out or that he’d be able to finish the fight in the 1st or 2nd, therefore not needing much cardio for the championship rounds. BJ will have 5-7 mins MAX to finish Edgar, if not, then BJ’s going to retire ….. AGAIN!

  • Pat Garret

    “This fight makes no sense!” Bj will have to cut about 40 plus pounds ,to get to 145. Doubt it,if he has the energy to go hard! Against Frankie….

    • fsunoles10

      you forget dolce has a proven track record, he has weight cutting down to a science. apparently he has a way of doing it where all the fighters are cutting is water weight making it a lot easier to get off.

    • BJ doesn’t even walk around at 185. When he fought at WW he was barely 170. I believe he was 168 even when fighting GSP in their rematch.

      • Kris-tyahn

        CSMMA: You are somewhat right , I don’t think BJ walked around that much before he fought GSP, but he hasn’t been training b/c he was “retired” I’m pretty sure he wasn’t at the gym everyday & watching his diet. Dont forget, he fought Lyoto yrs ago when he was 190lbs. B/C he only weighed 168lbs vs. GSP doesn’t mean he didn’t have to cut weight, b/c he did, it just means he may have cut 1lbs or two more than he needed, or maybe he wanted to be the “smaller”/lighter fighter, to be faster than GSP. Though, that didn’t work out that well for him!

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Everyone keeps saying that this is a bad fight for BJ for the obvious reasons, yes we’ve all seen the first two fights. If anything it’s a bad fight for Frankie, beating a guy that you’ve already beat twice isn’t going to really do anything for you. This is the fight that BJ wanted, this is the fight that BJ is motivated for, this is the fight where you are really going to see if it makes sense for BJ to ever step into the octagon again. If BJ can beat a Frankie who is still at the top of his game, a Frankie who already dominated him twice, then we know BJ is still in the game. BJ needs this fight to prove it to himself and we will see if the Prodigy is back to stay. Win or lose, BJ Penn still goes down as one of the greatest of all time.

  • Maddawgmar

    If Dolce can make it so BJ makes 145 and is in shape, the I’d like Cyborg to attempt 135 with Dolce.

    • Kris-tyahn

      There’s no doubt Dolce can get BJ down to FW/145lbs, but just like he gets Hendricks from 220lbs to 170lbs, his gas tank suffers immensely after the 2nd round, which will NO DOUBT happen to BJ if it las’t that long. Cutting a lot of weight after being out for well over a year, is going to drain BJ’s body.
      BJ last fought in December 2012, he doesn’t fight Edgar until April 2014, at the earliest. Almost 1.5 yrs, include ring rust & BJ’s “work ethic” – he better KO Edgar in the first round, or he’s going to retire a 3rd & final time.

  • Manuel Lopez

    BJis gonna get killed by Edgar.

  • julian moran

    People seem to forget that BJ Penn beat Edgar the first time around. It was another bad decision. BJ however did lose the second fight.