B.J. Penn and Rory MacDonald Submit to VADA Drug Testing Ahead of UFC 152

July 26, 2012
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BJ Penn at UFC 107
The role of drug testing has come under the spotlight quite a bit in the last few months with several fighters testing positive for banned substances, while the controversial usage of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) continues to permeate many news stories in the world of MMA.

For all the chatter about the cheaters or philosophical debate about cheating, there are still fighters who want to clean up the use of performance enhancing drugs in MMA.

Count UFC 152 fighters B.J. Penn and Rory MacDonald as two fighters on that list as they have both signed on to do random drug testing ahead of their fight on Sept 22 in Toronto.

On Thursday, VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency) released a statement that Penn had officially signed on with the group to participate in eight weeks of random blood and urine tests ahead of his fight with MacDonald.

“BJ Penn has enrolled in the VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) program and will undergo 8 weeks of random blood and urine testing for his UFC 152 bout taking place in Toronto, Canada on September 22, 2012. He has agreed that all test results will be immediately forwarded to the ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions), the Ontario athletic commission (Office of the Athletics Commissioner), and the UFC,” the statement read released by VADA.

VADA has approached other fighters in the past including UFC 148 competitor Cung Le, and first offered the testing to Penn a few weeks ago. Now Penn has agreed and signed off on the testing procedures.

In addition, MacDonald has also agreed to the testing as confirmed to MMAWeekly.com by his manager Lex McMahon of Alchemist Management.

The testing is independent of the UFC, although according to McMahon they are aware of the VADA testing being done with Penn and MacDonald ahead of UFC 152. UFC officials were unavailable for comment regarding the VADA testing.

This is the first time athletes in the UFC have agreed to undergo the VADA testing process.

VADA works with boxing and mixed martial arts to promote clean competition, and will be testing for a number of drugs and substances including any performance enhancing drugs such as steroids, diuretics or masking agents used to cover up usage, and blood doping to name a few.

The full list of banned substances can be found here on VADA’s website.

The testing will be conducted over the eight weeks leading into the fight when Penn meets MacDonald on the main card of UFC 152 in Toronto on Sept 22.

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  • zacharydetal

    It could be that pimple back that has Penn suspicious

    • mrsister

      Is this true? It was Penn’s idea and it sounds like it might be true. That Penn believes McDonald could be on something. A long time ago I heard that McDonald was a TRT guy but heard that just once and never heard that again.

      He says he respects BJ but isn’t acting like he respects him at all. Asking him of he’s worried and telling him to be in shape.

      But let’s call a spade a spade – McDonald called out a guy with a name who doesn’t weigh quite 170 that is 10 years older than him. This all seems too calculated by McDonald. If your the best welterweight in the UFC, call out another welterweight, not a lightweight. McDonald has made a name for himself fighting lightweights who were willing to welterweights. He likes fighting a smaller opponents.

      I hope BJ beats him but there is too much stacked in McDonald’s favor.

  • omcclave

    Bj Penn is going to get caught for trt from this. Just look at this hawains crazy muscular physic, he’s got to be juicing.

  • BJ’s physic? I must have missed something. He has looked like the Pillsbury dough boy for the last 3 years to me.
    Nobody needs medical help to have a roll around his mid-section.

    • mrsister

      This is a stupid comment.

  • markrenton

    At McDonald’s age he is clearly a huge talent, but he hasnt beaten someone like BJ before. This fight is going to come down to Rory being able to take BJ down, and hold him down. If BJ can keep this fight standing or get Rory to the ground, I think he can pull this off. This is a guy that has fought the best fighters in the world from LW to LHW and when he’s on his game, he’s hard for anyone to beat. I’m really hoping Penn is taking this fight as serious as it appears. I’d love to see him pull off a big upset like this before he retires for good.

  • somecokehead

    I think Rory was put up to calling out BJ by the UFC, to get BJ to fight. If BJ won’t commit to making lightweight then he is not a lw. MacD should have no problem here. I see BJ backing out due to ‘injury’. Otherwise he will get ktfo.

  • mma fanatic1982

    U must b on some.good coke lol. Rory ktfo on bj haha. Bj who.has never been knocked out! And tell me how many fighters rory knocks out, he is young.gsp but without the standup! Rory standup is horrible thats a huge weakness for him in this fight. Bj standup is top knotch and has ko power. Rory has to get it to the ground and hold him there, which i dont think he can. Bj has the best td defense outh there. Oh he might suprise u, remember when he fought fitch that it was bj who took the wrestler down multiple times. Fitch got stuffed! He got lucky when he gave bj his back that bj lil legs lol couldnt wrap around his body and let fitch roll into his guard. Btw bj won that 2 rnds to 1, but judges really.suck lol.

    • ThePilot

      For the record Fitch should have beaten Penn not drawn. Pity there wasn’t 2 more rounds in that fight. Anyway I always love to see Penn getting beat up, can’t wait for this fight!

  • andrewsisneros

    B.J. is the man he is going to win by choke and for the record Fitch has never been a finisher. he is a master of one thing and one thing only “lay and pray”. Obviously the gods weren’t listening. he got what he deserved.